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  1. https://www.kalashnikov.ru/spetsificheskij-vyhlop-12-7-mm-vintovka-vks-vyhlop/ https://www.kalashnikov.ru/rebus-ot-brata-predohranitel-karabina-orsis-orsis-k-15/ tlrd :Vladimir Zlobin is alternatively gifted individual. And his designs is garbage.
  2. That_Baka


    Doesnt change that fact abrams armour arrays have cover much amount of space though. So it is better optimised.
  3. Anyone interested in communicating with Ruslan Chumak? I can translate questions. He was not only historian but weapon designer that worked at TsNIITochmash developing underwater guns.
  4. Fighter aperture sight . Used by Soviet Border guards in their mosins in 30'.
  5. I really doubt that stuffing tanker into kharkovite deathtrap is good idea. For all its incredible parameters crew still encapsulated by ammo such solutions are acceptable in 1970-80 but not now.
  6. Yes it is ready to adobtion and only things that need update is thermal sight.
  7. Kovrov experimental stuff 1) 7.62x54mmR I.N Kolesnikov MG. Delayed blowback action . 1926. 2) 7.62x54mmR KoCo Kovrov Collective rifle .1928. Short recoil 3)DP with feed system designed by G.F Kubynov S.G Razorenov .Uses stripper clips. 4)7.62x54mmR Yurchencko YuAS Shvkal MG.Short recoil operation 5)7.62x54mmR KB-P-610 LMG . Bigger brother of RPD. 1949. 6)7.62x39mm A.S Konstantinov 2-B-P-40 LMG.Delayed blowback. 6)7.62x54mmR A.S Konstantinov 2-B-V-10 sniper rifle. Gas operated rotating bolt action.
  8. @EnsignExpendable Looser'd https://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/a-new-rifle-for-russia-the-ak-not-the-first-kalashnikov.648275/#post-47421080