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  1. This post is an old one. I found very strange the gap into the call of the US-Army. Calling for an « at least » 6 but 9 « is better » means they don’t have a clear picture of what they want.
  2. So, as you know, let’s start again : https://www.army.mil/article/231775/army_decides_to_cancel_current_omfv_solicitation
  3. It said to be a test platform to consider new layout to prepare the the next IFV.
  4. An MPF like platform can be an affordable solution.
  5. FCS is still sci-fi by 2020. 18t platform can’t perform as a 60t one.
  6. The last photos of the year, some of them are very rare. A DRAP (autonomous crowd containment asset) starting deployment to close a street. Fully deployed : The truck is a TRM-2000. They are used by the French Gendarmerie Mobile and were designed by a WO. At the Eurosatory 1990 : maybe the last display of the VAB VMO. Here with a crowd pusher. This concept was never adopted (but by the French riot control police - CRS in 2000 in a lighter concept). It was tested during the 2000’s by the Army into the VAB AZUR kit. The SMS was the defense department of Creusot-Loire-Industrie. SMS was producing the hull of the VAB and RVI the driving line. The SMS was purchase by GIAT Industries in 1991. An armoured P4 4x4 carrying a TLIO turret. This is very rare to see it. While it was never purchase, it was a very good concept in the 80’s. The turret showed at the Milipol 2019 by Nexter on there Serval Gendarmerie model looks like very close to the TLIO. https://www.autotitre.com/forum/Vehicules-speciaux/Photos-de-voitures-de-Police-34001p2762.htm
  7. An interesting photo I founded. Replacement of the aging VBRG is critical but unfunded. So the French Gendarmerie is testing solutions such as refurbishing Army APC. This picture was made by August. It shows a modified VBR. The French Air Force’s got its own VAB : the VIB and VBR. VIB means Armoured Response Vehicle. VBR, Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle. The first one is dedicated to protection, the second takes part to UXO clearing. As I already explained, both VIB and VRB were riot control VAB a Middle East customer didn’t pay. The interesting points are : - this VAB comes from the Air Force, not the Army. I’m not sure they can cede there fleet. I don’t know if they have a VIB replacement program. - the turret is not the original TC-20-13. It’s a modified VBRG TBM-103 turret. They have put smoke grenades launchers (in a very strange way). More basicaly, this VAB received lights. I don’t know if this is the prototype prepared for the upgrade of the Gendarmerie armoured vehicles fleet.
  8. The changing of the French Army vehicle colour is starting : https://mobile.twitter.com/armeedeterre/status/1207343103402815488/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1207343103402815488&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fpublish.twitter.com%2F%3Fquery%3Dhttps%3A%2F%2Ftwitter.com%2Farmeedeterre%2Fstatus%2F1207343103402815488%26widget%3DTweet
  9. Historically, the French Air Force VAB, called VIB, were riot control VAB ordered by a Middle East costumer who didn’t pay. One option for the French Gendarmerie Nationale is the following : having a mixed fleet of vehicles - rebuilding the VBRG fleet with a new Iveco drivingtrain and internal armor. - adapting a number of VAB, given by the Army. I think this option will be chosen. I don’t believe they can purchase a brand new fleet of armoured vehicles.
  10. Riot controls don’t have real dozer blade. They generally have push barre. So, the front engine cooling is efficient when on the road. If you need a real blade and compactness, the air flow is broken while in raised position. This is why front engine limits the vehicle capabilities. Yes.
  11. For exemple, the French Gendarmerie want to keep the high speed barricades percussion. Pushing a car or a block is easy. Percussion is very different. On on the other hand, VBRG are not only dedicated to face rioters such as black blocks. They are supposed to be task to infantry like tasks.
  12. Nexter proposal for an assumed VBRG successor using the Serval VBMR Light.
  13. French riot-controls vehicle VBRG is technically outdated. The problem is the following : - no of the shelf platform can provide the same service ; - the French Gendarmerie Nationale has no budget to launch a dedicated program. So, one possibility is to rebuild them Turgis et Gaillard company provide an offer at 250000€ with new engine and power train.
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