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  1. Alzoc

    French flair

    Dont think so, the D9-500 seem to be a boat engine. In the video @skylancer-3441 posted the spokeman say that it is a Renault engine (at 1:36) couple with a ZF automatic gearbox. So it's most likely a motor coming from Renault Truck which happen to belong to Volvo. Basically it's a truck engine customized for military uses. My bet is the DXI 13: https://corporate.renault-trucks.com/fr/les-communiques/considere-comme-la-reference-en-termes-dehellip.html 6 cylinders 13L 368 kW (=500 hp) 2450 Nm between 1050 and 1400 rpm Works in a 80°C range (Temp between the coldest and hottest environment where it can work) Can still work at 4500m of altitude (Chili)
  2. Alzoc

    Tank Layout

    To come back on electrical propulsion and whether it would be better to have one electrical engine per track or one central engine and a transmission. I was at a conference-debate about electrical mobility this evening and one of the contributor was a regular participant of the Monte-Calro eRallye (for 100% electric or hydrogen cars). According to him, last year one of the electrical car which entered the competition had motor-wheels which gave it quite fantastic performances, compared to more common vehicles with a single central engine. However the RPM of an electrical engine being vastly greater than the one of a wheel (or a track) a reductor was still needed and it was under heavy stress which led to a high wear rate. He also claimed that it increased the noise generation quite a lot. Increased noise would be irrelevant for a tank since I guess that the tracks would make way more noise on themselves anyway. A high wear rate could be more problematic. Since I'm not really well versed in mechanics I don't know if his claims are valid or not. Edit: I think he was talking about this particular system (maybe others layout bypass the problem)
  3. Alzoc

    French flair

    Some more minors infos on the Jaguar: 65, 40mm rounds ready to fire and 115 more stocked for a total of 180 on board. 7,8m long ; 3,5m high ; 3m wide 500hp volvo engine for a top speed of 80-90 km/h (on road I guess) 25t for 500hp meaning 20 hp/t Oh and 400 rounds ready for the 7,62 RCWS as well as level 4 STANAG 4569 protection (base I guess).
  4. Official Dacia Djihad mobile from Romania http://forcesoperations.com/dacia-duster-762mm-une-automitrailleuse-best-cost/ Apparently it can even accurately fire on the move as well! You can also replace the wheels by tracks under one hour without any other modification!
  5. Alzoc

    Arianespace CEO Yells at Cloud

    If it can force them to drive their price down (be it the ULA, Ariane espace or the russians) it will only be beneficial to everybody in the long run and facilitate space exploration. While I agree with him that we should keep some independent launch capability for military satellites and might need to bail out Ariane espace with public money in the short term (at the very least to make sure that we don't lose the know-how), nothing wrong with a bit of competition to force them to adapt and use public money more efficiently. If the price of launch goes down, we might see an increase of the number of launch per year which will make reusable rockets even more competitive.
  6. Alzoc

    European Union common defense thread

    I think that's why the easiest way to do it is by starting with a few core country and expanding on a voluntary basis. If we try to get an agreement with the 27 it will be nigh impossible. Also technically I guess that Sweden signed the mutual defence clause when joining the EU, though it's only a defence clause much like NATO. That's my personal view on the subject, and why I always though of Brexit as an irrational decision. Basically the way it's going they'll keep some level of defence cooperation going, keep paying to access the open market but won't have any say on various EU policy they'll have to respect to enter the common market. But well, that was a democratic decision so we'll just have to roll with it. That's also the point of view of the government in France. Macron is pushing for an EU government both to improve the efficacy of the institution and to create a feeling of citizenship of the EU. It's mostly on a good way for my generation, much less for older generations. The sociology of the Brexit referendum is an excellent indicator of that trend. Creating an "EU army" could also potentially strengthen the feeling of an EU citizenship. Right now we need symbolism equally as much as practical applications. As for the fear of Imperialism and of France/Germany taking over the EU, those are legitimate concerns and the institutions will have to be build in such a way to prevent that. Most natural way to do that would be through an European constitution (the timing will have to be chosen wisely to avoid repeating the 2005 fiasco). For this one, I don't really get what you mean, since richer country financial support is basically the only thing that keep some country like Poland or Greece afloat. That this financial support comes with strings attached however is true, for Poland that would be respecting the rule of law and for Greece very severe cuts on public spending. I perfectly understand that it can be perceived as a form of imperialism by the populations of those country but nothing is free. For example if I dislike the fact that the EU is relying solely on the US for it's protection, I completely agree with Trump when he says that EU country can't just have the benefits of this protection without participating proportionally to their resources (the 2%). Sovereignty transfer will obviously have to be done if we want something operational by the end of the day. Saying the contrary would be lying, you can't have any sort of federalism without sovereignty transfers to the federal entity. But my personal opinion is that in the long run, outside the EU there will be no sovereignty anyway, without a proper political union able to make it's own decision on the international stage (and any significant international policy must be backed by a credible military force). Outside the EU I fear that we are doomed to become/remain a protectorate of either the US or China in the long run. I think that it would satisfy Russia and it could possibly work for Nordic country (for some time at least). I'm not sure Eastern country populations would be happy however to be used as buffer states between Russia and the EU without their consent. That's why the idea of @Carscan to place some command structure of an European defence in eastern Europe would be a strong guarantee that any attack on those country would de facto become a direct attack against the EU and give them confidence that the common defence will be activated. As for the different view on what should be the missions of an "EU army" maybe we can reconcile both by placing some command structure and forces in country neighbouring Russia and Turkey (static homeland defence) and simply turn the French army (and other voluntary military forces) into an EU expeditionary corp with the other member states providing logistical support (because, realistically, no ambitious international policy can be credible without being backed by projection capability). Finally on the immigration problem I'm a partisan of simply following the law as it exist. Those who can benefit of political asylum should be integrated (ideally assimilated) those who are economical (illegal) migrants should be sent back to their country of origin. If the ratio is the same in France than in the rest of Europe it would be approximately 1/3rd of political refugee and 2/3rd of economical migrants. The problem atm is that those who can't have the refugee status are not effectively sent back to their country of origin. A common defence is a complicated problem really, but also a vital (I might go up to existential) necessity.
  7. Alzoc

