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  1. The former ACV-Puma

    The Armored Combat Vehicle Puma started as a privat-venture betwen Krauss-Maffei and Diehl in 1983. The two first prototypes were ready first in spring 1986 with a Kuka 20mm two men turret and second in autumn with a Diehl 120mm mortar turret. ACV-Puma was intented as an export armored vehicle of the 16-28 t class. By 1983 original concept, it was offered with two engine options (400/600hp) to cope with the level of armor protection asked. The running gear was a mixt of both Leopard-1 and 2 components : - Leo-1 : road wheels, track support rollers, torsion bars and even the driver's seat ; - Leo-2 : track adjuster, cooling system components and sproket hub. It was possible to run the engine outside of its compartment. In 1988, the concept was improved further : - the class range reached 38t ; - the engines offer was 440 or 750hp strong ; - the chassis was now available in two length (5/6 road wheels) and hight/low profil hull (20cm). The ACV-Puma was a contender at the Norwegian IFV programme from 1991 and the Turkish 1987 relaunched TIFV programme. Norway chose CV-90 and Turkey, the AIFV. (If anyone have information about how it was a serious contender, I'm interested) It was also evaluated by the Swiss army in 1991. I don't know if it took part to the Char de grenadiers 2000 programme. In 1983´s concept, the difference betwen the low profil hull and the 20cm higher hight profil hull was obtained by a "box shape vertical raised" rear compartment. With the 1988's design, the front slop is now different to achieve a better ballistic protection. When considering documentations of this period, it's important to note the mine/IED protection was not a priority like today. I'll post soon a scan showing general layout of the troop compartment. It's a Marder/BMP old fashion one with soldiers facing outside. Even if it was not a success at exportation, I think ACV-Puma must be known because of both : - the outdated combat beliefs of the 80's (still vigourous today) ; - and advanced proposal such as the differential hull length from the drawing board. I have a question : Does anyone known if a 6 road wheels chassis was ever built ?
  2. No mobility demo. It tells about the gap betwen China and the west tech.

    Armement probleme can be solved by turret change. Why do you consider Kurganets as limited size ?
  4. Map reading was our best weapon against the WP.
  5. The Body Armor Thread

    for members who want to understand the blast protection, even with mandible : https://www.nrl.navy.mil/media/news-releases/2014/nrl-simulates-ied-like-blast-waves-against-army-helmet-prototypes
  6. The Body Armor Thread

    An article about the new US-Army IHPS in test : http://defence-blog.com/army/us-army-tests-prototypes-of-new-helmet-inspired-by-video-games.html
  7. The Body Armor Thread

    For members interested in helmet design, the Military Moron review about the AirFrame https://www.militarymorons.com/gear/crye5.html It's worth to be read.
  8. The Body Armor Thread

    This photos are not about german riot-control police (BePo) but SWAT like team. So such gears are not design to cope with. Schuberth introduced a mandible to complete the P100F anti-riot helmet visor. It works well. The P100 helmet is the best riot-control helmet today.
  9. General Mechanised Equipment

    This is a Next Generation AFV ARV, not a Bionix one
  10. It was a stealth technology demonstrator too. I think it's important to add this point.
  11. This drawing is about the 1994 FMBT contest. Winners were Sharony and Bacon. SH_MM seems to think about this one :