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  1. Some images of the interior of the ZTZ family: https://www.flickr.com/photos/7682151@N07/with/47021860851/ A book dealing with the early ZTZ-98/99 series: https://docdro.id/7PxAUUl
  2. Laviduce

    Britons are in trouble

    Yes from that book !
  3. Yesterday I created a thread on the Steel Beasts forum that would address the protection characteristic of the vehicles modelled in Steel Beasts. I included all kinds diagrams and images from various sources to back up my claims on various relevant vehicles. One of the sources was information contained int the now somewhat notorious presentation on the Swedish Tank Trials labeled as Stridsfordon idag och morgon. As you might know, this information contains images/diagrams that have been labelled "secret". After putting some effort into creating this post , it was deleted because it contained this "secret" information. Although I was/am under the impression that just deleting or sanitizing the "secret" diagram(s) should have done the trick, I can fully understand that the owner wants to be rather save than sorry because of potential legal liabilities and further complications. What happened next irked me a bit , to say the least. A person who will remain nameless, *cough* Gibsonm *cough*, who seems to serve in the Australian armored corps, who is a regular on the Steel Beasts forum informed us that he has to report any leaks containing classified/declassified information that have the words "secret" on it. Any incident he will inform the respective nations military attache in Australia about the leak. That includes the military attaches of the US, UK, Russia, China and any other countries information. It does not matter if these documents were leaked or declassified, he will have to report the leak to the proper authorities. Here is the conversation about the removal of the thread: https://www.steelbeasts.com/topic/12504-about-that-deleted-thread/ What happened toward the end of the thread just takes the cake, IMHO. Another forum member posted a link to the War Thunder Challenger 1 historical reference thread to make a point: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/419818-datasheet-challenger-historical-references/ I quipped that his post technically violated the updated Forum rules and that it could get deleted. The nameless Australian individual had this to say about the link and my comment about "santizing" the diagrams: and How will the Sturgeon's house deal with situations such as this? Technically if any of you guys are posting this information on here , the nameless individual will have to report it. This also includes any previous and future diagrams that have the words "secret" on it from any nation even if they are declassified. Technically these diagrams might all have to be removed. I am all about a sensible degree of OPSEC but the behavior of this nameless Australian officer is a bit "rich" to put it mildly.
  4. I will no longer share any information on the Steel Beasts forum or with any person directly affiliate with that site. I also do not want any of my diagrams shared on that site or anyone from that site because some of my diagrams will include or will be derived from information that will have come from declassified/classified/leaked data that might or might not have been labelled "secret" in one way or another. I hope that overzealous douchebags such as that Australian will not be given any power or influence over the Sturgeon's House forum and that characters such as him will be kept away from having a say in the less restricted forums and websites. Anywhere I go online and/or offline, I try to keep my bull**** to an absolute minimum and I hope the other side will do the same.
  5. Technically yes on the first part.
  6. The forum rules were not broken , they were updated because of me posting some diagrams that were labelled "secret". This affects all classified information not just classified information on one forum.
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    Is this secret information ? If yes, Gibsonm needs to report it to the Russian military attache in Australia!
  8. For the Type 99 (A) the front armor's resistance to AP round/sabot is equivalent to 7** mm RHA, the resistance to HEAT round is equivalent to 1***mm RHA.... The top armor's resistance to HEAT round is equivalent to ***mm RHA...
  9. Thank you very much Sovngard ! Here is the file (hopefully): https://docdro.id/zvIkXJz
  10. When it comes to information I am not one to really tease. Where can i upload the pdf file to, to share it ? I have a couple of other pdfs that might be of interest to some.
  11. These pages are from M1 ABRAMS in action - by Jim Mesko, Don Greer, Perry Manley - Armor No. 26 - Squadron/Signal Publications, Inc. -1989 (ISBN 0-89747-222-5). I do have the .pdf file.
  12. Laviduce

    General news thread

    Something does not add up at all. I am getting the impression that they wanted to get caught. Not even total amateurs would act this way, knowing about the CCTV networks in the UK.
  13. Laviduce

    General AFV Thread

    It comes with a relatively thick composite insert unlike the Leclerc series of tanks.
  14. Laviduce

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    A T-90A with the artist taking an artistic license.
  15. Laviduce

    Israeli AFVs

    Russia has a Merkava 1?
  16. Laviduce

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    More British propaganda about the Challenger 2 having better armor than the Leopard 2A6 or M1A2 SEP. Nationalistic/biased publications do not help much. I wonder what they were thinking writing this stuff.
  17. Laviduce

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Thats ok. Thank you, I appreciate your effort!
  18. Laviduce

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Can you ask them about the weights of the following: Turret and stripped turret Hull and stripped hull Mantlet Applique armor front turret and side turret Has the EMES15 been replaced with an updated model ? Have there been any armor insert updates ever? Thank you !
  19. Laviduce

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    As far as i know, roughly: Orange: Should be 20-25 mm thick when the thickness is measure from the normal. Yellow: Seems to be 30 mm primarily. the forward section around the driver could be up to 50 mm thick. Light Orange: Heavy Side skirts are up to 110 mm thick. Side hull 30 mm, up to 50 mm potentially in certain areas. Magenta: Side skirts seem to be between 10-23 mm thick. Side hull seems mostly to be around 30 mm in this area. Purple: Outer side hull sponson seems to be 10 mm thick. Inner walls seem to be 10 mm thick in the forward section and 60 mm in the mid-section. Cyan: Outer side hull sponson also seems to be about 10 mm thick here. Inner side walls will also most likely be not much thicker. Fuel cells, NBC system, batteries are not included in this.
  20. Laviduce

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    According to Rolf Hilmes the aim of the LKE2/DM53 program was to create a KE shell that had the ability to pierce about 1000 mm of RHA using the L55. Rumor has i that it can penetrate over 900 mm RHA.
  21. Laviduce

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    I suggested that the average RHAe KE resistance could be around 380-400 mm including 400 mm. It is an after all an estimate.