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  1. Interesting gallery of improvised (and likely illegal) guns. Some of them look like they're props, however, rather than real guns. In any case, here are some of the highlights: For when a high-capacity magazine isn't just enough dakka. For Dinosaur hunting: Warhammer 40k Tacticool Bolter: One shot, one kill (you hope, anyways): Bit of a Rube Goldberg contraption:
  2. Speaking of which, a pretty neutral article on the car tariffs. I have an in-law who works for Ford, and he's stated that the steel and other metal tariffs alone were causing big problems for the company. But that being said, the auto industry with the Big Three has been on a decline for a long time now. I just wonder how much this is going to hasten their decline.
  3. GMerlon

    General news thread

    Not sure if this has been posted elsewhere, but the US appears to be pulling out of the INF treaty.
  4. The article makes it sound like that specific threat is from a member of the right. Either way though, Flake is probably going to get death threats from either side. No matter what he does, someone is going to be upset. That seems to be the problem with being a moderate or swing voter.
  5. GMerlon

    The Meteorology Thread: Hector Lives

    I'm currently in the middle of North Carolina. Most of the immediate concern here is the flooding. Aside from simply swamping things with water, the other big issue is that our sandy soil doesn't absorb water well, meaning that things like trees and telephone poles have tendency to become loose and then fall.
  6. I ran across an interesting pistol today while browsing the web. One of those pretty guns that I wouldn't actually want to shoot.
  7. GMerlon

    North Korea, you so crazy!

    I mean this as a genuine question of curiosity: What prevents Kim Jong Un from going back to life as usual?
  8. The Japanese weren't the only ones making such a switch, and I think one could argue that it was almost a trend. The Italians, Dutch, Sweden, Austria, and a handful of other countries had adopted 6.5mm cartridges around the turn of the century. The Italians too were switching to a larger diameter (7.35mm) just before World War 2 (though the war interrupted those plans).