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  1. After replacing the FAMAS with the HK-416, the French FR-F2 by the SCAR-H PR (2600 ordered to be delivered before 2021), it has now been announced that the PAMAS G1 (License built Berreta 92) and the remaining PA MAC 50 will be replaced by a Glock of unspecified model (though it can be noted that the Glock 17 is already in service with the special forces and some commandos). 74596 weapons have been ordered. Exit le PAMAS G1 et le PA MAC 50 : Le ministère des Armées a commandé plus de 74.000 pistolets Glock | Zone Militaire With that the French army will have replaced the vast majority of its service small arms. The FN minimi is now the only 5,56 LMG in service The FN MAG 58 is finishing to replace the ANF1/AANF1 for the 7,62 LMG The only "Legacy" weapons left will be the 12,7 M2 HMG and the 12,7 PGM Hecate II and AFAIK there is no need to replace it for now (though the army has apparently been experimenting with the CDX40 Shadow in .408)
  2. There's always been 2 of them. Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales. Problem is the Royal Navy don't have enough money to operate the second one let alone enough planes (not even sure they have enough planes for the first one tbh). So there have been a lot of options in the past: retrofit it to CATOBAR and use F-35C (and actually have a proper carrier) or keep it to STOBAR and lease it to other nations using F-35B (primarily the US) If I recall correctly the first option doubled the cost so was abandoned pretty quickly and as for the second, the US doesn't really need yet another carrier. Right now I think that the plan is to keep it and to use it when the QE is on maintenance which is probably the best choice they could have done, since there is no clients for this type of carrier and this way are sure to always have a carrier available and have a platform to keep the training of their pilots going (our pilots have to go train in the US when the CdG is in maintenance).
  3. Second Chinese CV (CNS Shandong) officially enter service:
  4. Technically old VABs could be retrofitted with a blade as well, it has been proposed before. But the design is just too old (not even talking about how washed up they are mechanically), I guess the issues would be the same with the BTR-80s (though they are more recent). Apart from the fact that using Russian equipment in an army used to NATO compatible equipment would be pose its own problems, it's true that they could probably be acquired and refitted for cheap, didn't though about them before you pointed it out honestly ^^
  5. Combination of both being able to resist small arms fires plus having a blade as @Serge said. Apparently having a blade means that the engine must be on the rear (I guess because the blade take up the space) which is apparently rare on APC. Apart from clearing barricades, they are apparently used extremely often to clear roads after natural disasters in oversea territories.
  6. Well the article said that talks between the industrials barely began a few weeks ago, so both the design and the requirements are probably not frozen yet. Wait and see I guess. Edit: Though looking at the render I found for the PrSM here (no idea if it is up to date) and comparing it to the mock up presented, maybe that new missile is supposed to be more manoeuvrable and take more complex trajectory than the PrSM which would require more fuel reducing the range on a size by size basis:
  7. KMW, MBDA, Diehl and Roxel are working on a new rocket/missile for the Italian, German and French M270 https://forcesoperations.com/un-projet-europeen-pour-muscler-le-lru/ Goal is to improve the range to 150-300 km with hopes to be able to achieve a 500km range. It is possible that the missile will be a component of the Common Indirect Fire System in 10 to 15 years.
  8. 13 dead in a collision between a Cougar and Tiger helicopter at low altitude. The accident occured while they were tracking a terrorist group detected a few hours earlier. https://www.lemonde.fr/afrique/article/2019/11/26/treize-militaires-francais-tues-au-mali-dans-l-accident-de-deux-helicopteres_6020545_3212.html
  9. There is the results of the Swedish trials: Leclerc Leopard 2 Imp M1A2 Körd sträcka 3.000 km 3.730 km 3.800 km Använt bränsle 41.400 liter 26.874 liter 56.488 liter Bränsleförbrukning 138 liter/10 km 72 liter/10 km 148 liter/10 km Avlossade skott 235 271 289 http://www.ointres.se/projekt_stridsvagn_ny.htm So the answer is a lot more than a classic diesel but not much more than a turbocharged engine.
  10. The FDI series will be called class Amiral Ronarc'h (first ship in the serie): The four following ships will be called Amiral Louzeau, Amiral Castex, Amiral Nomy and Amiral Cabanier (description of the career of each of those man in the article). Armament of the FDI:
  11. Damn was just about to post it^^ https://www.latribune.fr/entreprises-finance/industrie/aeronautique-defense/paris-et-berlin-proche-de-debloquer-le-programme-mgcs-char-du-futur-828951.html On that note Rhm apparently officially presented it's 130mm as a part of the MGCS program at AUSA 2019: http://forcesoperations.com/une-premiere-brique-identifiee-pour-le-mgcs/ Hard to tell what each of the 9 parts will hold precisely but looking at the strong points of each contractor it is likely that Rhm will take the turret, the gun, probably the APS and possibly the ammunitions (though each country might produce some specialized ammo independently). Nexter likely has a claim on the FCS and the BMS possibly the propulsion if they haven't lost all know how since the V8X alternatively they might also work on the armor. That would leave things like the general architecture, automotives in general and integration for KMW.
  12. http://www.opex360.com/2019/10/12/le-nouveau-camouflage-des-blindes-de-larmee-de-terre-devrait-etre-dix-fois-plus-efficace-que-lactuel/
  13. Technical review of Le chant du Loup (The Wolf's call on Netflix): Obviously contains a lot of spoilers There're some other stuff (like you won't try to intercept a ballistic missile with an Exocet) but overall that was what the movie was good at, immersion and somewhat accurate depiction of sub warfare. The plot was a bit over the top as some points and some lines were cheesy but in the end I had a good time watching it and would recommend it. I recommend to watch it in VO with subtitles in order to get all the slang used in the navy.
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