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  1. They weren't lying when they said it'd have scaled down Abrams turret. It does look better than I thought though. although I'm still rooting for the M8
  2. https://twitter.com/SecArmy/status/1068523858708201474?s=20
  3. Lookin' good. Is that one that's finally been delivered to an active unit? Wonder how long those mudflaps are going to stay though. I can see that going the way of the old retaining rings
  4. Not sure if posted, but here's mock up of Leonardo's SHORAD styrker
  5. Also seems like the 2018 SETC starts tomorrow, anybody got any details on the participates this year? Just from some casual googling it looks like it's going to be Austria, America, UK, France, Sweden, German, Germany, Poland, and Ukraine.
  6. I prefer the Tri color woodland, but a solid olive is nice too, certainly better than desert tan. That tank looks like it's finally the tan sandblasted off too, so the green looks much better. If they did paint over the tan they did a much better job than the some other Abrams I've seen.
  7. For anyone Curious these are the Sullivan Cup results: 1. 2-3 ID 2. 1-1 ID 3. USMC 4. 1-1 CD 5. 3-1 AD 6. 1-3 ID 7. 3-4 ID 8. Australia 9. 2-1 AD 10. 3-1 CD 11. Kuwait 12. NCNG 13. 2-1 ID 14. 2-1 CD 15. 11 ACR Source
  8. https://www.dvidshub.net/video/596358/gunners-underground-2nd-lar-lav-live-fire-training
  9. I wonder if they dropped the AIM-9s or if this thing can switch up modules. I also like how it kept the .50
  10. JNT11593

    M8 Buford Is Back

    AFAIK the MPF has no airdrop requirement, maybe they decided to upgrade the base armor package? also here's a larger version from BAEs twitter
  11. Good lord that's sexy. I seriously hope the U.S. Army selects it, and I can't think of a good reason they wouldn't. It's the only purposed built light tank. Has been ready for production since the 90s, domestically designed and built, and I'd imagine if the need arose the could drop the XM360E1 in it for addition firepower, even if ammo capacity did take a hit.
  12. Looks like the U.S. just bough a T-84 from Ukraine. http://defence-blog.com/army/us-reaches-deal-ukraine-supply-one-oplot-main-battle-tank.html