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  1. Cross-section of the Leopard 2(A0-A4) with uncensored hull front geometry:
  2. Test Line-Of-Sight Thickness Diagram overlay at +10 degrees of the Leclerc S1 model: The overlay diagram is just a test. Considerable more fine tweaking has to go into it before i can release the rest. The MATLAB program measures the LOS thickness in 10 mm intervals over any part of the crew compartment using pixelated slices of the vehicles in a .png picture format. I have tested it several times with smaller inputs and it seems to work, although it has to process for 30+ minutes for each aspect. Note that this is not the vulnerability diagram. As one can see the left front hull LOS is not visible because it went below the value color threshold. Other color coding schemes are available, which i might use instead of this "hot" color scheme. The values vary from a couple of centimeters to a couple of meters. The tracks and the main gun are the primary contributor for these large differences. The program and/or the slice diagram could be adjusted to get rid of the main gun and track assembly so the program generates a more reasonable output. Either way, more fine tuning and work is required to get the diagrams to a presentable level.
  3. MVEE Cross Section of the Challenger 1 tank:
  4. The joint military excercise would be there to deter US aggression, foster international interoperability and promote peace and regional stability.
  5. The 19 tons are metric tons. When i present data I always use SI/metric units.
  6. Rolf Hilmes gives a turret mass of around 19000 kg for the original M1 tank.
  7. I do not have the full report. I have contacted a person that might have more "direct" information (turret data) on it. If he responds I will post it here. Also, i have no idea what the product improvement program (PIP) is about concerning this document.
  8. duh , my mistake , had glanced over it too quickly.
  9. Not sure if these has been seen before but can anyone verify this:
  10. So the EMES 15 itself weighs 1789 kg, almost 2 metric tons !???
  11. As far as i know the Leclerc mantlet assembly is at least partially "multilayered". According to Froggy the block around the COAX is composite. The mantlet itself might also be composite/multilayered.
  12. Thank you, that sucks a bit! Also, would you know where the Leclerc protection info (350-430 mm KE for turret) is coming from and if they are legit or not ?
  13. So the diagrams are fakes ? :c
  14. Not sure if this has been shared before but Auto_Tracking brought it to our attention on the WT forum. I am not sure whether it is authentic or not:
  15. Here are the diagrams for the heavy side skirts and the mantlet: Heavy Side Skirts: Mantlet:
  16. The entire project and all these estimates contained within are based on: pictures. video screen caps. scaled blue prints of the exterior of the vehicle that include the dimensions of the vehicle. the Tamiya model (which is based on measurements of a Leclerc Serie 2 vehicle). visual guesses with plenty of interpolation and referencing. basic geometric tricks via CAD using pictures, what is known about French and Western MBT design. images of the CAD model by DarkLabor (in part). documents dealing with ammunition size. swedish tank trial presentation. the general help and feedback of various other people (i.e.DarkLabor, Froggy, Unwinder66, etc.). oh yeah, more interpolation and referencing.
  17. Here are my conventional steel plate thickness estimates for the Leclerc S1: I will discuss the heavy side skirts and the mantlet some more in the next update.
  18. You mean the other images on the page ? I am not totally sure how to resolve these "flaps" any other way without making it worse.
  19. 1) I did not bother to go into details with the air handling/conditioning unit because it was not part of objective and I did not have enough information to go by. If you have more detailed information so i can complete /correct the AHU I would be grateful if you could provide it to me. 2) I was not trying to go into details here given the lack of information. I wanted to give the approximate size and location of the mechanism. Could you please elaborate on what part seems to be off? 3) I still do not understand this part. 4) The mantlet setup was derived using the following images:
  20. After feedback, it might be best to differentiate between different types of "special armor" regions. I am very certain the turret bustle special armor (orange) is not the same as the primary special armor (red) or the side front hull special/spaced (?) armor (green):
  21. I do not understand what i should correct. Could you please explain ? From what i gathered from the picture, among other things, was that the lower boundary of the special armor bays 1) seems to be level with the hull floor and 2) the lower edge of the front hull is more or less the lower boundary of the special armor bays.
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