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  1. AFV Engines

    In this article, Tamir is talking about the suspension too. He defenses the choice with plenty of details.
  2. AFV Engines

    This week-end if I can.
  3. AFV Engines

    Tamir Eshel. It was 72% if I remember well. He answered to the low horsepower per ton ratio generally considered about Merkava 3 when comparing to others tanks. He noted that there is a miss understanding because the mesure must be made at the sproket level, not the engine one. I think I still have this 20 years old article.
  4. General AFV Thread

    Because of BREXIT, it can be longer. The MIV program is an advantage during talks. They can keep pressure on both Germany and France.
  5. Israeli AFVs

    Fuel barrel is a must have.
  6. General AFV Thread

    And, we must quote those armored logistic box : Considered, but not purchase (like all good ideas we have)
  7. General AFV Thread

    An other possibility was considered with AMX-40 :
  8. Everything about the Suisse MBAS/HMSE : http://spartanat.com/2018/03/neue-ausruestung-fuer-die-schweiz-modulares-bekleidungs-und-ausruestungssystem-mbas/
  9. M8 Buford Is Back

    You’re right. They’re different in the middle. Larger ? you know, the net is not for the « fan boys » effect. It’s like the paint covering new cars in test on roads.
  10. The Body Armor Thread

    About the IHPS http://soldiersystems.net/2018/03/02/u-s-army-awards-3m-additional-34-million-for-helmets-of-the-future/