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  1. Offisersbladet claims that the US Army is consdiering the K9 Thunder for their forces in South Korea. I couldn't find any other source confirming this, so it seems dubious, but this is also the same journal that revealed that Germany had decided to acquire Trophy before that was made official too... Source: https://dittmagasin.no/offisersbladet/utgivelser/offisersbladet_0520_flip (page 19)
  2. Could be that and/or the Aussies feel they need it in case their artillery units have to defend their own positions and make use of that direct-fire capability? Perhaps @2805662 or @DIADES know anything about this?
  3. Concept image of an AS9 Huntsman (K9A1 variant for Australia) with additional armour, new headlights (similar to the ones on the Redback) and an RWS: Source: https://www.janes.com/amp/hda-shows-concept-images-of-as9-sph-and-as10-aarv-for-australian-army/ZnlJK3dHVU9mZ28xajRJVkc5dVI5VFp1cVMwPQ2
  4. Estonian CV90s, including one that is based on a Mk I hull acquired from Norway. No clue about the role of this particular vehicle, but whatever it is, it’s probably intended to be an interim solution until a proper rebuild can be carried out (I mean, there aren't any periscopes on that MG post and the rear cupola doesn't have one in the front centre, so forward visibility must be very bad for the commander when buttoned up…). As to when that might happen, I do not know. Estonia did launch a tender on the reconstruction of the Mk I hulls back in August 2017, but in January of last year, it was
  5. I find that somewhat hard to believe considering that German SOF selected the HK416A7 instead of a Haenel.
  6. It looks like the lawsuit between Rheinmetall Norway and the Norwegian state has been called off: https://www.tu.no/artikler/hemmelig-forlik-forsvaret-og-rheinmetall-legger-cv90-saken-bak-seg/498954 Would be neat to know more about this settlement, but that's all there is, for now at least.
  7. Yes, and the TU article I posted earlier in this thread claims they’re already snapping more frequently than they should on a vehicle that is just 5 tonnes heavier than the CV9030NF1, so there is definitely reason to be sceptical. Granted, it’s also possible that the Norwegian tracks were ones that were ordered years ago, and as such, might not give the correct impression of how durable those on the Redback are. So, one shouldn’t approach this without an open mind either.
  8. As long as the durability isn’t unacceptably bad, I think the benefits of rubber band tracks, particularly when it comes to environment, health and safety (aka “HMS” In Norway), will ultimately convince most Western militaries to adopt them sooner or later. I agree, though, that a segmented solution would be another step in the right direction. One example: Norwegian CV9030NF1 in Northern Afghanistan. These vehicles had also been outfitted with AMAP add-on-armour by that time, so they probably weighed around 30 tonnes. The positive experiences with
  9. The Battle Damage Repair Kit at least offers a temporary fix until you can get back to base. Extra tracks will of course have to be brought along with the unit's logistics train. If you have to bring up a replacement track to an immobilized vehicle, however, it probably won’t be too much of an issue either since you have this thing:
  10. Pretty much zero chance of that happening IMO. After the F-35, new submarines are almost certainly among the projects with the highest priority, and 4 submarines are already on the low side (currently we have 6 Ula-class subs). Yes, there have been several delays before the production has even started (in addition to the reason you mentioned, it's going to take time for two navies to sit down and agree upon a common design, and there has also been a desire to include additional countries to bring down costs), but I do think that we’ll see a contract before the end of the year. I’m
  11. This is also in line with the Norwegian experience, where these tracks have been in use for over 10 years now. With that being said, it has been reported that the tracks are not as durable as expected on the new CV90s, so unless Soucy have taken steps to improve the durability, it could potentially be a serious drawback for the even heavier Redback.
  12. Leopard 2 NOR - Rheinmetall’s offer to the Norwegian Leopard 2 upgrade programme (P5050) that was cancelled a few years ago: It looks like a somewhat downgraded version of the ATD demonstrator (no L55A1, no ROSY etc.). In addition to the vehicle cameras from Saab, it would have had Kongsberg’s Integrated Combat Solution (ICS). Also, if you got the feeling that this image reminds you of something, it’s probably for good reason. Anyway, I guess time will tell if we made the right call on this one. If we end up with 84+ Leo 2A7V or K2, then the answer is decisively yes, bu
  13. The choice of a roof mounted MG on the Strf 9040 D instead of a typical coax is an interesting one. The drawbacks of such a solution are obvious; you can no longer carry out barrel changes, clearing malfunctions etc. from the relative safety of the AFV's interior. Now, on the up-armoured Strf 9040 C, the Swedes were perhaps willing to accept such drawbacks because they regarded the existence of a weak spot/gap in the armour (as you for example could see on the pre-production CV9030 OPV) as a worse pill to swallow. The Strf 9040 D does not have this armour, but it could be that they're planning
  14. The 100th refurbished and upgraded CV90 has been delivered to the Swedish Armed Forces: The RENO of 172 Strf 9040 (IFV), 40 Sripbv 90 (FCV), 22 Epbv 90 (FOV), 12 Bgbv 90 (ARV) and 16 Lvkv 90 (AA) includes the following changes: https://plsadaptive.s3.amazonaws.com/eco/files/event_content/CY59uoNfwTShAV6orby6TYDsGNTmYrADO5auSTX2.pdf Although not mentioned in the list above, the ARV variant also gets a Saab Trackfire RWS. All upgraded vehicles also get a "D" added to their designation (e.g. Strf 9040 D, Bgbv 90 D etc.).
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