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  1. Damn was just about to post it^^ https://www.latribune.fr/entreprises-finance/industrie/aeronautique-defense/paris-et-berlin-proche-de-debloquer-le-programme-mgcs-char-du-futur-828951.html On that note Rhm apparently officially presented it's 130mm as a part of the MGCS program at AUSA 2019: http://forcesoperations.com/une-premiere-brique-identifiee-pour-le-mgcs/ Hard to tell what each of the 9 parts will hold precisely but looking at the strong points of each contractor it is likely that Rhm will take the turret, the gun, probably the APS and possibly the ammunitions (though each country might produce some specialized ammo independently). Nexter likely has a claim on the FCS and the BMS possibly the propulsion if they haven't lost all know how since the V8X alternatively they might also work on the armor. That would leave things like the general architecture, automotives in general and integration for KMW.
  2. http://www.opex360.com/2019/10/12/le-nouveau-camouflage-des-blindes-de-larmee-de-terre-devrait-etre-dix-fois-plus-efficace-que-lactuel/
  3. Technical review of Le chant du Loup (The Wolf's call on Netflix): Obviously contains a lot of spoilers There're some other stuff (like you won't try to intercept a ballistic missile with an Exocet) but overall that was what the movie was good at, immersion and somewhat accurate depiction of sub warfare. The plot was a bit over the top as some points and some lines were cheesy but in the end I had a good time watching it and would recommend it. I recommend to watch it in VO with subtitles in order to get all the slang used in the navy.
  4. I guess it depends on where the flood start. The leak could have come from the exhaust which is connected to the engines at the rear. If the flood happened here I guess the sub would have tilted backward.
  5. A photo of the wreck (the only one I managed to find so far, they haven't all been released yet): What's interesting is that the photo contradict the two existing hypothesis: either a snorkel leak, or a diving bar issue. Both would have caused a significant tilt of the sub, but it was found flat on the bottom and without any damage to the bulb or it's rear extremity. But an internal explosion may have occurred in the central part of the ship (may be the batteries). https://www.lopinion.fr/blog/secret-defense/minerve-photos-semblent-contredire-hypotheses-precedentes-l-accident-193845
  6. Possible The current AEV in service are based on the AMX-30B2: (there's even a remote controlled version for path opening) There's still plenty of AMX-30B2 laying around in various military base, so the chassis is more or less expendable and cheap. An AEV version of the Leclerc does exist but it remained at the prototype stage. It is based on the ARV variant. So given that the Leclerc XLR will probably be the last upgrade and that not all tanks will be converted to that standard, it's possible that they will convert some Leclerc hulls to AEVs, but on the other hand I think that the army would like to keep those tanks in reserve until the first MGCS start entering service. It's also worth noting that part of the Scorpion program 18 Leclerc DCL(ARV) will be renovated as well. For now my guess is that both options are on the table (converting Leclerc hull, or a new vehicle entirely).
  7. Yes but I guess it was the word @Serge was looking for. Though I agree that the thing on the barrel of the Lynx isn't a thermal shroud per se, no idea if there is actually a word for that.
  8. La Minerve has been found. The submarine and it's 52 crew members sank in 1968 when returning to Toulon. http://www.opex360.com/2019/07/22/lepave-du-sous-marin-la-minerve-a-ete-retrouvee-plus-de-50-ans-apres-sa-disparition/
  9. Program for the parade tomorrow: http://www.lefigaro.fr/international/14-juillet-le-programme-complet-du-defile-militaire-20190712 This year the opening animation is supposed to be on innovation.
  10. Failure rather than achievement: 15th launch of VEGA failed: The rocket was transporting a recon satellite for the UAE's army. It went completely off trajectory shortly after separation of the second stage. It was the first failure of that launcher (but again it doesn't have that much missions under it's belt).
  11. Apparently the Javelins were part of the stock sold by the US to France, which is causing some embarrassment: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/09/world/middleeast/us-missiles-libya-france.html The excuse is that those missiles were supposed to be used by our special forces in Lybia but that those particular ones were not-functional and were awaiting destruction. France publicly support the Tripoli government recognized by the UN but it's no secret that we strongly favor Haftar over them (since he control most of the country and it's oil). On top of that Haftar and the LNA help to keep the Djihadist in their territory under control which contribute to the goals of the Barkhane operation we have in Niger.
  12. Kinda remind me of Shattered Horizon: It was a great concept and the gameplay was rather solid. Main problem was that it was utterly unoptimized and it was kind of a demo product to show what Dx11 was capable of (it was just coming out at this time). Game died out because barely anybody had a computer that could run the thing so it was playable. Can still play against bots though
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