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  1. So how deep is the rework? And what T-72s are there in the UK? Or which T-72s does Rheinmetall own? @SH_MM Also whats up with your Blog? Any new Articles in the future? Or where can someone follow you except here?
  2. The pressing needs for barrels was my thinking. Why would you want a second type of Tank if you have enough time to get more of the first type. You would only introduce a second type/replace the first type if you can get alot of them rather quick
  3. Rather Complete. Why would you want to buy Leclercs when you can buys 2A7 fresh and hot from a running Production Line. Also what alot of people miss is the cost of changing your whole Maintenance and Training. There are probably still changes from a Strv 122C/D to a Strv122E. But not as many as switching to a whole new tank and i dont think Sweden would or could operate two different Tanks. A CV 90 with a 120mm gun would make more sense than buying Leclercs.
  4. And than buy VT-4s with the Money. Or what is the best Value Tank?
  5. Not sure how this is related to the NNbs Program. Proper big gun SPAAG Army units are back on the menu apparently.
  6. According to the commander of the sole Belgian Brigade Belgium is thinking about buying Tanks again. So are there Le Clercs left or is it coming down to Leo 2 or M1?
  7. https://esut.de/2018/12/meldungen/land/9408/armata-und-kurganetz-nicht-in-serie/ ESUT reports that neither Kurganetz or Armata will hit serial production. Their source is a british Defence Magazin but they dont give the name. And the British Defence Magazine is quoting the Vice Defence Minister Yuri Borisov. Does anybody know the magazine or has a second source?
  8. Progress in the czech IFV Trials. http://www.defense-aerospace.com/articles-view/release/3/198479/czechs-shortlist-four-in-%242.25bn-armored-vehicle-deal.html "The Ministry will contact four previously selected firms to submit their bids, and it will sign the contract in August 2019. The potential bidders are BAE Systems, General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS), PSM and Rheinmetall Landsysteme."
  9. Huh so thats where they probably get their Artillery for the new Bataillons. So not only Boxer with AGM, And there is enough Money/Interest for new Tanks that they deem it to be economical to reopen/continue to use the Production Line. Also does this mean there are no 2A4s left to be upgraded or why do the Hungarians want completely new Leopard 2s?
  10. It looks rather true https://hungarytoday.hu/hungarian-army-purchases-tanks-artillery/ Shaking hands between the defence minister and the KMW CEO. So one Tank Bataillon and one Arty Bataillon worth. Do you have any info if the Hungarian Army is looking into cooperations with other Nations? Like the Dutch, Poles, Czech, and French are having with Germany?
  11. Germany will get its first A7Vs in early 2019. https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/landwarfareintl/germany-ready-accept-improved-leopard-2s-early-201/
  12. https://twitter.com/defe https://twitter.com/defense_news/status/1075063361921003523 nse_news/status/1075063361921003523 Its only hours till the F-35 is dead and (insert fantasy F-4/5/14/15/16/18/22) will be ordered by everybody.
  13. Hu? I just realized something. If you look at the driver the armor looks similar to the Puma but all the hatches seem to be opened by hand and not by ratchet. .Where is the 360° Periscope/Sight for the Commander on the Lynx? @SH_MM Do you know anything on why the Lynx is in Qatar and we didnt hear anything about it? Is it because they are sold/produced(?) by Rheinmetall Barzan?
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