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  1. As quoted, this is an unmanned tank killer concept.
  2. Serge

    Israeli AFVs

    Roomy : Plenty of details :
  3. Serge

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

  4. Serge

    Israeli AFVs

    Yes, but I was thinking about something different. Something like the CV90 to reduce the thermal signature, not only to cool the engine compartment.
  5. Serge

    Israeli AFVs

    The more he sees photos, the more @Damian loves Merkava design.
  6. Serge

    Israeli AFVs

    Is-it the coating ? Namer very front UFP is made of diagonal modules. Don’t know why. So the UFP is cooled.
  7. Adjustable suspension are only used : - to adapt you cross country capability (low position for road, high position for off road) ; - to sight in mountainous area (but, it’s very, very rare.) ; - to provide indirect fire support. You will never use the lower position (park height) in combat, even when concealed.
  8. Yes (no for the last idea). I will try to develop about this point tomorrow or latter, for people who don’t the job with tank Countries like RoK are mountainous countries so in some case, it can help. But I would be very surprised if they don’t have an MBT indirect fire support doctrine. We lost it in France with Leclerc MBT. No. They are working like MBT so it’s of no use.
  9. Yes. And it takes precious time to kneel for a tank.
  10. Yes. It was shown on the BAE booth as a solution for Bradley upgrade.
  11. Serge


    A vehicle is a 2 or 3 men crew vehicle, not a 2 and 3 men crew one. Israel loves plasma leadership.
  12. Serge


    More simply : every battle day life. You can work efficiently during a short period of time with a tinny crew, but you work better over long period with a 4 men crew. In France, we are lucky because of our specific troop organization. But, it’s simply crazy to think it’s possible to work with a 2 men crew tank, whatever the technology considered. I can’t imagine a 8 or 6 men troop (cost effective BTW). If doctrine makers are only considering borders patrol duty, it’s ok. But, this is not the real life.
  13. Serge


    Nobody 2 men crew is a deep failure for tanks whatever the level of technology. In france, 3 men crew was considered the best choice but, after 25 years of Leclerc MBT, I know plenty of cavalry men who would be very pleased to have a 4 men crew tank.
  14. Serge

    French flair

    Yes. They have : - SABCA FCS ; - hydropneumatic suspension ; - range is now 720km.