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  1. No you can only fit one per plane. Be it in a C-130H (with some preparation): Or in an A400M without preparation this time (and it theory it can also lift the uparmored 8x8 version): Not enough space to squeeze two of those in existing medium lift plane, in a C-17 maybe. On the other hand, maybe the Brutus is light enough to be lifted by helicopter?
  2. Apparently we'll get our very own terrible submarine movie: It will be out late february, and seeing the trailer it seem that it will follow the trend with French military movie: Terrible plot combined with great footage and kinda accurate depiction of the material (since the army is lending it's material and helping with the technical part). With a bit of luck it will be something like Les chevaliers du ciel, not a good movie in itself but nice images for those who have passing familiarity with the domain.
  3. Alzoc

    General news thread

    Depends on what you consider live ammo. For law enforcement anything below the second line of this table is considered as it: It ranges from tear gas launched from a grenade launcher to 7,62mm so it's quite a wide definition. If we are only talking about bullets then definitively no. The only case when the law enforcement can use them (in the context of a protest) is when they are directly shot at with firearms, which is basically never. Otherwise they have access to a wide range of "stun" grenades which work either with sound, light, both, shock-waves and rubber projectiles. Those are supposed to be used when the crowd get too close allowing the law enforcement to retreat and reorganize. They are first to be rolled on the floor and if things get really out of hand launched from a hand held grenade launcher. Now some of those grenades contain a little amount of explosive, and regularly cause injury (launched to close, launched in a high arc against the procedure, idiot trying to pick up the nade blowing up his hand, etc). Needless to say they regularly pop up in the public debate because of the serious injury they can cause. One particular type of grenade was for example banned, after causing a death in 2014, the officer launched it in a high arc against procedure and it got stuck between the backpack and the back of a man, the blast killed him. We are one of the few country (if not the last one) in Europe which still use such a large panel of potentially dangerous grenades. Funny enough the use of the taser was banned for law enforcement as it was seen as dangerous for vulnerable peoples (elderly, pregnant women) but mainly that it was degrading and against human dignity. This article sums up what the law enforcement can and cannot do during a protest: https://translate.google.fr/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lemonde.fr%2Fles-decodeurs%2Farticle%2F2016%2F05%2F03%2Fce-que-la-police-peut-et-ne-peut-pas-faire-pendant-une-manifestation_4913025_4355770.html
  4. With enough money and the full support of the state it's possible yes. For Israel I could see that happen since the country is still technically at war. For the US though the cold war is long finished and the tensions between them and the rest of the world haven't risen that high yet. They definitively can develop and produce a new MBT in a short time frame, but I don't think that there is the political will to spend the money doing it that fast ATM. American members may think differently though, and I would be glad to have their hindsight on this. But as I said we don't even have a letter of intent for now, so it's only speculation at this point.
  5. True but so far they don't include any development project of an MBT. My point is that there will probably be (assuming every program stay on schedule) at least 10 year between the time the MGCS enter service and the time when the MBTs of the American and Israeli programs enter service. I mean we haven't heard anything about the MBT part yet, let alone a date. I'm not sure that modernizing the Leopard 2 so that it can last until 2045-2050 is a sound decision (both from a military and economical PoV). So a lot of European country will need a new MBT around this time and during a short time window (5-10 years) the MGCS will most likely be the only 4th gen western MBT on the market. After that yes, the American and Israeli programs will be direct competitor, but at this point it is likely that a lot of country will have already bought (or developed in some cases) a new MBT. It could lead to a repeat of what happened with the Leo 2: everybody needing a new MBT at the same time, one model keep getting more and more order getting cheaper and cheaper until it completely saturate the market.
  6. The Leopard 2 will be phased out in 2035 (in the Bundeswehr) and the Leclerc in 2040, after that the overall number of those tanks in service will most likely go down. So after that, besides the MGCS, it will be either upgrading existing Leopard 2 or go for the EMBT (if it ever become a serious thing) but the Leo chassis is starting to show it's limits in term of weight. I don't know if the maximum load can be increased again, but this would drive the cost up to upgrade a design that start reaching it's limits. Basically if a western country want an up to date ground system it will be either the MGCS (probably: 3 man tank, unmanned turret and 130mm) or what the US and the Israeli are going for (upgraded gen 3 tank in combo with an UGV).
  7. Alzoc