    French flair

    Yes, but from what I could find ECLIPSE is a system part of the BARRAGE program which shall equip both the Griffon and the Jaguar. Yes, but I couldn't find anything about it on the TDA website other that this tiny picture (the pdf return a 404 error)
  8. Alzoc

    French flair

    Main infos given during the interview: -Engine and transmissions are placed side by side for compacity -Both forward and rear wheels are directional -The vehicle can be driven as a 6x6 off-road or in propulsion mode when on road (the forward wheels are then decoupled from the transmission) -800km range on internal fuel -Stabilized commander optical sight was asked both for backup and for a better topography perception -LRF on the commander TV-Thermal sight (linked to the RCWS) -7 episcopes on the commander hatch -The gunner TV sight is exactly the same than the one of the commander (LRF, TV-Thermal) + an optical backup -2 forward facing episcopes on the gunner hatch -2 Antares systems for optical surveillance (see my previous post above) doubling as LWR, one on the far right front and one on the rear left of the turret -3 forward facing episcopes for the driver, the one in the center can display the thermal and light intensification images from the cameras on the left of the driver hatch. -2 proxy camera on each side of the vehicle to survey dead angles from 0 to 50m + one reverse camera -Any TV image from all the listed optics can be seen by any crew member on their display -The RCWS can be decoupled from the commander sight (to observe without being menacing in peace keeping operations) -2 missiles in the pod and 2 others at the rear of the vehicles, apparently they need to be reloaded from the outside. -IED scrambling system is not displayed on this particular vehicle but will be installed -An hard kill APS under development by TDA (Thales) is also on the contract - Pilar V acoustic shot detection system -All detected threats and alerts will be shared to other vehicles equipped with the Scorpion BMS (SICS) which are the Leclerc XLR, VBMR light and heavy, EBRC Jaguar (the VBCI won't be equipped with it for now). Also on passive protection, he say that he not at liberty to say but give the following info: -Crew capsule (already known) -Both the Jaguar and the Gryffon comply with the new (?) STANAG on IEDs (they don't say at which level)
  9. Alzoc

    European Union common defense thread

    @Carscan That's a fairly good description of the current issues (although they are others and it's not always as clear cut as you present it) and everybody will have to put water in his wine to make it work. Obviously it will require some sovereignty transfer to the EU parliament and/or the commission and that will be a major hurdle as well (not everybody is ready to accept that). For me the main priority right now are standardizing and increasing the operational and financial efficiency, which is one of the reason for the common defence fund. Standardized equipments are obviously cheaper to acquire and maintain and makes operational integration much easier. The other main priority is to create and/or incrementally increase decision making capabilities of the EU institutions. Even if they are not functional due to political reasons for now, it will be much easier to increase their power in the event of a crisis than starting from zero in a panic. As for the Eastern country forming their own military alliance and "forcing" Western country to ultimately join in, I'm inclined to think it will be the other way round (if this kind of event happen that is) since most of the money comes from western Europe (but I'll admit that I'm biased on this one). But the idea of a few core country cooperating to be later joined by the others on a voluntary basis and at different levels of involvement is certainly one practical way to make things move forward.
  10. Alzoc

