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  1. Forum Improvements and Changelog

    Test Test Seem like it only draw a big line to show that you have changed page. May be useful to organize big post?
  2. General news thread

    Sarkozy has been indicted Basically it mean that the judge think that there is enough preliminary evidences to think he is guilty. Which mean that the investigation will go on and may end up with a trial. He is charged with passive corruption (he took the money without being asked a specific favour), illegal campaign funding and illegally handling public Libyan funds.
  3. Help me understand tank suspension

    As you said, both work in flexion. So for the same energy absorbed, the coil spring will absorb it over a smaller section (in each "floor" of the spring) but at the same time the amplitude of movement on the thread should be smaller. Edit: They work in torsion my bad, I wasn't thinking (and reading) straight. Time to stop for today Since fatigue comes from the propagation of defects in the structure of the material, which makes it stiffer and stiffer (until it fail), I think that the amplitude of the movement should have some importance. On top of that there is also the problem of surface defects, and here it would make sense for springs to be more vulnerable as you said. I think it's a non trivial problem and I'm not a mechanical engineer either so I haven't done this kind of calculation since school (and when I did it was in simple configurations anyway).
  4. General news thread

    Justice is doing it's job (albeit slowly I give you that). Still I prefer our system where lobbying and expenditures are much more limited and controlled. Sarkozy got caught cheating and will (hopefully) face consequences. For now he is only detained to be heard (max 48 hours), we shall see by tomorrow if justice decide that there is enough charges and evidences to start a trial.
  5. An interesting point of view about proxy wars in eastern Europe. Russia’s Clash With the West Is About Geography, Not Ideology
  6. Help me understand tank suspension

    My guess would be steel fatigue, the section of a coil spring being smaller than the one of a torsion bar probably meant that coil spring could endure less cycles. But metallurgy has come a long way since WWII.
  7. Help me understand tank suspension

    One thing that have always surprised me is that even on new tank designs we still see torsion bars suspensions (T-14 I'm looking at you) while hydrogas seem to be superior in every single way but cost. I mean that it allow for a smoother ride, doesn't intrude into the hull (most important point from a design perspective), add some metal on the sides where there is usually none, is external so it's not too much of a pain to replace and finally allow you to play with ground clearance and hull pitch (IMO the last part is more of a nice gimmick than something really useful combat). How expensive are hydrogas compared to torsion bar (but as Collimatrix said, suspensions doesn't make up for a lot of the price in a modern MBT)? Or is there another major downside I overlooked? Same could be said about Israli coil spring suspension (which seem close to hydrogas but are maybe cheaper)
  8. General news thread

    It's not a very big deal. Every body know that Sarkozy was corrupt/stole public money. It's just that so far he managed to squeeze himself between the bars, either by putting the blame on somebody else, through procedural error or lack of evidences. This time they seem to have to substantial evidences against him so we will see. But his party Les Républicains (republican right wing, more or less equivalent of Republicans in the US) have a long history of being corrupt and stealing public money. And it's only getting worse since de Gaulle left the power. Chirac stole public money, Sarkozy did, Fillon did and countless others. Nothing out of the ordinary really, but they still have people to vote for them anyway. Now things are changing a bit since the election of Macron. Basically he took the centrist electors and politicians from both the traditional left (PS) and right (Les Républicains). So what used to be the two major party in the 5th Republic are dying by getting more and more radical and getting closer to the extremes (which will IMO only make them die faster). But they have to do it because they don't have any political space left between the center and the extremes. But as far as taking bribes from a foreign power goes, I think Sarkozy was the first elected president to do that. Marine le Pen was also very close to Russia in the last campaign but hopefully she wasn't elected.
  9. French FREMM will have two different crew Following the recent accidents in the US navy where crew fatigue may have played a part, the French navy decided to have two different crew for the new FREMM frigates in order to reduce the strain on sailors (and their family) and to make the job more attractive for youngs. The difficult part will be to find enough qualified personnel to do that.
  10. I guess that it close the debate on how they intended to reach the 70 km target range.
  11. General news thread

    Allegedly around 5 millions € in cash (which is way above the 4600 € max for a private donator) and possibly more through other ways. Also 5 millions more would have put Sarkozy above the maximum expense allowed for the 2007 election (apart from the fact that it was potential bribery from a foreign country) Max: 21 594 000 € Candidat Results (1st round) Expense Refund (state) Nicolas Sarkozy46 31,18 % 20 962 757 € 10 783 200 € Ségolène Royal47 25,87 % 20 615 776 € 10 797 000 € François Bayrou48 18,57 % 9 722 080 € 8 083 000 € Jean-Marie Le Pen49 10,44 % 9 318 617 € 8 083 000 € Olivier Besancenot50 4,08 % 918 330 € 808 300 € Philippe de Villiers51 2,23 % 3 090 323 € 808 300 € Marie-George Buffet52 1,93 % 4 822 819 € 808 300 € Dominique Voynet53 1,57 % 1 369 202 € 808 300 € Arlette Laguiller54 1,33 % 2 106 642 € 808 300 € José Bové55 1,32 % 1 180 481 € 723 178 € Frédéric Nihous56 1,15 % 839 729 € 808 300 € Gérard Schivardi57 0,34 % 712 988 € 695 418 €
  12. General news thread

