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  1. 2805662

    General AFV Thread

    @Toxn - any pics of the Olifant IB/II?
  2. 2805662

    General AFV Thread

    @Toxn - any pics of the Olifant IB/II?
  3. 2805662

    Britons are in trouble

    For years the British Army had a program called “FIST” (future infantry soldier technology or similar). Having used the FIST BMS software back in the day, all I can say is “no thank you” - real gen zero stuff. Putting it on was like falling into a pit of snakes (lots of cables)...just one problem amongst many.
  4. Still amazed at how lightly armoured the Leopard 1 - of any variant - is. There is a Leopard AS1 turret that was subjected to an unscheduled ballistic “test” by a 105mm service sabot round held in storage in Wodonga. Sadly, pics were not permitted. Apparently, the AS1 aren’t lasting nearly as long as forecast as hard targets. Further discussions revealed that the life projections were based on how long the Centurion Mk.5/1s lasted.
  5. Leopard AS1 (A3) - doesn’t like 120mm practice ammunition.
  6. 2805662

    Israeli AFVs

    Any idea on the contrivance on top of this D-9?
  7. Australian Army Tank Museum, Puckapunyal, Victoria - just down the hill from the School of Armour. There’s a M113A1 on the hill up to gunnery wing that’s also been cut in half, just without the interior.
  8. 2805662

    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    Not saying it would be cheaper, just better growth options. Once you’re at the negotiating table, it’s amazing what becomes possible.
  9. 2805662

    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    Apparently a “volume discount” of Lance turrets was discussed, to no avail. Without that discount, there was no way that the DoD could reasonably mandate the Lance 1.0 turret as GFE for Phase 3. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Lance 2.0 turret was negotiated into the Phase 2, Block 2 vehicles prior to contract signature.
  10. 2805662

    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    Aaaand - no Puma for L400-3:
  11. We must’ve got the message down here:
  12. Apparently IEEE 802.3-2012, Ethernet: 802.3 for AS GVA data distribution. Can't forget the power and power conditioning aspects of the AS GVA: There’s also defined HMI. The idea is that various systems an sub-systems can be hosted on non-proprietary screens and controls, avoiding the one screen per system that was an artefact of some of the operationally urgent acquisitions in the past decade (e.g. one screen for the GPS, one for the RWS, one for the BFT/BMS etc.).
  13. Not sure, TBH. That level of information is yet to be released (and probably yet to be decided). The design reviews for the Block 1 Boxers are underway at the moment. Apparently there is some rework around the ethernet, moving toward a Generic Vehicle Architecture based fitout (to align with Phase 3), but that’s the only detail that’s being discussed.
  14. 2805662

    CV-90, why so much love ?

    I did clarify - “as-yet-unseen mark 5/V”.
  15. 2805662

    CV-90, why so much love ?

    Anyone heard of the CV90 Mark 5? Was mentioned in passing today.