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  1. Abrams is the 10th and Arjun is the 5th. It’s an Indian plot.
  2. Having two similar vehicles in a catalog for a company make no sense. The have better to prepar a shortened KF41 hull. And a lowered one too.
  3. The chassis is only lowered. A road wheels is missing to save weight.
  4. Why do you regard it as too much British ?
  5. Oh oh ! I missed the point : Rheinmetall and BAE formed a JV by January.
  6. So BAE/GD spend money for nothing !
  7. So, no news at DSEI-2019 from BAE about their involvement in the Challenger 2 LEP ?
  8. To refresh about what the legacy turret looks like :
  9. He asked about the metal panel bolted over the turret. On the legacy turret, you don’t have such a panel. With the Rheinmetall turret, the half front is covered by separated plates. This « skin » is interesting because it makes options integration easier.
  10. I ask myself if this turret request the same Dorchester Level F up armor than the genuine one.
  11. So, the rear ramp door can open even when upside down.
  12. https://twitter.com/AMBLE_Baltic/status/1167066364080795649?s=20
  13. Interesting : https://www.snafu-solomon.com/2019/08/idf-carmel-armored-fighting-vehicle.html?m=1
  14. It’s a little bit more complex. Ignition of a shell is not simple. The tube focuses the explosion to a request direction. So I’m not sure the turret will suffer damage.
  15. Because military platform are balanced. They’re not devoted to dozing. They must be able to do others tasks too. One reason of the efficiency of lighter tractors can come from the difference of bucket.
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