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  1. What's the context of these C96s? Were they pulled from an old Soviet warehouse recently or something? EDIT: Nevermind, I found the original TFB article on it.
  2. Some "custom" creations found originally here... Not sure if it's enough of a low rider...
  3. Some examples of some experimental Japanese body armor from the 1930s and 1940s, all from this page (Google chrome can make a reasonable translation of the text). A 'tortoise shield', apparently devised specifically to fight against the Soviet Union after the border clashes in there in the late 1930s. An early "bullet proof" vest: Apparently they issued several times of shields too, one of which appears to double as a breastplate:
  4. I wasn't able to find anything that directly said that the US government acknowledged sending a signed copy of the letter. Do you have a source for that? The Iraqi prime minister states that he did receive one though, but I haven't seen any images of it online anywhere. This isn't too necessarily say that it didn't necessarily happen, but the original revealers of the letter and the Iraqi PM both have political motive for wanting such a thing exposed. Perhaps more pressing now, Iran has apparently launched missiles at US troops.
  5. And the official response to why it is exists. While perhaps not the finest moment of American military history, in some respects, it's not that surprising that something like this happened. There's a lot of moving parts in organizations like this, and especially with an unsigned draft, that means almost nothing. When I was a lower enlisted man in the army, I made drafts for several majors and a full-bird colonel. Mind you, I wasn't in communications or a secretorial position at all. It was just something that happened out of displaying competence within my unit. A lot of times it
  6. Part of me thinks that we should perhaps start moving some of this discussion to the US/Iran flirting with quagmire thread, since it looks like we're starting to report commentary as well. Petraeus just gave an interview on the US-Iran conflict. Perhaps the most salient bit to me: The Brookings Institute has a series of brief commentaries from their 'experts' .Unsurprisingly, center-left views dominant much, but not all, of this work. There are some interesting links to outside sources in there as well. EDIT: couple more interesting articles as wel
  7. That report may not be accurate.
  8. Just a tidbit to think about when it comes to 1903 safety. Supposedly the earlier m1903s only have a single small gas port on the right hand of the receiver, whereas later versions also have a larger gas port on the left side. Apparently even with that, the gas sealing on the 1903 isn't too great.
  9. Ran across an older book on some tanks, and found some that didn't instantly recognize when flipping through it. See if your guessing is as good as mine. Model names and country are listed in the spoilers below each picture:
  10. ...and some where you wonder what they were thinking...
  11. A couple of unusual ones Jetway 707 A 1965 Ford Econoline Pick-up
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