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  1. Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread

    From a Czech progressive rock band from the 70s
  2. Link to the same debate on the WT forum: Personally I'll keep the same attitude than this guy on Reddit until the issue settle down (Especially since I can't read Chinese nor Japanese): [–]Jpz. E100 plsStingerRPG 62 points il y a 15 heures Reading the original post in Chinese(Hongkonger here), while the sources are somewhat believable, I would advise NOT to take any sides until the whole picture is clear or resolved. What stuns me is that Mai's own sources being used against him/her. It was very obvious that the guy who wrote the post was somewhat hostile against Mai in the opening paragraph where a slang for Koreans was used, with the overall tone being hateful. But whatever. I read the whole thing and I'll be frank, neither side is to be trusted at current situation. Best of us commoners to steer clear. I don't have a clue on who's right or wrong but it's best to leave the fighting to the folks in question.
  3. General AFV Thread

    Yes, but isn't it simply that since MBT are rarely sent in UN peacekeeping missions we are not used to see them like that and so it feel off? I mean the Leopard 1 and the T-72 looks off too:
  4. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Well most teachers tends to vote left regardless of the country (same apply in France), and here too there is quite a strong corporatism and a widespread idea in the population that most state employee have it easy, especially teachers when considering that they have the same vacations than kids. This idea is not without foundations. However, looking at my father and the amount of time he work at home after his class I would nuance the general idea (though his situation is particular since he was a former researcher who got fed up spending more time looking for money than doing physics). He's just one example but I had both hard working teacher who didn't counted their hours (especially given their rather low pay for their education level) and lazy ones who just recycled the same course year after year without paying much attention to pedagogy. Personally I'm center-left (voted Macron by conviction) and while I think that education should stay our main expenditure post (around 20% of the State's budget), I also think that the money spent here could be used more efficiently (in the sense that there is too much reform pilling up and that I'm not too sure about the coherence of the whole).
  5. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Personally I would say that the persons who cares will get involved with the education of their kids, regardless of the system they chose. I've been in the public system for my entire studies and a good part of why I (and my siblings) did rather well is that I had two parents at home ready to help me with my homework after school, especially at young age. But that's a small nuance I make, since purposely choosing homeschooling (which must be quite a time investment for the parents) is already a proof that you care about your kid's education. Well don't be sorry^^ That's your opinion and you know your educational system better than I do.
  6. United States Gun Control Megathread

    True but the the quality of said education will depends a lot on the qualification of the person teaching it. So either (on average) your parents have a high level of education and can help you in your study effectively or they have enough money to hire a tutor. I'm only talking about average here, of course you will always have some kids who will be capable to learn everything they need "just" by reading books and hard work, or parents who even with only basic academical degree will be able to tutor their kids effectively. But in general parents with a lower socioeconomical status will struggle more helping with their kid's education. And that's IMO the main role of public school, to make sure (or at least try) that everyone have access to quality education regardless of their background. Both system are certainly not antonymous but it is important to make sure that the public school don't get the short end of the stick making it a second rate system (And I don't think that it's the case now)
  7. United States Gun Control Megathread

    I would have though the prime objection would have rather been that it re enforce social reproduction even further than the classic system, in the long run creating a 2 tier educational system (which is IMO already the case when looking at the cost discrepancy between various US school/univeristy).
  8. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Well I'm under the impression that homeschooling is, like gun ownership, yet another of the US peculiarity for the rest of the world (in terms of proportion of the population that use it). So it would make sense that if the system is so well developed in the US it's general quality would be good. If it's more common I guess that it must be easier to find advices or associations to help parents as opposed to other country where it is less developed. And since AFAIK all Americans pass the same test when trying to get to college (either SAT or ACT right?), the way you were taught doesn't matter as long as there is a common exam to asses the knowledge of everybody in a fair manner.
  9. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Regardless of what one think of his idea or of how much saying that is a political suicide in Texas, I think it's a rather good sign that politician stands to their ideas even if they are unpopular rather than let the ideas of his opponents run unopposed. It create a debate (the level of the debate is another issue) and elections are the perfect time to speak about societal issues. It's like Benoît Hamon (who was was the left candidate for the French presidential election) who proposed the idea of a basic income financed by a tax on robots work in order to tackle the issue of unqualified jobs bound to disappear at some point since robots and algorithms do it better. It's an issue that our societies will have to deal with in a not so distant future: What do we do with peoples who can't get a job anymore? How do we guarantee them a decent living standard? I didn't liked the solution he proposed (I prefer for the State to help those people to get the necessary qualification in the new job market) but I was grateful to him for bringing that important question to the debates of the presidential election, it was the perfect stage discuss about this on a national scale.
  10. Israeli AFVs

    Just google image Eitan IFV which led me there
  11. Israeli AFVs

    Maybe a sort of rioting device? Like protecting soldier who needs to peek out in crowd control operation against various projectiles (cans, rocks,...) In that case the boxes would be there simply for structural resistance.
  12. Israeli AFVs

    On this scale model it looks more like a protected (against what?) area around the rear trap for dismounts.
  13. The Aircraft Carrier Shitstorm Thread

    For the CDG, I think the reason was mainly that we already had an existing reactor for our subs so we just took 2 and slapped them in the carrier. Guess it helped a lot with the maintenance and design cost plus having only one supply chain for the fuel (soon with the Barracuda SSN replacing the Rubis class)
  14. Israeli AFVs

    @Laviduce Don't we also have a Mk 1 at the Saumur museum? Though I guess the museum may have to ask the permission of Israel before letting someone do whatever he want's with it.