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  1. So, closer to the Leclerc or Type-90.
  2. I found this on the Solomon’s blog. Photos of the new SuperAV Land from Iveco.
  3. Both sizes are the same. https://i0.wp.com/militaryleak.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/general-dynamics-land-systems-unveils-new-light-tank.jpg?ssl=1 The MPF hull structure is by no means an ASCOD one. Both Griffin 2 and MPF are very different.
  4. This is not a complex task. The problem is the cost of such a capability.
  5. ZAHA flotation tests. https://www.defenseworld.net/news/27862/Turkey_Begins_Testing_ZAHA_Armored_Amphibious_Assault_Vehicle#.X2UJRK6-jYU
  6. With a 3 men crew and no Turkish components, wich is a little bit different. The gun mount is the same.
  7. No. It’s the ICV roof.
  8. Interesting. https://www.targikielce.pl/en/about-us/news/south-korean-technology-showcased-at-mspo-2020,15244
  9. When it starts to be hot, a few bath...
  10. https://giphy.com/gifs/starwars-star-wars-yoda-26FmQ6EOvLxp6cWyY
  11. It can still be modified like the SPz-Puma.
  12. It save precious volumes (short exhaust line, saving insulation...). It’s not a bad idea.
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