    Most country did, but I guess that having a presidential campaign financed by Ghadafi is less common. Especially that donations for presidential campaign cannot exceed 4600€ (for a physical donator), and are forbidden for moral entity French political party excepted (they can fund the campaign of the candidate they support). That in order to avoid lobbying (especially foreign one) as much as possible. The campaign are funded through private bank loan and through the state (which will reimburse a part of the expense). The expense cannot exceed a certain sum (generally around 20 millions) https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Financement_des_campagnes_présidentielles_en_France
  13. General news thread

    Yes, and the fact that it happened during the Sarkozy presidency raise some suspicions as well. But before that Gadhafi and Sarkozy used to have very good relations (Ghadafi receiving every courtesy when he visited in 2007):
  14. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    A geometric efficiency ratio of 6 for fuel? Seems a bit high to me but maybe the chosen geometry allow that.
  15. Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread

    From a Czech progressive rock band from the 70s
  16. Link to the same debate on the WT forum: Personally I'll keep the same attitude than this guy on Reddit until the issue settle down (Especially since I can't read Chinese nor Japanese): [–]Jpz. E100 plsStingerRPG 62 points il y a 15 heures Reading the original post in Chinese(Hongkonger here), while the sources are somewhat believable, I would advise NOT to take any sides until the whole picture is clear or resolved. What stuns me is that Mai's own sources being used against him/her. It was very obvious that the guy who wrote the post was somewhat hostile against Mai in the opening paragraph where a slang for Koreans was used, with the overall tone being hateful. But whatever. I read the whole thing and I'll be frank, neither side is to be trusted at current situation. Best of us commoners to steer clear. I don't have a clue on who's right or wrong but it's best to leave the fighting to the folks in question.
  17. General AFV Thread

    Yes, but isn't it simply that since MBT are rarely sent in UN peacekeeping missions we are not used to see them like that and so it feel off? I mean the Leopard 1 and the T-72 looks off too:
  18. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Well most teachers tends to vote left regardless of the country (same apply in France), and here too there is quite a strong corporatism and a widespread idea in the population that most state employee have it easy, especially teachers when considering that they have the same vacations than kids. This idea is not without foundations. However, looking at my father and the amount of time he work at home after his class I would nuance the general idea (though his situation is particular since he was a former researcher who got fed up spending more time looking for money than doing physics). He's just one example but I had both hard working teacher who didn't counted their hours (especially given their rather low pay for their education level) and lazy ones who just recycled the same course year after year without paying much attention to pedagogy. Personally I'm center-left (voted Macron by conviction) and while I think that education should stay our main expenditure post (around 20% of the State's budget), I also think that the money spent here could be used more efficiently (in the sense that there is too much reform pilling up and that I'm not too sure about the coherence of the whole).
  19. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Personally I would say that the persons who cares will get involved with the education of their kids, regardless of the system they chose. I've been in the public system for my entire studies and a good part of why I (and my siblings) did rather well is that I had two parents at home ready to help me with my homework after school, especially at young age. But that's a small nuance I make, since purposely choosing homeschooling (which must be quite a time investment for the parents) is already a proof that you care about your kid's education. Well don't be sorry^^ That's your opinion and you know your educational system better than I do.
  20. United States Gun Control Megathread

    True but the the quality of said education will depends a lot on the qualification of the person teaching it. So either (on average) your parents have a high level of education and can help you in your study effectively or they have enough money to hire a tutor. I'm only talking about average here, of course you will always have some kids who will be capable to learn everything they need "just" by reading books and hard work, or parents who even with only basic academical degree will be able to tutor their kids effectively. But in general parents with a lower socioeconomical status will struggle more helping with their kid's education. And that's IMO the main role of public school, to make sure (or at least try) that everyone have access to quality education regardless of their background. Both system are certainly not antonymous but it is important to make sure that the public school don't get the short end of the stick making it a second rate system (And I don't think that it's the case now)
  21. United States Gun Control Megathread

    I would have though the prime objection would have rather been that it re enforce social reproduction even further than the classic system, in the long run creating a 2 tier educational system (which is IMO already the case when looking at the cost discrepancy between various US school/univeristy).
  22. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Well I'm under the impression that homeschooling is, like gun ownership, yet another of the US peculiarity for the rest of the world (in terms of proportion of the population that use it). So it would make sense that if the system is so well developed in the US it's general quality would be good. If it's more common I guess that it must be easier to find advices or associations to help parents as opposed to other country where it is less developed. And since AFAIK all Americans pass the same test when trying to get to college (either SAT or ACT right?), the way you were taught doesn't matter as long as there is a common exam to asses the knowledge of everybody in a fair manner.
  23. United States Gun Control Megathread

    Regardless of what one think of his idea or of how much saying that is a political suicide in Texas, I think it's a rather good sign that politician stands to their ideas even if they are unpopular rather than let the ideas of his opponents run unopposed. It create a debate (the level of the debate is another issue) and elections are the perfect time to speak about societal issues. It's like Benoît Hamon (who was was the left candidate for the French presidential election) who proposed the idea of a basic income financed by a tax on robots work in order to tackle the issue of unqualified jobs bound to disappear at some point since robots and algorithms do it better. It's an issue that our societies will have to deal with in a not so distant future: What do we do with peoples who can't get a job anymore? How do we guarantee them a decent living standard? I didn't liked the solution he proposed (I prefer for the State to help those people to get the necessary qualification in the new job market) but I was grateful to him for bringing that important question to the debates of the presidential election, it was the perfect stage discuss about this on a national scale.
  24. Israeli AFVs

    Just google image Eitan IFV which led me there