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  1. Jägerlein

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    I...doubt, thar Hilmes mixed up something in this matter. He did a bit more than "just writing about" the Leopard 2 upgrades.
  2. Jägerlein

    Unified Naval Documents Thread

    Some WW.II Field Manuals of the Kriegsmarine. ( alike for Luftwaffe and Heer) Merkbücher über die Munition, Munitionsvorschriften, Zündervorschriften and some Dienstvorschriften dealing with EOD and chemical warfare http://michaelhiske.de II. Weltkrieg => Deuschland
  3. nearly 10lb for a 7VR. But I thinks there is still a penetration gap between those two. [http://roe.ru/eng/catalog/land-forces/strelkovoe-oruzhie/grenade-launchers/pg-7vr/ ]
  4. Jägerlein

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Some basics: https://www.hensoldt.net/fileadmin/hensoldt/Datenblätter/En/0714_SL_0817_9_GPG_EMES_15_EN_LoRes.pdf
  5. An autoloader in a lighter vehicle with an autoloader and a autocannon on the roof. Sonds like somebody told him about this cool vehicle called MBT-70.
  6. The colour code is series, modernized series and modernized ? Sry the translation app sucks when it comes to russian.
  7. Astoundingly many opinions without supporting facts on the last page of this thread. I could get over to reddit if I would want more if this
  8. I would go on with the nitpicking: " Russian defense company is trying to develop similar to Javelin anti-tank systems". Being nitpicky this would mean replacing it with a shoulder launched F&F with half the Range compared to a 9M133M-2. Probably a Spike ER is more fitting.
  9. Jägerlein

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    This issue includes even more: and: No further talk of the 1A3. Hope this wasn't to much derailing.
  10. Jägerlein

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    Work safety regulations . Strike two after the 41 hour regulation. Edit: Oh but there is also something positive. While work safety regulations are a problem for people above 1,84m, pregnancy is no problem because this issue got some attention during the design phase. Send the the pregnant women to repel the red invaders!
  11. Jägerlein

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    That happens when you are posting at 4 am .
  12. Jägerlein

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    that helped: PM-1 BBQ Flame Tank. [for more pics: http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/coldwar/Czechoslovakia/pm-1-flame-tank/ ] If I'm right:
  13. Jägerlein

    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    A "Jihaded" Jagdpanzer 38(t) with an Pz. 38(t) turret and a BBQ set in the trunk?
  14. Jägerlein

    APC/IFV armor in details

    Ah, that makes sense! Sadly a Tankograd issue is the only thing I've here about it and it lacks info in this area. The lid was expected because a ~30mm baseplate would be a bit heavy
  15. Jägerlein

    APC/IFV armor in details

    @SH_MM How does the visual impression of the 1A3's frontplate correlate to the 11mm given in the diagram? The outer plate alone looks like ~1cm