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  1. Lets start a thread about the CV-90. Past, present, futur. Link to the Linström's page about the initial Stridsfordon-90 project : http://www.ointres.se/projekt_strf90.htm An interesting SH-MM post about evolution of CV-90 : And a summary about contenders for the forseen Czech IFV programme : http://below-the-turret-ring.blogspot.pt/2017/08/which-new-ifv-for-czech-army.html?m=1 From a well known blog.
  2. AFV Engines

    In this article, Tamir is talking about the suspension too. He defenses the choice with plenty of details.
  3. AFV Engines

    This week-end if I can.
  4. AFV Engines

    Tamir Eshel. It was 72% if I remember well. He answered to the low horsepower per ton ratio generally considered about Merkava 3 when comparing to others tanks. He noted that there is a miss understanding because the mesure must be made at the sproket level, not the engine one. I think I still have this 20 years old article.
  5. General AFV Thread

    Because of BREXIT, it can be longer. The MIV program is an advantage during talks. They can keep pressure on both Germany and France.
  6. Israeli AFVs

    Laser warning ?
  7. Israeli AFVs

    Storage basket
  8. Israeli AFVs

    Fuel barrel is a must have.
  9. General AFV Thread

    And, we must quote those armored logistic box : Considered, but not purchase (like all good ideas we have)
  10. General AFV Thread

    An other possibility was considered with AMX-40 :
  11. Everything about the Suisse MBAS/HMSE : http://spartanat.com/2018/03/neue-ausruestung-fuer-die-schweiz-modulares-bekleidungs-und-ausruestungssystem-mbas/
  12. M8 Buford Is Back

    You’re right. They’re different in the middle. Larger ? you know, the net is not for the « fan boys » effect. It’s like the paint covering new cars in test on roads.
  13. The Body Armor Thread

    About the IHPS http://soldiersystems.net/2018/03/02/u-s-army-awards-3m-additional-34-million-for-helmets-of-the-future/
  14. M8 Buford Is Back

    Just an up to date photo for the file consistency ;
  15. M8 Buford Is Back

    M8 is nearly a 30 years old plateforme, so ELT may have a few changes in its very design. I would find very strange if it was not the case. So, if I were the US Army, I would think : - Any engine improvement means endurance tests. - Any change to steel quality means balistic tests. - Band track means both running and structural tiring tests. - FCS improvement means firing test. - new welding technique means balistic and wear tests... The list is longer. So, the US Army won’t skip the intro but will read the full track. And meaby, others contenders will call for new test to provide up to date (and fare) datas.
  16. No. Yes. If not considering the Kaplan chassis to make the MMWT.
  17. M8 Buford Is Back

    So, BAE did’t choose IFV chassis.
  18. For the love of God, I hope BAE will develop a complete family of light tracked AFV.
  19. Modern Tank Destroyers / Gun Carriers

    I don’t have clue but : - POLE was to test a need, not only to inject fresh money into Nexter. - Leclerc MBT was designed as a tank killer but reality shown tanks are not the only target on the battlefield. Look at the rebirth of tanks in Australia and Canada. - on the market, you have a trend to offer indirect fire (CMI...). - indirect fire capable turret are interesting : - to both FIBUA and montain warfare, - to launch missiles or UAV. So.
  20. Modern Tank Destroyers / Gun Carriers

    Yes I don’t know. The purpose of the POLE was (not only) to test the firing of 120mm from a wheeled platforme but to test indirect tank firing. The accuracy achieved was very good. Indirect fire was lost with the Leclerc MBT introduction. Until the AMX-30, tank crew were trained to this capability. Into each AMX-30 turret, you can put a level to use the balistic table. There is a special support on the cradle. With the AMX-10RC, there is only one level per troop and tank crew were not trained to this (even if it was to be known). Indirect firing capability will come back with the next tank generation.
  21. Modern Tank Destroyers / Gun Carriers

    It’s always a pleasur to see POLE turret firing.
  22. General AFV Thread

    It was called Mulet Système Complet (Mule Complet System)