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  1. The Leclerc chassis won’t be used. The French problem is the stupid faith in the « wheels only platform doctrine » starting in 1987. So today, we don’t have tracked platform. I don’t know the future but the best AEV considered by French engineers is the Terrier MSV.
  2. Yes. But heavy barrel’s thermal sleeve must be kept light. The goal is to reach an homogeneous temperature around the barrel. The barrel case of the Lance turret help to keep the temperature homogeneous.
  3. Lynx platform can’t be used for the MGCS. The concept is not stabilised enough to quote anything. On the other hand : - there is a place for an other solution than the MGCS ; - there are opportunities for a « light » tank. Around 40t. This way, RLS can adapt its Lynx.
  4. From Japan ? Look at the weight simulators on the turret. They are not symmetrical.
  5. About the LRIP of the VBMR Griffon, in French : http://forcesoperations.com/le-griffon-prend-son-envol/ The most important : starting from the 93rd, all Griffon will received the new brown colour with the modular camouflage (woodland, desert and winter).
  6. It was said too much complex by PSM own representatives.
  7. This is why GIAT Industries developed the T21 turret from the Leclerc MBT one. Changing the turret can be a good option for an upgrade.
  8. It’s the first time I notice how an external coaxial machine gun pod interferes with crew vision.
  9. Yes. In other IFV, chassis are higher and so heavier, easier to hit, less mobile....
  10. https://www.fnss.com.tr/content/images/zaha-haber-2.jpg
  11. Suspension is part of the protection. This is why it’s interesting to show it. I was wrong. In fact, I used to see the Leclerc without the HMG in place, so it looks like shorter.
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