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  1. The class Rubis SSN Perle which recently suffered a fire during it's maintenance will be repaired. http://www.opex360.com/2020/10/22/gravement-endommage-par-un-incendie-le-sous-marin-nucleaire-dattaque-perle-va-etre-repare/ It was initially feared that the fire, which lasted for 14h, would have damaged the hull irrevocably, rendering the submarine unable to dive safely. Fortunately all the inboard equipment had been offloaded at this point so they weren't damaged. In practice the bow of the Perle will be cut-off and replaced by the one of the Saphir (of
  2. Start of the sea trials of the Alsace, first of the two French FREMM with increased air defence capabilities (increased radar range and MdCN cruise missiles replaced by 16 additional aster 30):
  3. Granted there is no need at the moment, but I think that those 100 missiles represent about 1/5th of the stock which is significant given our general propension to have barely enough ammo in stock for limited engagement times. If I remember correctly the initial intervention in Libya, almost emptied our ammunition stock and it took two years to bring them back to pre war levels.
  4. Spain wants to buy 100 second hand Mistral 3 from French stocks. http://www.opex360.com/2020/10/21/lespagne-veut-acquerir-100-missiles-anti-aeriens-mistral-3-doccasion-aupres-de-la-france For 47,8 millions euros those missiles, actually in use by the French army, will be renovated by MBDA and then transferred to Spain. It's becoming a habit lately to take from stocks of the army to sell to export customers who wants to receive their order immediately. Between the 12 rafales and possibly the first FDI for Greece as well as the Egyptian FREMM all of this
  5. Successful test-fire of an MdCN cruise missile by the Suffren, which is a new capability for the navy:
  6. Well there's the Rapidfire based on the 40 mm CTA but I think it lack guided ammunition (which I'm not sure are really useful against rather slow UAV), programmable ammunitions are available though. Though it's effective range is in my opinion too small (4 km) and it rely purely on optical targeting if on it's own (though it can take it's cue from a linked radar). Both of those make it rather useless against more dangerous aerial threats that can target it from further away, or move too fast to be detected soon enough if not linked to a radar. It is in essence
  7. Scarabée ; AREG ; Fortress Mk2 and ARMIS The last being aimed at replacing GBC180 logi trucks around 2025:
  8. Something that was on a CD in my parent's car. Used to listen to it every time we did a long trip and we cycled through all the CDs that were in the car. Kind of a nostalgia feel but I always liked the voice of this artist and only dived back into it recently.
  9. I think that it's kinda what I meant? You don't need to understand how it work to make it (mostly) work, it just make it much harder to design it so that it can give predictable results within a set of constraints. You can achieve a certain percent of success by (kind of blind) trial and error and by feeding it enough data. You just don't know the reasons of why it sometimes works or fail. And when you're not sure that it will work all the time and you don't know the reasons for the eventual failures, you can't put fail-safes in place making it dubious to give the program
  10. In a way there is no theory needed, it's basically fitting a mathematical model to the data by finding which parameters are statistically the most relevant. Some of the parameters the machine sometimes comes up with don't make any sense for us from a logical or physical point of view. It just works in a set percents of the cases and fail completely otherwise. Afaik, that's mostly what our brain does as well when inferring as solution from contextual data: "In this situation, it is highly likely that the correct answer is ..." On the downside it means that the program can come up wi
  11. That's something that machine learning might actually solve quite soon. The trend on it is relatively recent (it only really picked up around 2016) but right now everybody is trying to apply it to every domain imaginable and trying to see where it works. It does works really well on image recognition so I actually see an autonomous AI gunner being a thing before an autonomous driver which, as you said, would need to interpret more complex situation than what boils down to: Enemy military target in sights? ->Authorization to shoot? -> Shoot . There is of course the ethica
  12. Wreck of the German cruiser Karlsruhe sunk on April 9, 1940 during the invasion of Norway have been found
  13. You mean all the scenes with the sisters in the Gendarme series?
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