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  1. Thank you Wiedzmin ! The images and the link are very helpful. Sadly some of the images are no longer available or no longer available in their full size. Either way, the ones that are available are definitely very useful to me. I will incorporate the revelations into my model. I am still not sure where this mystery fuel tank is supposed to be.
  2. Yes like this, three plastic fuel cells ! Fuel cell number 4 is the one structural fuel cell behind the driver: I will add the third plastic fuel cell behind the ammunition drum to the model. By the way , from where did you get the last picture? Do you happen to have more of those that you could share?
  3. This is what it says: "With a total capacity of 970 1, Group 1 includes a structural tank positioned in front of and above the undercarriage ammunition barrel, one structural tank behind the driver, three plastic tanks at the rear of the frame and another plastic tank at the top of the frame rear of the chassis. Group 2, on the other hand, has 285 liters distributed between one structural tank on the Left Front and one on the front right." Which means to me : - A fuel tank behind the driver -> This checks out. - Three plastic fuel tanks at the hull bottom -> This checks out. - A fuel tank in front of and above the ammuntion drum -> this at least partially checks out: - A fuel tank at the upper rear portion of the hull (or crew compartment)-> I cant find it anywhere. - 1 sponson fuel tank on the left and right -> this checks out mor or less. I also thought that it might be burried behind the turret ring or be next to the engine but no source or image has corroborated this in any way. I had more luck finding suggestive evidence that there might a fuel tank next to the ammuntion drum. The rear sponsons are taken up by the batteries, NBC system , exhaust /muffler and some kind of ventilation system right next to the NBC system. This ventilation system might just be part of the NBC system or it might just be used to suck massive amounts of air into the engine compartment. The drawings are pretty poor and it is hard to identify and place certain components.
  4. Thank you very much Wiedzmin. According to one source this black object near the turret ring is supposed to be some kind of hydraulic reservoir for the turret traverse and elevation mechanism. I am not totally convinced of that. I thought that this black object is another fuel tank. As the book says there is supposed to be another fuel tank at the (upper) back of the hull. I am missing about 100 liters in my model and this object is the approximate size that would satisfy the requirement. I need a second or third opinion. The other plastic fuel cells are next to eachother on the hull floor. If you look closely in the opening for the turret connector you will see the fuel lines for those two black plastic fuel tanks. Also, the object that the one guys has his hand on might be part of the fire suppression system.
  5. It will take me a while to get to the point. I still want to add the major components such as the ammunition drum, autoloader, fuel tanks, etc. to the model. I am currently stuck on the fuel system, which is giving me problems. I used Sketchup to model the tank. I plan to create horizontal crosssectional 2D slices of the hull and turret at 10 mm intervals that i will colorcode and then save as a image file. I will use Matlab and its image processing abilities to process the 2D slice images, stack them and generate a 3D matrix that then can be visiualized in many different ways (e.g. heat map,etc.). The color coding is necessary to denote different zones (e.g. composite array, structural steel, ballistic steel, fuel cell, air gaps,etc.) I want to to do this for 7 different frontal aspect. (+30,+20,+10,0,-10,-20,-30 degrees). Given the that the hull and turret are about 2000 mm in height and the slice spacing of 10 mm , i would have to generate 200 slices per aspect, totalling 1400 individual slices that would have to be exported, colorcoded and imported into matlab to be processed. Currently i am not sure on how to speed up the process without having to figure out how to create many slices at once using a Ruby script in Sketchup. I do not program regularly and when i do it is usually Matlab/C++ based and not Ruby based. So i can either go brute force on the 1400 slices or increase the slice spacing in order to decrease the number of slices to be processed. Anyway this is what i have so far dealing with the fuel tanks on the Leclerc: The mystery tank is supposed to be a reservoir needed for the turret traverse mechanism. Yet the book Le System Leclerc states that there is a fuel tank in the (upper hull) in the back section. The mystery tank: the book article: Translation: With a total capacity of 970 1, Group 1 includes a structural tank positioned in front of and above the undercarriage ammunition barrel, one structural tank behind the driver, three plastic tanks at the rear of the frame and another plastic tank at the top of the frame rear of the chassis. Group 2, on the other hand, has 285 liters distributed between one structural tank on the Left Front and one on the front right. There are a couple of issues with this translation: 1) There is no mention of a fuel tank next to the ammunition drum and it does not say that the top of the ammuntion drum is partially covered. These images hint at a fuel tank next to the ammuntion drum and also that the ammuntion drum is only partially covered on the top: 2) The fuel tank that is supposed to be at the back can not be identified on any of the images. I thought it was the mystery tank but i was told that that was not the case. Here the two plastic fuel tanks can be seen as well as the structural fuel cell behind the driver. I am not sure what the structure behind the ammuntion drum is. the early Leclercs had a fuel capacity of 1255 liters. This jumped to 1300 liters with the later Leclercs. Currently i am stuck around 1100-1200 liters in my model. I am looking for this other fuel tank and appreciate any constructive input criticism so I can cover the other 100 liters. Feedback, suggestions or corrections would be greatly appreciated.
  6. What weldline are you referring to? At the weldline B the bays might be a tiny bit deeper but I do not think it will be more than 30-40 mm. I used this image as a reference as well. Sadly, I have not found the original video.
  7. I used this image to get the lower boundary of the center hull cavities. For the the cavity thickness I used a prototype Leclerc diagram as a reference and two images of the Leclerc front hull under contruction. Using the two images I got a rough ballpark range of around 590-690 mm using CAD and photomatching techniques. With the prototype diagram i got a thickness of about 620 mm. It seemed like a plausible number so I went with it. I can provide some more detailed explanation including the sources if someone wants to know. I was very careful in my evaluation. I will use this model to create a vulnerability map:
  8. AMX Leclerc Series 1 Special Armor distribution in the hull and turret (not including the spaced heavy side skirts). Once the model is complete i will use it to do some vulnerability modelling along the lines the data presented in the Swedish Tank Trial diagrams:
  9. IMHO, approximate design and layout of the Leclerc front hull special armor cavities:
  10. Some images of the interior of the ZTZ family: https://www.flickr.com/photos/7682151@N07/with/47021860851/ A book dealing with the early ZTZ-98/99 series: https://docdro.id/7PxAUUl
  11. I will no longer share any information on the Steel Beasts forum or with any person directly affiliate with that site. I also do not want any of my diagrams shared on that site or anyone from that site because some of my diagrams will include or will be derived from information that will have come from declassified/classified/leaked data that might or might not have been labelled "secret" in one way or another. I hope that overzealous douchebags such as that Australian will not be given any power or influence over the Sturgeon's House forum and that characters such as him will be kept away from having a say in the less restricted forums and websites. Anywhere I go online and/or offline, I try to keep my bull**** to an absolute minimum and I hope the other side will do the same.
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