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  1. Convair MX-1964 Proposed Supersonic Bomber (B-58 Initial Studies)
  2. X-Plane is the best program I can think of off the top of my head to render/test aircraft, but: Acquiring it legally costs money There is a learning curve to using it. I haven't used in a while, and from what I remember it was fairly complex (it's been a few years since I used it). As with the tank design, I think if we did a plane contest 1930s-1940s would be best. Having to design radar systems, electronics, supersonic aerodynamics, and all that would rapidly get too complex. Like the last contest, but worse.
  3. Big if true. Would ask for an additional source besides Fox, but getting religious info out of Iran is hard so :shrug:?
  4. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/transcoded/a/a1/Arco_sign.ogv/Arco_sign.ogv.240p.vp9.webm
  5. Some hypersonics related stuff found on the internet.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LISA_Akoya looks like a fun time
  7. History of HEU Production in Russia History of Plutonium Production in Russia
  8. Thought experiment: if power+prejudice = racism, then could a Klan member cease to be racist (while keeping the same beliefs) by moving to somewhere such as Mugabe-era Zimbabwe?
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