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  1. About the Jaguar reconnaissance vehicle. https://twitter.com/DGA/status/1273235297325797379
  2. During this period, the Leclerc MBT was not mature enough. But, French engineers who followed the Swedish tests came to the conclusion they were unfair. Swedish army tried to « destroyed » the tank. When you look at the mobility results, it’s tricky. It’s not possible to argue the Leopard’s got a good mobility.
  3. It reminds me this : 1. Extreme mobility2. Anti-armor capability3. Anti-aircraft capability4. Survivability and protection5. Strategic mobility6. Easy maintenance7. Development potential The CV90 priorities.
  4. With the first batches, yes. But it was found dangerous. The fuel transmit the shock wave. So, the bottom was emptied. I know there is a self sealing vave but I didn’t know this detail.
  5. What is the use for both large boxes in front of the turret ?
  6. It would be too complex. But, I still think there is an opportunity to launch (at least) a new chassis for export market.
  7. Not a doc. A new French blog devoted to tracks and steel is borne. https://blablachars.blogspot.com/?m=1 Articles are in French or in English.
  8. This is maybe the hydrogas suspension wich was demonstrated with the Bradley NG in 2018.
  9. At last : 54 120mm rifled mortars are ordered. http://www.opex360.com/2020/01/24/armee-de-terre-la-commande-de-54-blindes-griffon-dotes-du-mortier-mepac-a-ete-notifiee-par-la-dga/
  10. Does anyone want to get involved ? https://www.business.gov.au/cdic/news-for-defence-industry/land-400-phase-3-australian-industry-capability-roadshow
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