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  1. Planned modernization of Norwegian GBAD forces. The acquisition of a new LRAD system will apparently take place a couple of years earlier than this plan suggests. https://www.dsei.co.uk/__media/libraries/east-theatre/Maj-Arne-Berg-Nilsen.pdf
  2. Recently refurbished NM-116 outside the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum in Oslo: Some info: This vehicle is part of the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum's collection, and has been on display at Setermoen for several years, despite being in need of refurbishment. Major Geir Lyftingsmo (Chief of vehicles and engineering equipment at the Norwegian Armed Forces Museums) organized a collaborative project between Panservenner ("friends of armoured vehicles"), the Historical Military Vehicles Association (HMKF), Veteran meets Veteran and the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum, and on July 2, a newly refurbished NM-116 was handed over to the museum. Torgeir Løvold, chairman of Panservenner, says the project was successful, and that over 400 hours have been spent on the job. The project required tenacity and patience. The museum would like to thank everyone involved for their efforts. A thanks also goes to the Norwegian Armed Forces competence center for logistics and operational support (FKL) for the transport of the vehicle. Following the success of this project, the partners have already embarked on the next project, an NM135 which they plan to make ready for the next Veteran's Day. http://forsvaretsmuseer.no/Forsvarsmuseet/Stridsvogn-paa-museet
  3. Yep, though the company is now called CHSnor: https://chsnor.no/markets/defence/
  4. https://www.regjeringen.no/no/aktuelt/fremskynder-forsvarsplaner/id2704271/?utm_source=www.regjeringen.no&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS-2581966-ownerid380 It looks like Norway is going to acquire another 20 CV90. There is no info on what variants this order will include, but if it’s a direct purchase from the Norwegian industry, I suspect there will be more of the turretless support variants based on Mk I hulls. It was the Norwegian industry that was responsible for rebuild of these vehicles the last time, and Norway should still have more hulls available as out of the original 104 CV9030N (Mk I), 16 hulls have been upgraded to CV90RWS STING (combat engineer vehicle), 16 to CV90RWS Multi-BK (multi-role mortar carrier), 37 have been sold to Estonia and a few have also been used in mine/IED tests. In any case, as suggested by the wording in the second to last sentence of the quoted paragraph, Norway will probably have to order more CV90s than that (and of the turreted variants as well if those aren't included in this order) if it wishes to realize the army structure mentioned in this post.
  5. It looks more like a Masada/ACR than a 416 tbh. ... Ak 4D aka the Spuhr'ed up DMR variant of the Ak 4(G3) that the Swedes have started using as a stop gap solution. Note that this one doesn't have the old Hensoldt Fero Z24 4×24 telescopic sight that these rifles are normally issued with.
  6. Found an article about this that also mentions which sensors systems they’re looking at to replace Vingtaqs II. According to Rheinmetall Norway/Vinghøg, it’s the lack of clear and comprehensive specifications that has caused the delays in the delivery of this system. It then gets a bit confusing further down where it says that according to sources who were involved with the CV90 project, a decision was made to attach the sensor system to the hull instead of attaching it to a movable system??? Anyway, I guess the armed forces must have zero confidence in Rheinmetall Norway’s ability to deliver the product in the coming years because otherwise it seems a bit harsh to go so far as to cancel it in a world where we’re still waiting for NH90s that were ordered almost two decades ago… Minor nitpick, but the CV9030NF1 is the designation for the 17 Mk I vehicles that were upgraded for service in Afghanistan. The designations for the new CV90 include CV9030 Mk IIIb if we're talking about the entire fleet of vehicles with turrets, and if we're talking about the specific variants, it's CV9030 SPV (the IFV), CV9030 STRILED (the command & control variant) and CV9030 OPV (the recce variant).
  7. It is difficult to predict what sort of effect Covid-19 will have on this project since the acquisition process is not supposed to kick off until 5 years from now, and a lot can have happened in that time...
  8. Perhaps I can shed some light on this... That 250 figure might have been correct if the government had opted for alternative A of the Chief of Defence's advice on the future structure of the armed forces, but to no one’s real surprise, they ended up choosing the least ambitious alternative instead, which means that there will likely be a total of 4 mechanized battalions and 1 partially mechanized cavalry battalion in the future Norwegian Army. Now, currently, a Norwegian mechanized battalion only has a single tank squadron of about 14-18 tanks, but even if they decide to bring back the second squadron in these units to match the number of mechanized infantry squadrons (generally agreed upon to be the optimal ratio), that’s still a lot less tanks than the 250 figure. Finally, the Inpector General for the Army, Eirik Krisoffersen, actually stated that he had been promised 84 tanks in an interview last year, but it's uncertain if he was aware that the army would receive a fourth mechanized battalion at that point. Also, for those who are interested there has been some debate on what will be the best tank for Norway in the last issue of Offisersbladet. It starts on page 52, where Christoffer Westermoen, who was assigned to the earlier Leopard 2 upgrade project, takes the Leopard 2A7V in defence after the editor of Offisersbladed wrote an article that seemed to favour the K2 as the more modern and interesting alternative. Then on page 54, Mogens Rasmus Mogenssen, the representative of various South Korean defence companies in Scandinavia, argues against some of the points Westermoen made, while also directing some criticism towards the Norwegian Army for apparently being too focused on the German alternative. There is also a contribution by Major general (retired) Terje Antonsen and Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Lars J Sølvberg on page 58.
  9. The first two CAESAR 8x8 have arrived at the garrison of the Danish Artillery Regiment in Oksbøl:
  10. More K9 VIDAR footage. The .50 on top is also interesting as its one of the new M2A2N. "Oh shit" at 1:16?
  11. FFG has delivered the first of 30 PASI XA-203N MRSP (multirole medical platform) to the Norwegian Army, which will replace the existing SISU XA-185 ambulances, as well as plugging some of the gap that has been left by the decision to transfer all of the Bell 412SP/HP to the Norwegian Special Operations Command (a couple of them will still be on medevac duty in Northern Norway, but that’s it). The PASI XA-203N have previously been used as armoured personnel carriers, but there hasn’t been much use for them after the Norwegian Army abandoned the idea of having light armoured/motorized infantry battalions in 2013. Now the plan is to keep them trucking for another 20 years as armoured ambulances. The vehicle was displayed at Army Summit 2019: (NASAMS High Mobility Launcher in the foreground.) The old armoured ambulance, SISU XA-185, offers inferior protection compared to the much heavier PASI XA-203N, but it also has a better power-to-weight ratio, and it maintains an amphibious capacity unlike the newer vehicle:
  12. That was their mistake. Had they prioritized differently, like the Canadians ended up doing eventually, they could probably have gotten 20-30 second hand Leo 2 for the sum they spent on the DF90s.
  13. More trouble in Belgium: https://www.brusselstimes.com/all-news/belgium-all-news/88013/armoured-belgian-anti-tank-vehicles-unable-to-fire-anti-tank-ammunition-pirahna-df90-armour-piercing-ammo-defence/
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