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  1. He got the pictures from https://www.kmweg.de/mediacenter/pressebilder.html So its not clear if he was invited or not
  2. @Laser Shark With all the news of new Leos being upgraded and bought: Any news on Norway upgrading their Leo2A4s? On the same note there are talks in Austria of upgrading their A4s and the czech are also looking to replace their T-72s. Poland is probably also in the upgrade market with their A5s and A4s. Its probably getting very busy for KMW and RHM
  3. http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/topic/1598-main-ground-combat-system-mgcs-and-euro-main-battle-tank-embt/?do=findComment&comment=151011
  4. Yeah there are still some "Bristols" in some Units but these are the new ones and the ones i got in Wüstentarn and later Flecktarn. And yes they are modular. No one used the collar or the "Sackschutz"/Groinprotection. And the plate inserts are fucking thick and massive. A FAQ in english SK4+ Standard per the website: "Similar confusion is caused by the term ‘SK4+’. What is meant here in most cases is the Russian-made 7.62 x 54 R VMS/HK-Brand B32. The speed as special protection is specified in the German protective vest standard as 860 +-10 m/sec. Based on our experience it would already be possible to stop a single shot of this calibre with a high-quality SK4 panel. Assuming the specification of firing 3 shots at the panel as per the German standard, the panel structure needs to be designed accordingly."
  5. @Scav Why did they want the reduction in weight? And how does the MILAN and 105 APFSDS compare to soviet munitions? I.e against which soviet threats was it protected against? Can you post the full documents or the source for those?
  6. https://esut.de/2019/06/meldungen/industrie/13415/zielsetzung-hyperschall-mbda-entwickelt-im-auftrag-der-bundeswehr/ So germany is reviving hyper sonic development for Anti Tank and Anti Missile duty
  7. I can post screenshots of the article. And ESUT is a monthly magazine which has good connections into the industry and the Ministry. That why they have articles with 3/4th old facts and 1/4th of new information that you cant get anywhere else.
  8. Another drip of information on upgrades and replacment for alot of Bundeswehr AFVs in the coming years. So the big thing first the Spz Marder is getting upgraded. Over 200 will be upgrade until 2025 with a new Thermal Imager for the Gunner, new night vision cameras for the driver, a new more powerful powerpack, a battlemanagment system and the same tracks as the Puma and off course Spike instead of MILAN. TSWA is still happening for Spz Puma with lethal and non lethal CS and Flashbang rounds (?) Wiesel is first getting upgraded with Spikes and then replaced by 2025 with a new "Airdeployable Heavy Weapon Carrier". A Mungo replacment is being looked into. Jägerbataillons are getting heavy Weapon Carriers so probably Boxer with a turret. A new Airdeployable Patform with Mortar System is due in 2027 to replace M113 and Lkw Wolf with the 120mm Mortar, so the Wiesel 2 with a Mortar probably. Boxer will receive an APS but no word on hard or soft kill.
  9. Is that a differen turret? Then the Ajax one?
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