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  1. This is definitely the DEFA gun. Integrating a 105mm would have been impossible to keep the amphibious capability.
  2. This is an old discussion about the survival cell interest and it’s mission kill risk.
  3. You know, we don’t know if it can do the job because of the chassis.
  4. This was the cheapest proposal. There were more advanced concept such as this one :
  5. About the Jaguar reconnaissance vehicle. https://twitter.com/DGA/status/1273235297325797379
  6. During this period, the Leclerc MBT was not mature enough. But, French engineers who followed the Swedish tests came to the conclusion they were unfair. Swedish army tried to « destroyed » the tank. When you look at the mobility results, it’s tricky. It’s not possible to argue the Leopard’s got a good mobility.
  7. It reminds me this : 1. Extreme mobility2. Anti-armor capability3. Anti-aircraft capability4. Survivability and protection5. Strategic mobility6. Easy maintenance7. Development potential The CV90 priorities.
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