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  1. Bash the F-35 thred.

    I think its far too early to make any predictions what it will look like or if it will be one version or more. Not even all the participants are knwon. Only that there is finally a program running at last. And there is still alot of time till 2040. Maybe in 2040 France doesnt even have a carrier?
  2. Bash the F-35 thred.

    The Chief of the Airforce prefered the F-35 not the MoD A quick look at Wikipedia gives 9 tons of bombload for both and 13 hardpoints for both. Maybe with newer engines and conformal fuel tanks you can get some more km and kg from the EF. The FCAS (the Eurofighter/Rafale replacment) was talked around 2035 maybe later so it would have made sense to get F-35 in 2025 because the Tornado needs a replacement till then. And the FCAS wants to be a Gen 6 or 5++ jet. So it wouldnt be in competition with the F-35.
  3. Bash the F-35 thred.

    http://mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSB4N1LS028 And back again! Sorry if it doesnt fit but there isnt really any thread about the Tornado or the Eurofighter. But yeah it makes sense to buy more Eurofighters. Less training. You dont need to certify it again also the production lines are quite empty and not so packed like the F-35 ones. I think it would be the more economical choice. And you can probably get more Eurofighters than F-35s. But lets wait and see we first need a new defence committee.
  4. The Leopard 2 Thread

    @Laser Shark So what is this thing on the top right of the barrel?
  5. The Leopard 2 Thread

    Makes sense. Any info on what are the upgrades of the A7DK? Also what about the Coax MG? is it still a MG3?
  6. Bash the F-35 thred.

    Do you have another hour of David "Chip" Berke talking about the F-35?
  7. The Leopard 2 Thread

    @Laser Shark Is the Danish 2A7 in reality a 2A7V or a mix between the two? Because the frontal armor is definitely not part of the A7 version. Also does it use a .50 or a FN MAG as a Coax Machine gun?
  8. Bash the F-35 thred.

    Can someone explain to me who this Sprey guy is? And why people believe him?
  9. General AFV Thread

    This video is going too far into the future. And they didnt even name SPIKE once or the L55A1. I expected better from Jane`s.
  10. The Suppressive Effect of Small Arms

    @Sturgeon Maybe you should have been clearer that you think the M249 is bad as a individual`s weapon and not that it is the worst LMG in general and that every M249 should be a M27 IAR instead. I agree that you dont want a LMG without support. The weight alone is killing the poor guy, but its still important as a base of fire in a classic peer to peer war. But not on a light foot patrol where you dont expect enemies. Also the M249 seems far heavier than the Minimi. Maybe compare it to other armies` LMGs? How heavy are their LMGs? How are they using it? Alone? As a crew served weapon? Also why did the US decide that the M249 should be a individual weapon now? The Youtube show "Mali" (daily sort of video diary of the germany army) shows some of the kit there. I think i never saw any MG3s or similar used by the infantry, only in remote weapon stations. Everyone had G36s, G28s or G27s. No MG4s or the new MG5s.
  11. The Suppressive Effect of Small Arms

    Read the comments after a good night of sleep and boi 380 and everytime i look there is a new one. Also this Valorius person needs to relax a bit. It feels like 50% of the comments are from him.
  12. North Korea's ICBMs and You

    The 4th or 20th of July one? Because the pictures all just show the launch table after the Truck erected them and then left.
  13. North Korea's ICBMs and You

    Not those super heavy Chinese import lumber trucks. But those are only used for the Hwasong 14 and 15. For the other shorter range one i am not so sure which one they use i think some Belarussian ones.
  14. North Korea's ICBMs and You

    Pyongsong at the March 16 Factory. They produce or just upgrade their chinese "Lumber trucks" there to T/Es not TELs. It`s the same truck for the Hwasong 14 but with a new cab, an extra axle and another arm for erecting the missile. I dont know if they still get those trucks from China or if they can produce the trucks themselves or if they only get some parts of it. They appear to highly value those trucks, because they dont use them as TELs but only as T/Es so if the missile goes kablooie the truck is atleast safe. The missile is maybe their successor to the Hwasong 14. Maybe its the Hwasong 14 competitor. We dont know the exact status of their missile development only that its their number one priority and that they have multiple different missile programs running. It uses no verniers and has two instead of one nozzle. So they have 2 engines that can steer themselves via the gimbaled noozles. The second stage is also bigger than the Hwasong 14 it has probably 4 R-27 instead of the 2 before that. But that is speculation what type of engine they use or how many. Esp. the engines of the second stage because you dont see the nozzles. So you could say the Soviet union and China helped the DPRK but the R-27 sale is 25 years back and the Lumber Truck sale happened in 2012 or even earlier. The biggest leap they got probably form their ability to produce isogrid airframes. And who sold them those Machining tools is unknown. Maybe China. Sources: https://www.nknews.org/2017/11/north-korea-releases-photographs-of-new-hwasong-15-icbm/?c=1511998167404 http://www.38north.org/2017/11/melleman113017/
  15. North Korea, you so crazy!

    Its porbably all domestic. There isnt some sort of Ukrainian engine or Russian help. The only sort of help you could say happend were Civilian Logging Trucks bought from a chinese firm now used as TELs and maybe the country that sold NK the machining tools for their airframes, but those are all "dual-use". The DPRK was for a long time en route to an ICBM. It would have been far more suspicious if there werent any failures. But because of those failures they can learn and mature their systems. Their ICBMs were all successes because they are based on the Hwasong-12. So every failure they had with one of those helped mature the Hwasong-14/15 Also the ridiculing by the media of this goofy stuck in the 70s communist country doesnt help. It just amplifies the fear/reaction in the US and around the world when they test their missiles. After now a good dozen tests of Hwasong-12/14s the reactions should not have been so extreme because all of that stuff was in the making. And finding execuses like their Reentry Vehicle doesnt work or their missiles arent reliable or their missiles only reach Alaska, doesnt help. The nuclear detterent is NKs Number 1 priority. Thats why they dont make more and better Tanks, Aircraft, convential artillery etc. If you want good info on everything DPRK and more try the Armscontrolwonk Podcast or follow some OSINT people on Twitter like Scott La Foy, Dave Schmerler and Jeffrey Lewis.