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  1. Lets start a thread about the CV-90. Past, present, futur. Link to the Linström's page about the initial Stridsfordon-90 project : http://www.ointres.se/projekt_strf90.htm An interesting SH-MM post about evolution of CV-90 : And a summary about contenders for the forseen Czech IFV programme : http://below-the-turret-ring.blogspot.pt/2017/08/which-new-ifv-for-czech-army.html?m=1 From a well known blog.
  2. Modern Tank Destroyers / Gun Carriers

    VBC-90 was so nice.
  3. Modern Tank Destroyers / Gun Carriers

    Renault armored vehicles through catalogues : http://www.lesrenaultdepapier.fr/Blindés.htm
  4. The Leopard 2 Thread

    What is the main difference between the A7 and A7V standards ? What are external differences ?
  5. Tank Layout

    It depends on what you want to achieve but the rule is the following : when heavy load must be carried, use track drive train. It more compact by a 1/3. Considering just the weight, if you want to put Leclerc MBT on wheels, you will have 6 more tons. Abrams or Leopard will be higher by 2t. I don’t want to think about Challenger 2 or Merkava Mk4. And I don’t think about cross country capability.
  6. General AFV Thread

    Yes but plenty of versions will be 4 men crew or below (ARV, mortar carrier...). And, they don’t have light forces. So, this is not so irelevant. Edit : Don’t forget the Emiri Guard.
  7. General AFV Thread

  8. Israeli AFVs

    Yes. With Merk Mk3, this is a 3 pieces package.
  9. During the sighting process, le N-LAW calculate the angular velocity of the target. When fired, the missile will fly according to the angular velocity. So, the curb corresponding to 0 deg/s is a straight line. There is no guidance at all. The RBS is blind.
  10. General AFV Thread

    A good old one. Used by Eshel to answer to the Merkava under power controversy in Armor
  11. CV-90, why so much love ?

    The L16 mortar can be used dismounted. It’s lighter and harder to be spoted.
  12. CV-90, why so much love ?

    The CV90BK is made from the former Mk-2 chassis, not the Mk-3 one. So, it can be interesting to save the turret weight to keep it to mine protection (I don’t know if the underbelly was reinforced.). The 81mm is weak to be used to support armored units. 120mm is far better. The use of such a tiny caliber on such a capable chassis is an oversized choice. The new and the old mortar carrier.
  13. CV-90, why so much love ?

    Both solutions are interesting. Here, the CV-90 Multivogn is universal carrier. It can performe as a mortar carrier, but as a cargo carrier, an APC too. At a low price.
  14. The Body Armor Thread

    About the US-Army SPS to be deployed : http://soldiersystems.net/2017/10/30/peo-soldier-tests-modular-scalable-vest-at-fort-carson/
  15. General AFV Thread

  16. General AFV Thread

    I was jocking.
  17. General AFV Thread

    To patrol along the border ?
  18. Israeli AFVs

    The LIC kit. And most important : the under-belly mine protection plate.
  19. General AFV Thread

    This is manual.
  20. To chock the BMP tracks on trailer or train ?
  21. General AFV Thread

    The cost. Sabra upgrade was very expensive. So, leaving the cuppola was seen as interesting. They kept the 12,7 for free.
  22. The Leopard 2 Thread

    Can you use
  23. CV-90, why so much love ?

    You have not to be facing a threat to take it into account. Once more : mine protection comes from TMRP-6 probleme.
  24. General AFV Thread

    Both Olifant Mk-1B and Mk-2 armor packages are similar considering there covering. Heavy armor modules stop at the middle of hatches.