    French flair

    Sounds like a good idea. Now about the CAESAR: Nexter is working on a guided artillery shell for the CAESAR and they have apparently started some testing (TRL 5 passed) The new shell will be called Menhir and will be a precision shell (canard wings, GPS and inertial guidance) with a circular error of 10m. The range will be of 30km when fired from an L52 (shorter than the standard range which is 42 to 50km) They are also working on a Menhir MkII which would reduce the circular error down to 2m when using a laser designator (the detector for the shell is already available from a cooperation with Thales a few years back). They also hope to increase the range of the shell to 60km by working on a reduced drag and by adding small wings turning the shell into a glider. Other options are being studied like in-flight retargeting and hardening the shell against GPS jamming. As far as lethality enhancement goes they are proposing to use 3D printing to create alumide charges custom made to optimize fragmentation depending on the target. All in all the goals seem to be pretty similar to the LRPF program in the US (bar the 70km range).
  11. Alzoc

    French flair

    Some more infos on the VBMR light (as opposed to the 6x6 VBMR "heavy") http://forcesoperations.com/le-vbmr-leger-sous-les-projecteurs/ Among other things: -Hydrogas suspension -350 hp for 15 to 18t -Lots of off the shelf civilians components -Texelis rejected the V shaped hull to use "another concept" -Antares optical surveillance system by Thales -Armor kit available (but they don't give the protection rating nor the basic protection of the vehicle) -Pilar V acoustic shot detection system -NBC protection -A400M and C-130 transportable -Connected to the Scorpion BMS -10 infantryman with the FELIN system with 24h of combat load The armored patrol vehicle (APV) version will be the first to be developed and shall start qualification in 2021. There will be 10 kits for the APV version: Basic infantry version 81 and 120 mm mortar Artillery observer Command post Ambulance Combat engineers MMP (AT version) Supply Short range air defense The two other versions will be : Tactical informations node (NTC) which will basically be a relay in complicated environment. There will be 4 (unknown) sub-versions. Qualification in 2023 Surveillance, Acquisition, Intelligence and Reconnaissance (SA2R), the electronic warfare version with 2 sub-versions. Qualifications in 2022
  12. Alzoc

    European Union common defense thread

    Well the goal is not to enter a trade war with the US since quite frankly it would damage both sides seriously: Just that this time around pulling out of the Iran deal was a pretty stupid move and goes against our interests on top of that (both economical and strategic). So if we have a chance to avoid having the US dictating us our foreign policy this time around, I'll take it. We are just talking about bypassing the sanctions here by simply contracting in euro. The dollar is de facto the international currency since it's stable, there is a lot of currency available and that it's linked to big economy. But if the US keep pissing off all it's major trade partners at the same time (China and the taxes, EU and the tax + the Iran sanctions, Refusing to sign the new NAFTA) they might say to kindly fuck off at some point. In a polite manner though^^ (you don't openly show the middle finger to a military powerhouse) As for cutting the dollar out of the loop completely (in general), we are not there yet. Like I said it's not possible do it on a large scale for now since when you need a large amount of money from a bank, the dollar is the most available currency and thus the US holds the reigns on most international trade. Small scale you can do it since they won't be a lot of currency involved. Right now the share of the € in international trade is only about 25% while the $ sit about 64%. The $ share is steadily decreasing and the € share steadily increasing so if things keep going that way the US will lose it's uncontested top position sooner or later. And that's the end goal, to achieve a relative parity with the US and China in the long term. Relationships are in general much healthier when both party are on equal footing. And there is no way for European countries to get there without pooling our resources, otherwise we lack the critical size.
  13. Alzoc

    European Union common defense thread

    Can't deny that it is the case for now^^ But there is a need to get out of this situation since there is no guarantee that the US will remain well inclined toward the old continent in the long run, Trump presidency made that very clear. Or rather it reminded that fact to those who conveniently put that though in the back of their head. Right now the commission is trying to see how to bypass American sanctions concerning Iran. They activated this old regulation, originally created as a negotiation tool regarding the Cuba embargo, today. Basically it forbid any EU bank or company to comply with US court rule regarding that matter It will be the first time that it will be put in action but that's more of a declaration of intent than a practical tool. The only practical way is to cut the dollar out of loop by renegotiating all the contracts in euro and making them go through the ECB which would be the next step if negotiations fails. It most likely won't work for large scale international company since the US could always decide to target them with a roundabout way but it could work for small to medium size company which don't do a lot of business with the US.
  14. Alzoc

    French flair

    True. Given that those vehicles are supposed to replace the ERC 90 and the AMX 10 RC logic would want that the pneumatic system would at least be protected against 7,62 and shrapnel from OG-7 since that's basically what those vehicles were exposed to. Maybe a simple cover-plate would do the trick, or moving them away (if it is possible, I don't know).