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  1. Movie tanks and terrible Vismods

    What about SU-100P/152P and Object 416? and Obj.268/9?
  2. If i not mistaken next generation of thermals combined with radar
  3. Is there any 14.5mm cartrige derivatives? Like WW2 soviet 14.5x147mm Blum ?
  4. http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/profile/9-khand-e/ Is China even using 14.5mm HMG?Or switched like Russia to 12.7mm? Any hard on 14.5mm SLAP round? Is there chinese modern analogue of 14.5mm B-32 tungsten cored API seeing Chinese have biggest amount of Tungsten ores?
  5. Isn't it Chafee ? Atleast turret shape and hmg mountings seem simular. I yet seen similar M4 .
  6. Oh good to know .Yeah Chinese made strives ans breakthrough as of lately. I too interested what chinese cook up lately . Sorry to disappoint then . I really meant no insult . Most of it is extremelly poor choice of words however which i strive to correct . Therefore interesting source about source about chinese weapon R & D process would be very appreciated.
  7. NVM me. Apparently brains cannot into though .
  8. The Leopard 2 Thread

    I always wonder why poles didnt install their Erawa ERA on their Leopards 2?