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  1. Jebus. The steering wheel was the first thing replaced on Australian special operations forces’ Landrovers - in 2002 - when the Survival Enhancement Kit added blast mitigation inside the footwell (driver’s side was 20mm thick, commander’s side was 40mm thick). Smaller diameter steering wheel meant that the vehicle could still be effectively driven with the SEK added.
  2. Or we’ll start a Korean vehicle thread.
  3. Only that Phase 2 is a German platform & can be referred to under the “Stug III, etc.” thread.
  4. Wrong phase. That’s Phase 2 - Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle. We’re discussing Phase 3 - Infantry Fighting Vehicle, here.
  5. Speaking of 152mm (thanks @Clan_Ghost_Bear), I’ve got a question regarding the M551A1 Sheridan (specifically from the Panamanian operation): was the belly armour plate fitted? Thanks.
  6. Australia has had TUSK since 2011. Because TUSK is a theatre/operation-specific appliqué, the MLC isn’t updated unless it’s carried. Trials with the amphibious ships & the landing craft led to the tanks being weighed via weigh station. This activity led to a reclassification of their MLC. Future upgrades via Project Land 907-2 will likely result in armour upgrades.
  7. The PSM guys at AUSA thought there was enough interest to display a vehicle in DC. I’m sceptical, though.
  8. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Hydro-pneumatic Unit Integrated Suspension.
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