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  1. Some bare hulls of AJAX variants, including annotations of armour steel.
  2. A video of the opening of the integration centre in Australia.
  3. Not sure. I’ve heard that as well as “Lance 1.5” (wth?), so I’m waiting to see at this point.
  4. Can’t help, sorry. Bit of a mystery. The RWS won’t be Kongsberg, though.
  5. Likely not to be fitted to the 12 x Block 1 turrets. Only 30 x launchers being procured at the moment, to be rotated across the fleet. I’m putting my money on them first appearing on the Block 2 turrets (as opposed to the Lance 2.0 turrets). Slightly more oblique pic.
  6. Ajax turret: https://twitter.com/lmuknews/status/1313826803463716865?s=21
  7. What appears to be Wiesel 2-based UGVs arrive in Australia.
  8. KF41 Lynx on deck. I reckon the Boxer will be fitted with a turret in its immediate future.
  9. What about Centurions? Long Tan formed the justification for the deployment of a squadron of tanks into the Task Force AO. You’ve been to New Guinea recently? Deforestation has changed it a lot. Sure, there’s mountainous & jungle-covered terrain, but wherever there’s people & farms, there’s a lot of cleared areas with excellent fields of fire.
  10. No arguments on the requirements. The specifics of the EOS T-2000 and your deductions may be correct; they also may be incorrect. My point is that you’re speaking in an authoritative manner about the specifics of a product. Unless you *know* what you’re saying is accurate, I’d caveat your assertions.
  11. You’re speaking very confidently in absolutes. I’m not so sure of the accuracy of some of your claims.
  12. I guess. Now that the PAV is dead, there ought to be funding for it.
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