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  1. @MoritzPTKhttps://www.panzertruppe.com/detailansicht/eigentlich-schon-hinter-der-zeit.html So a source for the the 320 Leo 2s and which versions until 2030 "Die Panzertruppe wird ein 7. Bataillon aufstellen und die Zahl der KPz Leopard2 wird insgesamt um 95 erhöht. Von dann insgesamt 320 KPz sind 103 KPz Leo2 A7V, 48 KPz Leo2 A6M, 152 Leo2 A6 und 17 KPz Leo2 A5."
  2. Yeah the proposed umlaufreserve would be 49 Tanks. 44 for a bataillon and 5 more for the School.
  3. How are you getting another 51 A6M? the 48 A6M will be turned into A6MA3 and stay with PzBtl414 And the maximum in 2030 will be still just 320 unless they buy another 44 for the 7th tank Bataillon.
  4. For the A6MA3 its the reinforced torsion bars or "Antriebstrang". Similar to the 2A7V ones.
  5. I think ESuT is probably right but is probably just reporting on the Options that are just there to be disregarded or just to have a comparison. And yes there wasnt any news of 391 or 371 receiving Pumas compared to every other time when a Bataillon received Pumas. Also it would be weird that a Bataillon would use two different IFVs simultaneusly. Just think about the space for all those IFVs and the training.
  6. @Laser Shark I am not sure about this article. Its true that there is a parallel effort with the Marder Upgrade and the Puma for the VJTF. But the technical verification was already successful for the VJTF Puma. LtCol Feilcke Head of Field tests at the Bureau for Army Development: "Depending on the result of the verification of the AFV Puma VJTF, it was also decided to commission a second batch, which is to be introduced in a design level S1 from 2023. The inflow of the 2nd batch is coordinated with the planned, consolidated retrofit planning in order to keep the availabilit
  7. So not sure where to put this.... the RHM 130mm on a Challenger 2 hull fully stabilised and with an autoloader.
  8. No but can i get feet pics?
  9. Posting decade old Slides and Data to critique something that has made so much progress in that time isnt really valuable or valid in 2020 anymore. Maybe post some more recent slides and data to critique something.
  10. Numbers built: Suchoi-57: 11-13 F-35: 535+ J-20 ~50 "Master of none" doesnt matter when you have a 10 to 1 advantage. Not mentioning more training, better readiness numbers and a more dispersed force.
  11. Maybe get yourself some new slides to post because those slides are a bit outdated.
  12. How similar is the your A7+ to the A7V. The RWS is a difference for the start the same with the roof armor. Anything else?
  13. @SH_MM Wasnt the successful technical evalution the requirment for ordering the second batch of 210 Pumas? Or do we have to wait for the tactical evaluation?
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