    General news thread

    Possible ongoing military coup in Gabon The army (or at least a part of it) took control of the national radio and television calling for the creation of a "national restoration council". To note that there is a French military base just at the outskirt of the capital hosting about a thousand men. 80 American soldiers also arrived in the country last Thursday. Edit: Apparently it's already over, it seem that it was a very small group and according to the local authority most of them have already been arrested.
  8. Alzoc

    General news thread

    Massive leak of (rather) low confidentiality messages between EU diplomats: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/18/us/politics/european-diplomats-cables-hacked.html Apparently, the hackers got in simply with pishing (which isn't surprising given that a lot of politicians aren't really aware of cybersecurity threats and how to deal with them). The US intelligence community had given repeated warnings that this network was particularly vulnerable and outdated. Fortunately the really sensitive stuff transit through more secure networks. The company which uncovered those leaks believe that Chinese services are behind it. Even if the extracted memo aren't really sensitive or their content all that surprising, they still give an interesting unfiltered insight on the position of EU diplomats on world events and threats. Some of the extracted messages: https://int.nyt.com/data/documenthelper/540-read-the-diplomatic-cables/27bc7c9cfe024869481d/optimized/full.pdf#page=1
  9. Japan intend to acquire 42 F-35B, 105 F-35A and to modify at least one of their Izumo class LHD to operate the F-35B
  10. True, especially since the investigation is already branching out toward Algeria (one of his brother, radicalized as well, has an arrest warrant on his name there), which mean that we'll have to work with the local authority. Nothing difficult but that takes times as well. So far, the reasons to think it was an opportunistic claim is that they waited for after the confirmation of his death and that they didn't gave him any "warrior" name (kunya) like they usually do. But those are only circumstantial evidences at best. He may had help before and/or after the attack, and that's on what the investigation is focusing right now.
  11. Found and killed yesterday evening Investigation is still ongoing. ISIS claimed responsibility after the announcement of his death, but investigators think it's just an opportunist claim.
  12. Of circular economy! France had promised to deliver 1400 assault rifles to the Central African forces. Since we are in the process of replacing the FAMAS some peoples expected said AR to be them (which would have been a terrible idea given how worn out they are and how costly they are to maintain). Finally those will be smuggled AKM which were seized by our navy back in 2016 in Yemen Chances are that some of those weapons will go straight back to the black market^^
  13. Follow up on RhM wanting to buy shares of KNDS. With this operation, RhM could control up to 75% of KNDS says UBS bank. The French authority are apparently not opposed to the merge at the condition that a certain balance is being kept. To that end the head of the French procurement agency met his German peer to discuss the different options. 3 scenarii are apparently on the table: An Airbus like merge where there would be a parity between the shareholders regardless of the volume of activity they bring RhM selling some of it's activities to shrink down before the merge The French State buying KMW shares In all cases, KNDS shares are frozen until the end of 2020 as both party initially agreed.
  14. Alzoc

    General news thread

    I know^^ While the level of taxes in France is objectively extremely high it also serve to finance our extremely generous social system. You can't have the cake and eat it and if there is one thing every French is extremely attached to it's their Public services, to an even higher level than most other Europeans. I know that it's something completely alien to most Americans (just like the American system is completely alien for most Europeans).
  15. Alzoc

    General news thread

    The yellow vest are mostly an aggregation of people being discontent with one thing or another, there's no coherent whole, no political project. They're just venting out anger, the increased taxes on fuel was just what set things up. That's partly the reason why they have such a high support in the population in polls, everybody always have a reason to be unhappy with a government for something. Le Monde did a compilation of all the request they heard and it's all over the place going from the far left to the far right with some wishful thinking thrown into the mix (Yes it would be wonderful if we could offer a roof to every single homeless, doesn't mean that it's possible). Which isn't all that surprising given that during the last presidential election the far left and the far right got around 20% each, the conservative right 20% and Macron 24% They are just an aggregation of all the discontent, so they were dismissed as inconsequent by a lot of peoples (me included) and everybody was waiting for things to just calm down. What really surprised everybody was the size the movement took and the level of violence the protest reached. Right now they are slowly losing support and the number of protester is falling. No idea of how things will evolve, and I don't think that anybody would dare to try to predict it. They are just like a wild unpredictable animal, you see that it is angry but you don't know why or how to deal with it.