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  1. Lots of good stuff there, @SH_MM, which has helped join some dots for me. I appreciate you taking the time to write such a detailed post. Regarding the Australian Boxer purchase, the customer has differentiated between “Block 1” and “Block 2” deliveries. The first 25 vehicles to be delivered (two delivered to date) are the Block 1 standard, with an interim configuration Lance turret. The first turreted Block 1 vehicle is due to be delivered around September this year. The exact configuration of the Lance turret for the Block 2 is yet to be determined, & will likely be informed by the IFV phase of the project (L400-3). Tree strike is a thing in Australia. Generally the first thing added or beefed up on a vehicle in Australian service are brush guards or deflectors. The Block 1 Boxers are a good demonstration of this - look at the side stowage racks. Shaped & angled brush deflectors to protect the side stowage & the side situational awareness cameras from being scrubbed (ha!) off the side of the truck. The launcher on the Risk Mitigation Activity (RMA - trial) overhung the side of the vehicle (Boxer). On Puma, the launcher was inside the outer mould line of the vehicle. On Boxer, the overhang means that, with the turret at 12 o’clock, the launcher could be the first thing that hits a tree as the vehicle threads through wooded terrain. Anything that lowers the exposure of the launcher is worth serious configuration, especially with the launcher mounted on the opposite side of the vehicle To the driver. Compare that to Bradley. Lower profile launcher on the same side as the driver, so that it’s easier to avoid tree strike. Regarding damping and Spike-LR2, one issue identified has been the lifecycle of the missile. Currently, as soon as the missile is loaded into the launcher, it has to either be fired, or if at the conclusion of the activity it has not, it has to be repackaged and returned to the factory for refurbishment. The useable life of the missile in the launcher is sensitive information, but it is finite before being declared unserviceable. The longer a missile is carried in a launcher, the lower its pH. In live-fire exercises, this isn’t an issue. Unpack, load, aim, fire. But operational use is different. Improving damping takes many forms. Taking weight out of the launcher is one way. Either way, improving damping is intended to improve the service life of the missile once loaded into the launcher and retain a high pH (& probability of correct function). It’s my understanding that one of the design goals of the new launcher is to extend the useful life of Spike LR2.
  2. According to the article in DTR (July 2020), it’s lighter, more robust, less vulnerable to tree strike, reduces turret swept volume, has better shock absorption, better operation temperature range (-40 degrees C - +70 degrees C) than the legacy MELLS launcher as used on Puma & the original Lance turret. I guess time will tell.
  3. Supashock Australia’s Retractable Anti-tank Missile Platform (RAMP) for Spike LR2 as being integrated into the Lance 2.0 turret for the Lynx KF41 & Boxer CRV.
  4. Not seen? There is Iron Fist integration scheduled for Block 2 turrets, not sure of Block 1 will be delivered with them.
  5. Linked to the above - Lance turret for Boxer CRV Block 1 vehicles being test-fired from a KF31 hull in Germany.
  6. Force protection kit could include any combination of ECM (Duke, etc.), APS, belly armour, plus TUSK 1 & TUSK 2, most likely.
  7. *same turret as the first 81 x Stryker Dragoons. The US Army completion for fitting a 30mm turret to its DVH Strykers is ongoing, with MOOG, EOS, Kongsberg, & Cockerill.
  8. My wish list for the M8 refresh included hydro pneumatic suspension/HSU, band track (thanks Soucy), internal belly armour (where the torsion bars used to be, were the HSU realised), hybrid electric drive, 120mm gun (as per Thunderbolt prototype), and CITV. Ah well.
  9. (Seemingly) new build M8 hull.
  10. Yep. Mainly because distance travelled depends on the tactical situation. Bounding overwatch is slower & covers less distance than advance in column, for example.
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