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  1. some more on the XM360 and the effect of a muzzle brake.
  2. 2805662

    Documents for the Documents God

  3. Another image of the catchily-named ACT3205 Unmanned Tank Killer Concept:
  4. Ah, makes sense. Trying to find the Watervleit Arsenal report for this year. It talked about production of XM35 tubes, but would be good to see whether the XM360 tubes were being produced.
  5. Interesting. Is the pepper pot muzzle device indicative of a 105mm? XM35?
  6. That it does. Nice pic - that vehicle has very clean (but realistic) lines.
  7. Thanks @Ramlaen - shame the original presentation can’t be found. That link is a couple of years too early.
  8. That would be excellent - especially with the dimensions!
  9. So, apart from the APS trial pics (US Army & USMC), and the US Army 1BDE/1 Cav pics in Poland, are there any other pics of Trophy fitted floating about?
  10. 2805662

    General AFV Thread

    Hard target at an Iraqi range.
  11. Yep, the Stabilised Commander’s Weapon Station is another indicator (though there are some National Guard tanks with this, too).
  12. 2805662

    Israeli AFVs

    I believe they were AH-1S (single engine), not AH-1Z (twin engined, not operated by Israel).
  13. A USMC M1A1 fitted with Trophy: as seen on @Damian twitter account. Also here: http://www.candp.marines.mil/Programs/Focus-Area-4-Modernization-Technology/Part-3-Ground-Combat-Tactical-Vehicles/M1A1-Vehicle-Protection-System/ “The M1A1 Trophy TD phase is complete. The USMC project is partially funded to procure (48) of (56) systems as a special mission kit for four tank companies.”
  14. If retrofitting HPS to an vehicle currently fitted with torsion bar suspension (Abrams etc.), then you have the possibility of using the now void space to improve under-belly protection, without requiring a belly plate, which has the added benefit of restoring ground clearance.
  15. 2805662

    Britons are in trouble

    Using Morocco’s 2012 notification for 200 x M1A1 (http://www.dsca.mil/sites/default/files/mas/morocco_12-28_0.pdf) with all equipment listed included as a basis, it equates to $USD5.075 million per tank (£3.4m in 2102 £). I don’t see either an Abrams-turret, or complete Abrams as a CR2 upgrade/replacement as necessarily “more expensive” than 200 x Leopard 2A7V.
  16. 2805662

    Britons are in trouble

    No argument about the expense; this is aimed more at providing a fig leaf of national pride, whilst delivering a system that can leverage someone else’s money in terms of planned, ongoing investment (APS, FCS, up-armouring, TUSK, CROWS-LP, ECM etc.) in both design and large-scale production (I’m looking at you, Leopard 2A7V). My proposed Abrams turret option (over any other western turret) is more about providing a useful ammunition load (38 vs. 15 rounds of the Leopard 2) without having to touch the existing hull ammunition stowage, or changing RAC doctrine by adopting an auto-loader (Leclerc, for example). Also, it meets US “spend more” pressure, can be done without a lengthy tender process (FMS), and avoids EU entanglements. ...all of which is moot against no apparent desire by the UK Government to invest seriously in heavy armour.
  17. Chuckled at the “popped collar” - knew exactly the bit you meant.
  18. 2805662

    Britons are in trouble

    🤷🏿‍♂️ No idea. Abrams is 85”/2159mm....the French & Germans seemed to make their demo work.
  19. Just go to my album; https://imgur.com/gallery/rEdpy
  20. https://i.imgur.com/k1ySr9e.mp4 My video of the CROWS LP from AUSA 17. Does this require a different mounting plate to the conventional M153 mounted on the SEP v2?
  21. 2805662

    Britons are in trouble

    I’d like to see them drop an Abrams turret on the Challenger 2. Takes care of the ammunition stowage (38 compartmented rounds), simplifies the integration, benefits from continued US investment in the Abrams, and joins them to the Abrams user community. Would likely be cheaper, too.
  22. If I recall correctly, the proposed re-engining of the Abrams with the Crusader engine involved replacement of the torsion bar suspension in the last two stations with some form of HSU due to engine height.
  23. Says “Horstman” on the stand. There was a unit from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in 2016.
  24. They’re mine from AUSA 17. The prediction was from the reps on the stand.
  25. Expect to see an Abrams hull with hydro-pneumatic suspension at AUSA today: https://imgur.com/gallery/rEdpy