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  1. More infos about the KSK contract: - Haenel, Heckler & Koch, Rheinmetall/Steyr Mannlicher and Sig Sauer send in 5 Rifles -Colt Canada didnt -LLM which were part of the contract were stripped out of it and were procured separatel. Release of the winning bid in the coming weeks. -Changes: sturdier Charging Handle, ceracoting in FDE for less heat absorption in hot climates, Slim Handguard, Tool less removal of the picatinny rails at 12 and 6 o´clock and the HKey at 3 and 9, 45 degree saftey (a must have, because of familiarity) @Sturgeon Edit: NOT CONFIRMED NO REPUTABLE SOURCE SO FAR: If you believe a HKPRO comment quoting Jane`s: The KSK decision will heavily influence the Bundeswehr contract. And with the known participants of the KSK contract this could already predict the winner. But again i cant find the Jane`s post that is quoted by the guy. I will try to find the Jane`s Post or a better source. P.S: I WANT A FUCKING Jane`s Subscription
  2. Its official H&K won the KSK contract with the HK416A7 or now G95. No press release as of yet. Maybe he pressed the button to early. But he writes for the biggest german monthly defence magazin and wrote books about small arms of the german army. Also he was featured on TFB. @Sturgeon Here is the Press Release from the procurment agency. Edit: crossed out stuff because its official
  3. StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/nation/defence-forces-armoured-vehicle-evaluation-proves-a-minefield/news-story/7a892adbb9470a7f1d3b9c25c28506c1?nk=1e9ed7dead61f581683d584f87cf4e6f-1507729157 The Boxer seems to be winning in the Land400 Trials. Because BAE is already calling out the BoxerCRV team for unfair methods. They allegedly kept fuel and other fliuds in the APC/IFV/DeathTrap so they could drive onto the trailer after the mine test. Maybe they refueled it after the test and got it onto the trailer? Maybe it wasnt a requirement for the vehicle to be still able to drive onto a trailer? Or maybe BAEs AMV35 wasnt just able to get through the test and now they muddy the waters? Also who conducts the test the MoD? I would think so. So why wouldnt they get every liquid out of the vehicle prior to the test if it was a requirement.
  4. Any plans to change that? Or as long as russian doesnt has top-attack missiles no point in doing it? Could you put some AMAP ADS on top of the roof? Also would it make sense against bomblets or bombs?
  5. Sig won a contract to supply MCX rifles to a State Police force in germany to replace MP5s. Also apparently Sig complains in this Press Release that they didnt get the ammo to test the gun with at the KSK rifle trials(!!!) but the winner did have access to the ammo. So Sig MCX didnt win the KSK contract. What rifles took part in the Police trial is not clear as of yet. The complete Press Release but still only in German @Sturgeon
  6. StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    Yeah probably a new recruit or something like that who got swooped up into the photo op. Also i wrote something about the ITAR requirement in the Small Arms Thread. Thats probably why HK uses HKey. I really wanna know how the other rifles esp for FN, Steyr and Sig. Can they get HKey Handguards? Or do they need to do their own System? Either its luck from HK that they use HKey or they thought really in advance about non ITAR requirements.
  7. StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    The pictures arent showing up on my end. Only the Link/URL.
  8. StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    Boxer with the Rheinmetall "Laser" Module (or what is the correct term for this thing?) Apparently its in service with the german Army in the Armoured Engineer Battalion 1 (Panzerpionierbataillon)
  9. Belgian Snipers won the Best Sniper Competition in Grafenwöhr. Pictures. Army Article. Czech Third. Sweden Second. Seemed to be Belgian Spec Ops because they mustnt be photographed. From BREN 805s to G28 to Dragunovs and AWPs. But cant find the Belgian gun. Just in the Background too far to say what kind of rifle. Also some Polish Bullpup Sniper. The Belgians in the Background. I would say AWP(?).
  10. It seems the G36 Replacement isnt allowed to have any features/technologies that fall under ITAR Rules. This could kick out the Sig Sauer offer because the magazine and MLOK are US technologies. Article. This could explain why HK stays with HKey and not MLOK or even Keymod. @Sturgeon worth an Article or do you need more sources?
  11. Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    Can you shoot a bump fire on a tripod?