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  1. Sale of 3 E-2D Hawkeye to France to replace the 3 E-2C operated by our navy has been approved for 2 billions $ https://www.dsca.mil/major-arms-sales/france-e-2d-advanced-hawkeye-aircraft-spares-and-support-equipment Contract include the planes, spare parts and training on the new systems compared to the C version. Military planning law on our side state the order should be placed this year.
  2. Sweden intend to develop a new aircraft: That would made yet another European aircraft project competing with the other two (FCAS and Tempest) Possibly they'll use the technological block used in the development of the Tempest (since Sweden is nominally part of the UK-Italian project) to develop a sort of next gen Gripen (in the cheap but still capable sense). Full statement here (New ships, more planes kept in service, increased conscription, cyber defence, etc) : https://www.government.se/speeches/2020/06/defence-minister-peter-hultqvists-speech-at-uk-nato-heads-of-missions-forum-monday-15-june-2020/
  3. http://www.opex360.com/2020/06/16/un-officier-et-deux-soldats-indiens-tues-lors-dune-confrontation-violente-avec-larmee-chinoise/ This site gives the following timeline: -5th may: 250 Chinese soldier cross the frontier and a stick fight occur with Indian soldiers (according to India) -16 June: China accuse India to have violated the frontier and conducted "illegal" operations and provoked an attack on Chinese soldiers -According to India a fight occurs (stick and stones this time) making victims on both sides. One officer (a colonel according to Indian Today) and two soldiers -Update by the Indian government a few hour later saying that the casualties reached 20 on their side (among those 17 following their injuries)
  4. Fire in the French SSN Perle during maintenance Fire started in the morning and was only contained late this evening, no injuries and apparently no risk of contamination of any kind (weapons, battery and nuclear fuel were removed from the boat for the duration of the maintenance). Intervention of the firemen was difficult given the high temperature and the cramped environment, even more so than normal in a sub (Rubis class are the smallest SSN in the world at only 2670 t submerged for 74 m of length) Though given how long the fire went on damage are likely to be extensive and possibly structural. The ship may not be salvageable which would severely impact the navy and more importantly our nuclear dissuasion (SSN are used to escort SSBN out of their base before they go off the grid), 6 attack subs being the bare minimum to maintain all missions at all time: One in major maintenance One in normal maintenance One in training and qualification cycle One to escort the SSBN on duty to it's patrol site One to escort the carrier group (or another strike force when the carrier is in maintenance) One gathering intel somewhere The Perle was the most recent ship of the Rubis class and this was supposed to be it's last major maintenance and upgrade before being replaced by the Casabianca (last of the Suffren class) in 2030.
  5. Rumors that Egypt is sending 18 M1A2 and Mi 24 toward the Lybian border. http://www.opex360.com/2020/06/08/des-chars-egyptiens-reperes-a-la-frontiere-libyenne/ Possibly as show of force to freeze the lines as they are in case of a partition of Lybia.
  6. Russian government publish a document describing the condition of use of their nuclear weapons: Link to the document Sadly it's an image PDF so it's not possible to put it through a translator, though some news sites published some excerpt. https://www.defensenews.com/global/europe/2020/06/02/new-russian-policy-allows-use-of-atomic-weapons-against-non-nuclear-strike/ https://www.kommersant.ru/doc/4365411 http://www.opex360.com/2020/06/03/la-russie-precise-les-conditions-qui-pourraient-la-conduire-a-utiliser-larme-nucleaire/ As the conditions of use goes they are pretty similar to those of most other nuclear nations, though as always they are purposely vague and subject to interpretation but pretty much all US anti-missile system and nuclear weapons based in Europe and non-nuclear country in general could be interpreted as a reason to launch a strike (which is again not really different to what other nuclear powers consider a threat). This is apparently the first time such a document is published publicly in Russia.
  7. I think that the problem with military museums in general (and tank museum in particular) is that they are often managed by military personnel and not by actual historians. I mean if I look at the Saumur museum they are exposing an early Leopard 2 prototype IIRC and the sign just say "Leopard 2" as if it was a normal production vehicle
  8. Subs arts by David Morel: There are some others here.
  9. Airbus Germany created an ethical committee for the development of the FCAS. http://www.fcas-forum.eu/en It'll mostly focus on the AI aspect of the project. Don't know what will come out of it since it's a purely Airbus initiative (and only it's German division apparently) but it may be worth watching from time to time to see what they publish. Airbus is responsible of the UAV and the shared data management system parts of the program.
  10. Turkish F-16 and Greek Mirage 2000-5: As stated in the link the video isn't dated and neither of the two pilots were trying very hard apparently (3G on average with a peak at 5G). Still the video is nice in itself and quite clear. Video was published following 52 violation of Greek airspace by Turkish air force 2 days ago.
  11. Boarding and disboarding from landing ships test for the Griffon and the Jaguar in different conditions
  12. There is a table on that on Lindström website. I don't remember the specifics of the path they took and what they had to do but it gives you points of data. Leclerc Leopard 2 Imp M1A2 Körd sträcka 3.000 km 3.730 km 3.800 km Använt bränsle 41.400 liter 26.874 liter 56.488 liter Bränsleförbrukning 138 liter/10 km 72 liter/10 km 148 liter/10 km Avlossade skott 235 271 289
  13. The Bundestag finally unlock the funds for the design studies of the MGCS. About damn time :/ Seriously the Bundestag is a major hindrance on every single military project. That the deputies have a right to look at what the federal government is doing military wise is normal and healthy. But that they systematically obstruct pretty much everything based on petty regional interests at the detriment of the whole (be it their country or the EU at large)... Anyway see you in two years (hopefully) for the technology demonstrators.
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