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  1. LostCosmonaut

    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

  2. LostCosmonaut

    Unified Naval Documents Thread

    Late 80s report on Canadian SSN procurement
  3. LostCosmonaut

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    It's not showing up until the 2030s, but it's not too late to start building hype for the Virginia replacement; https://news.usni.org/2018/10/19/analysis-of-navy-shipbuilding-plan-hints-at-return-to-blue-sea-great-power-competition?fbclid=IwAR0tKJVKVAQu-2OKocVkRG_6t9zKDX7JY3vZaZMqXdPy_39_SEZq64Y6Dn8 At least at this early stage, this new sub looks more like a Seawolf successor than a simple Virginia improvement (though the article does mention that the new boat will replace the Block VII Virginias). I'm curious about whether it will use the S1B like Columbia (S1B-2?), or a new S1F reactor. Also linked in that article is that the USN is considering SSGNs; https://news.usni.org/2017/11/02/navy-considering-mid-block-virginia-class-upgrades-ssgn-construction-late-2030s
  4. LostCosmonaut

    Competition Suggestions

    Sounds good, but I think we should keep the PT boat competition in mind for a later date. I like the concept a lot. The tank competition will likely attract more interest, and we should probably establish a track record of doing more than one contest in a row that doesn't flame out before we expand.
  5. LostCosmonaut

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    Australia's new submarines are very expensive; https://thediplomat.com/2017/10/australias-government-under-attack-over-submarine-deal/ For comparison, per wikipedia, Virginia class subs are $2.7-3.2 billion per unit depending on the fit (not that they would be a perfect fit, since Australia has virtually nil nuclear infrastructure, and almost certainly not enough manpower to support 12 Virginias).
  6. LostCosmonaut

    Ryan XV-5 Vertifan

    Some more XV-5 stuff;
  7. LostCosmonaut

    The SH Ski/Snowboard Thread

    K-Mart opens Friday; https://www.killington.com/media-room/press-releases/all-press-releases/opening-day-2018
  8. NTRs aren't completely dead 18.8 million is chump change for spaceflight, but better than nothing. reeeeeeee
  9. A bunch of ancient settlements extremely far (~82 N) north in Greenland link
  10. LostCosmonaut

    Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen

    Things look pretty bad in Yemen right now; https://twitter.com/TurkiAlmohaiya/status/1051805308790685696
  11. LostCosmonaut

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    Sick, whoever wins is going to get this burger king coupon I found under the fridge.
  12. LostCosmonaut

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    Prize split is no problem uh, how does $50 total for a prize sound? I never actually specified at any point.
  13. LostCosmonaut

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    One winner for each category was my intent.
  14. LostCosmonaut

    The Meteorology Thread: Hector Lives

    Remnants of Leslie are about to hit Portugal with near hurricane winds. Here's the trackmap for the storm's life;