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  1. Willy Brandt

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    Does anybody has some pics of the interior of the Lynx? I really wanna see what kind of seats they use and how big the rear hatch is. Also as a dismount the APVT hatch looks baaad.
  2. Willy Brandt

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    Looks like they have a version with a RWS instead of a turret.
  3. Still not sure about Drums. Stick mags are far easier to load and to carry around. Maybe drums as the first mag in your gun. But having 4 drum mags on your vest sounds pretty bad.
  4. Willy Brandt

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    http://www.janes.com/article/80463/design-concepts-emerge-for-possible-new-french-german-main-ground-combat-system Anyone got a Jane `s Subscription? they just describe one of the four concepts which is the most conservative one: The first of these is a single platform concept that uses a tracked vehicle with a large calibre externally mounted gun, which could be the Rheinmetall 130 mm smoothbore gun that launched in mid-2016 and has started firing trials.
  5. Why its an AK with a drum and a collapsible buttstock. Doesnt look so revolutinary to me. Maybe if Iran or Pakistan produces it it could show up around the world alot more but i dont see the big step up from an AKM or M16 Variant. I think optics will play a bigger role in small arms than the platform itself.
  6. Its okay if you are in your seat. The AC is very good and its even better if your commander has a good taste in music.
  7. We dont have that much space like the guy in the picture. You could try to sit like that with a M4 but not with a 16-18 inch barrel.
  8. Dont know if they did measure it correctly but if you need to close the roof hatch get out of your harness collect your gear and everything we need around 1 minute after the first few tries maybe after 40 years of service you get to 7 seconds but right now we are at 1 minute from the command to a closed hatch. The roof hatch takes longer to close you need to get out of your headset and out of the carabiner and you have 25kg of gear on you (probably around 35kg if you have a full combat load). In the marder you dont have any harness only a bench and you are not secured if you are looking out of the roof hatch. I could understand the 7 seconds if it is from open rear hatch to everyone out and some sort of Battailon record. But regardless it takes far more time to get out of the Puma than the Marder.
  9. Some notes on why the System Sturmgewehr Bundeswehr/German Army G36 replacment needs a collapsible buttstock. You are not gonna fit a full length rifle into the Puma. No way. You went from 7 seconds to disembark from the Marder (grab your rifle and get out) to around one minute maybe a bit less on the Puma. Close roof hatch and get the carabiner out of your belt if your at the rear. Get out of your Harness open it wide (to get back in later) grab your gun and maybe a Panzerfaust and wait to shuffle out and get into cover. With a full IdZ combat load and optics maybe you will need even longer. If you now have a full length rifle that you cant fold, good luck getting it into the holster next to your seat. Also no idea how you are going to fit the MG5 in there together with its ammo if you want to replace the MG4. Also some sort of stowage space for backpacks would be nice on the thing. The short G36 in there is pretty nice but i would rather have 16 inches. Also some sideskirts against all the dust would be nice. So people that say that you dont need a collapsible buttstock for a service rifle are full of shit and i really can see the benefits of bullpups now better (i still dont like them and i like a adjustable length of pull.) And i wanna see how they are riding Pumas with their G28s and other full length guns or even a MG3.
  10. Willy Brandt

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    News on Cannon based Air Defence for the German Army. Any guess what they mean with Puma turret as Air Defence? Or what the Kongsberg System is? also is the qualified Air Defence the same as System for Nah- und Nächstbereichsschutz? @SH_MM
  11. Maybe this would have been a possibility ten years ago if there would have been some money left. But now with the Trials going on and just getting "clean" HK mags/grinding them clean. It's a non issue. I would rather have better magazine pouches or a real chest rig/vest
  12. So i had some time with the G36 and a very short touch and go with the G36 IdZ ES, the MG4 and the MG5: Mags and Chest rig: Holy shit fuck those mags, the mag pouches and the "chest rig" system. Some guys (NCOs) ground down the the attachment hooks on the side of the magazines and tapped a rubber band on the floor plate to get it out easier. The coupling/attachment points on the mags make it so hard to get the mag back in. The chest rig system gets loose so often. Old school 20 year old G36: The G36 was probably pretty great in its first iteration in 1998. But nowadays the Red dot, the scope and the mag release isnt state of the art anymore, but still better than pure iron sights. And having a safety that you can always engage, a free floating handguard and a foldable buttstock is still pretty great. The paddle mag release and the bolt catch inside the trigger guard isnt that bad but i would prefer the more AR style controls. But i like the charging handle better than the way back one on the AR-15 patterns. But a bolt release button would be nice. The G36 IdZ ES: Yeah the sights are far better and you have all the fun lasers, optronics and lights. But the magazins are still the same and boi is the thing heavy especially the one with the 40mm. I hope that i get the nice and short one. And the buttstock is so much nicer. Or better we get the 433 finally but lets wait and see. Also no talk about surpressors sadly. Those are probably again with the 416A7 only for the KreisSparKasse. MG5 and MG4: MG4 is nice and light. Thought the MG5 would be heavier. Barrel change is really easy with both of them. I really hope they get the "engage whenever" safety on the MG4 too its so nice to always be able to switch to safe. IdZ-ES: Just tried on the Vest with the electronic back. Its of course back heavy but with the full magazines pouches it maybe balances out. Everybody that i talked to who was trained on it complained about the weight. And that you should train your back. Alot. They said its only laid out for "24 hours" of straight combat/patrol. But IdZ ES is again only for armoured infantry so you always have your 41 ton buddy. There is talk about a lighter IdZ for the other infantry branches. Also its still all Desert Camo. "Woodland" is said to be rolled out in the second half of this year. I will have more about MG3, MG4, MG5, PzF3, G36, IdZ ES and PUMA in the next 3 months. PUMA and IdZ ES are coupled and training for both is in full swing. Most younger ranks only trained on PUMA. They never touched a Marder. If you have questions ask away. PS: Everybody like their G36s and some older guys still want their G3s back. No one is concerned about overheating. We only learned double taps, one precise single shot, 5 shots in quick succession. Full Auto is only used in clearing rooms and when in "Grenade throwing range".
  13. Maybe but for most military applications you dont need subsonic ammo esp one that fits into existing magazines and guns, which end up blowing the gun up. Suppressors are great for the military and so on but a bigger cartridge with less speed, more recoil, less penetration, less range, less mag capacity, more weight and which can easily chamber into existing system and blow them up makes me question why you would want something like that. Maybe the SEALS will find them useful but still why do you want them? Just for clearing houses with with some poor fellas in it with no armor on? Blasting them with 2-3 5.56 rounds will do the job probably fine. But for this sole job getting a new gun in a new caliber? Colour me very sceptical. The same with 6.5mm Creedmoor or whatever they want their new sniper rifles in and that .338 Normie machine gun round. Maybe you can try to convince me but 5.56, 7.62 and .338 Lapua/.300 Win Mag seem to do the job just fine.
  14. @Sturgeon H&K is trying the .300 PDW like FN did with their PDW SCAR.