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  1. So not sure where to put this.... the RHM 130mm on a Challenger 2 hull fully stabilised and with an autoloader.
  2. No but can i get feet pics?
  3. Posting decade old Slides and Data to critique something that has made so much progress in that time isnt really valuable or valid in 2020 anymore. Maybe post some more recent slides and data to critique something.
  4. Numbers built: Suchoi-57: 11-13 F-35: 535+ J-20 ~50 "Master of none" doesnt matter when you have a 10 to 1 advantage. Not mentioning more training, better readiness numbers and a more dispersed force.
  5. Maybe get yourself some new slides to post because those slides are a bit outdated.
  6. How similar is the your A7+ to the A7V. The RWS is a difference for the start the same with the roof armor. Anything else?
  7. @SH_MM Wasnt the successful technical evalution the requirment for ordering the second batch of 210 Pumas? Or do we have to wait for the tactical evaluation?
  8. The weight is mostly there for crew comfort, upgrade potential, staying time in the AOO, Multi Crew Concept and Automation. And i like the thinking of "Air is free and steel is cheap" so why not just make it big. But it triggers people stuck in the 1930s in terms of ship classification. "The rules are made up and tonnage doesnt matter."
  9. @SH_MM do you know about a difference in quality depending if the hull was made by KMW or RHM? I heard one of the two has a Quality Control problem.
  10. According to this https://www.regjeringen.no/contentassets/7635ac0d48d44fc180fac57f58be7518/faf-2019-2026-english---final.pdf "The Norwegian Army shall maintain three mechanized battalions, all which is to have av modern main battle tank capacity. A concept study is ongoing, which, amongst other, will evaluate the number of vehicles and their combat capability" "New Main Battle Tank (MBT) and new Combat Service vehicles on Leopard 2 chassis(Recovery, Bridge layers and Engineer vehicles)" "Cost estimate: 4000-8000 mill. NOK" Not sure if @SH_MM has a different source but this seems to be it. But not sure how they are getting the 250 number. 3 pure Tank Batallions have 44 Tanks each. If you add training and reserves you are maybe at 160 Tanks. Also switching the type while maintaining a fleet of support vehicles on the same chassis seems like a waste. Together with all the training and spares you would waste by going to a completly new type.
  11. https://www.unibw.de/mb/studiengaenge/wt
  12. On the case who SH_MM is: I dont think a 70 year old german defence industry retiree would be in this forum. And if he was he would be posting in a german forum too. I think he is a student at a university studying defence technology or works for one of the bigger companies but is pretty new. The young guy at bigger Company is pretty plausible because he keeps his online profile very low. I think this here is one of, if not the only forum he posts on after his sadly deserted blog.
  13. The last of the 1st Batch is getting delivered this year. The production per year was around 90. But with the S1 and S2 updates happening besides the new Batch 2 Productio it could hamper it a bit but with production halved it should still be done in 5 years.
  14. That would make 579 Pumas. 579/44 equals roughly 13 with 7 to spare. So 1 for refernce at one of the Testing Centers and 6 at the Training Center together with the 8 Driver Training Vehicles. Currently there are 9 Active Bataillons and 2 non Active Bataillons. So you have 2 Bataillon sets of Pumas worth to spare..... Other tidbits from the Newsletter mainly Engineering related: -New System for Minelaying is in the concept phase -Introduction in 2028 -Ability for Friend/Foe Discrimination -On/Off Switch -New Amphibious Bridging System to replace the M3 -MLC 100 and in special cases MLC 130 for exceptional Loads -600m worth of Vehicles + 160m worth of Vehicles for Training -Due to cooperation on the M3 with the Brits there is a possibility of cooperation on developing the succesor system -Introduction 2030 -Replacment of the AEV Dachs -Either Kodiak from Rheinmetall or Wisent 2 from FFG -Delivery 2026 Source: http://www.fkhev.de/index.php?id=10&L=1%2F'
  15. Source? Edit: Found it. Förderkreis Heer Newsletter 2/2020
  16. @SH_MM Source for the Fuchs 1A8 Plus? Also any more info on who is interested in the APVT? Seebataillon? The dutch? etc Do you hear anything about mine laying?
  17. He got the pictures from https://www.kmweg.de/mediacenter/pressebilder.html So its not clear if he was invited or not
  18. @Laser Shark With all the news of new Leos being upgraded and bought: Any news on Norway upgrading their Leo2A4s? On the same note there are talks in Austria of upgrading their A4s and the czech are also looking to replace their T-72s. Poland is probably also in the upgrade market with their A5s and A4s. Its probably getting very busy for KMW and RHM
  19. http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/topic/1598-main-ground-combat-system-mgcs-and-euro-main-battle-tank-embt/?do=findComment&comment=151011
  20. Yeah there are still some "Bristols" in some Units but these are the new ones and the ones i got in Wüstentarn and later Flecktarn. And yes they are modular. No one used the collar or the "Sackschutz"/Groinprotection. And the plate inserts are fucking thick and massive. A FAQ in english SK4+ Standard per the website: "Similar confusion is caused by the term ‘SK4+’. What is meant here in most cases is the Russian-made 7.62 x 54 R VMS/HK-Brand B32. The speed as special protection is specified in the German protective vest standard as 860 +-10 m/sec. Based on our experience it would already be possible to stop a single shot of this calibre with a high-quality SK4 panel. Assuming the specification of firing 3 shots at the panel as per the German standard, the panel structure needs to be designed accordingly."
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