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  1. This is a Next Generation AFV ARV, not a Bionix one
  2. It was a stealth technology demonstrator too. I think it's important to add this point.
  3. This drawing is about the 1994 FMBT contest. Winners were Sharony and Bacon. SH_MM seems to think about this one :
  4. Same Vextra demonstrator with the 120mm POLE turret demonstrator. The purpose of POLE was to test : - light 120mm turret ; - and 120mm indirect fire.
  5. This is the French Vextra demonstrator with a TML-105 turret.
  6. Shared pleasure. And the period is plenty of very interesting news. I just have to find an avatar (It will be Mars-15. ;))
  7. Yes. But Namer is nothing more than a H-APC, not a fire support armored vehicle. They have tanks for this. I think two points : 1- the key point is to continu to deploy Trophy ADS ; 2- when considering the whole net of Israël fire power (tanks+artillery+air cav), the Mk-44 is the right choice. It will complet the whole organisation at the right cost. The interest in ATGM on Tsahal IFVs is not founded. They are no more facing huge well organised armored armys. They are facing man portable AT roquette/missile proliferation.
  8. The Namer is very big compared to M2. So, the barrel seems to be tiny. 25mm is of no more use today. 30mm is a balanced choice. Look at a Bradley with 30mm :
  9. Yes. And my question is "how to reload it ?"
  10. A very good way to integrate Trophy ADS.
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