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  1. Serge

    French flair

    I propose a new topic to regroup information about French AFVs. Days after days, information is overwhelmed under the inflow of photos about anything and everything. It can be interesting to try to have dedicated topics to ease the quality of exchanges. So, if you have already posted interesting photos, documentations and view about French AFVs, you can quote them here.
  2. Serge

    French flair

    It can be useful after light damage on the front to keep moving. The PASEO sight. Yes. He didn’t quote ECLIPSE but BARRAGE. The turret is « ready for - not fitted with ». He quotes DIAMAN.
  3. I don’t know companies uninterested in producing for customers. I may be wrong but...
  4. Serge

    French flair

    The French RTD company changes its name. Call it Arquus now. https://www.lopinion.fr/blog/secret-defense/industrie-rtd-devient-arquus-149544
  5. http://www.armyrecognition.com/images/stories/news/2015/november/Russia_to_develop_a_new_wheeled_version_of_Koalitsiya-SV_152mm_self-propelled_howitzer_640_002.jpg
  6. Lets start a thread about the CV-90. Past, present, futur. Link to the Linström's page about the initial Stridsfordon-90 project : http://www.ointres.se/projekt_strf90.htm An interesting SH-MM post about evolution of CV-90 : And a summary about contenders for the forseen Czech IFV programme : http://below-the-turret-ring.blogspot.pt/2017/08/which-new-ifv-for-czech-army.html?m=1 From a well known blog.
  7. Serge

    CV-90, why so much love ?

    Swedish CV90 begins 120mm mortar fire trials https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/landwarfareintl/swedish-cv90-begins-120mm-mortar-firing-trials/
  8. Serge

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    At at the front of the 40CTA, you have a lubricant past to protect the bore when firing. The main problem was a sealing default. It’s now solved.
  9. http://www.janes.com/article/79642/export-lav-700-enters-production http://www.gdlscanada.com/products/LAV/LAV-700.pdf
  10. Serge


    Does anyone know the pilot position of the final Kurganets-25 configuration ?
  11. Serge

    CV-90, why so much love ?

    Milrem to support Estonia’s CV-9035 : https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/landwarfareintl/bae-systems-milrem-support-estonias-cv9035/
  12. Having one or two gunners is very different. Two men can concentrate on two directions. One man can only have one of them under control. With an improved AG travers, it can become very interesting because it’s possible to cross both arc of fire. If you transfert one bow gunner task to the tank commander, you will burden its job. Never forget that, into a troop, one of the tank commander is a troop commander too (even a patrol commander too). Having a 5 men crew is a big advantage.
  13. Fully agree. If the BMPT’s task is to support T90 squadrons, it’s not a problem. It would have been a problem if it was suppose to support a more mobile tank. The limited travers of AG17 is a point to improve. But the current design offers the best protection and is very affordable. Russian companies are always producing missiles with different warheads. So, it can already provide what you call for. Manpads are specific. If you want to improve the AD capability, you must transfert your BMPT to the AD artillery C2. An other option could be to adopte ISTAR kit to be mounted in place of the Attaka launchers with dedicated operators in place of both bow gunners. Mixted with classical BMPTs, units can provide both close in fire support and close in EW support. Yes.
  14. Serge

    French flair

    This catalog shows the gap between companies proposals and the real Army purchase policy. For instance, we have been suffering from decades a deep lack of armored maintenance and repair vehicles in spite of there availability. Don’t know if it was already shown, the Leclerc T40 NEXTER proposal. It was made as a first entry capable ISTAR platform.
  15. Serge

    Tank Layout

    I think scrapped. They will be very old. The upgrade capability is poor and the barrel is not NATO compatible. It fires a light 105mm shell.
  16. Serge

    Tank Layout

    SEPAR kit is so heavy, 10RCR is beyond its limits. It was designed during Afghanistan but it’s no more used.
  17. Serge

    AFV Coax Thread

    And you have to take into account the terminal effect of calibres. If it takes you a 3 12,7mm rounds burst to knock out a vehicle, how many 7,62mm will you use ? And once you have the number, you have the volume consumed.