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  1. And where to start if you want to bring the NEXTER and KMW parts closer together? Give them something to tinker around and work together without a greater risk when things doesn't work out. And then the LeoClerc was born. This cooperation is imho nothing which will last for too long, they'll grow together and will get rid of redundant parts.
  2. Jägerlein

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    Isn`t it finstabilized? It has only 4 fins vs. the 6+ of the other two types, but the fins are larger...
  3. Jägerlein

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    And maybe some distant day in the future, even the German Army will get rid of the last TPz Fuchs and replace them with Boxers. With several hundrets to be build for AUS and the UK and probably some hundrets more for Germany as a third and maybe fourth batch (there are still over 700 Fuchs in service, SHORAD is a candidate and the light infantry would love to see some Boxer variants as a Wiesel replacement) the boxer won`t reach a Gav...M113 level but will at least be one of the more successful platforms.
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    Fucking NERA everywhere

    Hey guys, I could use a little reminder after my memory let me down in a chat yesterday. I think that I`ve see a document...or a post here, which stated, that the difference between DU and WC longrods on actual armor is smaller than a RHA comparission might suggest because of the difference between penetration a semi-infinite block of RHA and NERA...adiabatic shear and such. And since my google-fu let`s me down I`m not shure if my memory plays tricks on me. thank you in advance!
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    General AFV Thread

    I fear it`s not the author`s fault: http://indianexpress.com/article/cities/pune/arjun-tanks-new-powerful-ammo-developed-by-drdo-labs-in-pune/
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    [New User =]Details of Turkish Best Armoured Units

    Are you shure about this video example? Until now I connected this incident with pictures likes this:
  7. I doubt the folks here belongs to the average reddit users. Thanks God! But since it seems like there is some kind of personal cult around her and logic is no argument for these people. Sadly I lacked the popcorn while I scrolled through reddit but what happend there was really bullshittery at it`s finest. People argued with such a zeal against points where even Mai stated totally different things than in her original articles because "she jumped to the wrong conclusions". Her fiercest proponents are totally stalker material propably manga invested (sry there might be rare exceptions) halfwitted teenagers jerking of to Mais twitter profile. I get triggert by such people. "But Gajin employs er so she must be totally credible!!11!!"
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    Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    After reading here for two or three years this is maybe my No.2. The throne still goes to Mr. " Being an inventor alone is far greater than anything an engineer like you can be "
  9. TFB came up with a new article and photos of the newest HK433 version. In the last paragraph it is stated that: " No word on if the Steyr-Mannlicher RS556 is still involved in the trials. " This seems to be outdated since Feb 8th. Wether Rheinmetall nor Steyer declared a reson for stepping down from the bidding. While SiG withdrew it`s offer already in Nov. 2017, claiming that the bidding would be rigged in favour of HK ( besides the arguments given by SIG, the no-ITAR requirement alone was sometinhg like the sword of Damocles for the SIG offer) , the comments below the linked blog aticle indicate that Steyer had additional problems with fullfilling the demands in time. For one the RS556 like advertised was to heavy and fared not very well during the earlier KSK trials. Source: http://augengeradeaus.net/2018/02/g36-nachfolge-auch-rheinmetall-steyr-mannlicher-steigt-aus Question in my on mind: Below the article abaut SIG withdrawing the MCX from the biddign it was mentioned that it seems like the MCX had problems with a demand called: " Geschoßvorlagefähigkeit" which essencially means that it must be guaranteed that if the barrel is congested with mud or a projectile, a second shot wont lead to a fatal failure. Any idea if this rumor has some substance? Since certain american people like to do strange things with mud an guns...
  10. Jägerlein

    Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    I stumbled across this old article: https://www.defenceaviation.com/2008/07/pakda-a-russian-stealth-bomber.html Is the model shown there just an older design stage or something alternative? And people still wonder why ITAR is a dealbreaker for sevral projects in Germany...
  11. (sry more text than pictures - so feel free to lynch me if it`s the wrong place) The MEADS project in Germany is again in motion. After being in stasis and having vanished from the news for nearly a year, the constitution of the new government brought finally some motion in the case. The ontracts for the TLVS (Taktisches Luftverteidigungssystem - tactical airdefence system) were already ready to be signed in february 2017, but some weeks later it was announced in aearly march the same year that no contract will be signed before the election. Since it took months to form a new government everything was on ice for roughly 12 months. But a news about a collaboartion between MBDA and Lockheed Martin on march 6th1 was the first sign of new progress. The next news came today from Rheinmetall: http://augengeradeaus.net/2018/03/rheinmetall-macht-druck-entscheidung-fuer-mobile-flugabwehr-fuer-vjtf-2023-soll-schnell-fallen/ Quick and dirty summery: - Rheinmetall is positioning themselves to get their share of the whole air-defence area. They might hope to grap the "big" contract together with their partner Raytheon from MBDA/Lockheed in the last minute. - Besides this amigious plans Rheinmetall is better placed in the SHORAD area where they have already the stationary MANTIS in their product porfolio and mobile versions are seen as a hot contender to replaceme the retired Gepard and Roland systems. Rheinmetall is pressuring the politics here with a reference to the German component of NATO`s VJTF2 in 2023. - According to Rheinmetall a mobile mantis version could be ready in three years - Additionally they are talking about the possibility to combine 40mm airburst ammunition used for example by the AFV Boxer`s AGL and new ballistic computers to counter small UAVs. 1https://www.defensenews.com/land/2018/03/06/long-delayed-german-missile-defense-deal-with-lockheed-mbda-expected-by-years-end/ 2 Very High Readiness Joint Task Force. Since there is a russian but no english wiki article see this for basic info: https://shape.nato.int/nato-response-force--very-high-readiness-joint-task-force
  12. Jägerlein

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    Here is a german article or better a summary of the main conclusions of a workshop held during february in Kiel: "Eight theses: U-boat-operatin in a changing underwater area": https://meerverstehen.net/2018/03/15/acht-thesen-u-boot-operationen-in-einem-sich-veraendernden-unterwasserumfeld/ If the google or bing translate fucks it up to much, tell me and I will try to translate the technical terminology gibberish for you.
  13. Jägerlein

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Very Inelegant solution: https://imgur.com/a/Sb47F
  14. Jägerlein

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    sry it was too tempting...
  15. German H&K G28 M110A1 new marksman rifle for U.S. army infantry https://www.armyrecognition.com/weapons_defence_industry_military_technology_uk/german_hk_g28_m110a1_new_marksman_rifle_for_u.s._army_infantry.html ( I bet TFB got it at least a month ago...) Buuut is the Army really shure it doesn`t want the totally DMR adequate scope the germans are using on it? Well Murrica who got the bigger one? Who?
  16. Jägerlein

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    It seems like the 500 mio includes some "old" stuff but also new upgrades which are deemed as necessary for VJTF but also all logisitc costs for eventually stationing up to 4000 soldiers abroad, dditional ammo for training and what not else. Things like SVFuA* and MoTaKo** are probably inclded, too and would otherwise be included in an other budget item, but since it`s necessary for VJTF maybe the whole fixcosts for R&D are noe included in those 500 mio despite they are not liited on these 40 vehicles * Streitkräftegemeinsame Verbundfähige Funkgeräte-Ausstattung = Common armed forces inter-operabele radio equipment ( somebody please correct my quick and dirty translation) ** Mobile Taktische Kommunikation = Mobile tactical communication Edit: But the exact wording suggests that the the already started SVFuA/MoTaKo programm is only for some command vehicles and now the rest of the fleet, or at least all the non command versions of these 40 vehicles needs to be upgraded, too utilize the "new" tech.
  17. Jägerlein

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    It seems like the Puma needs some Upgrades to be ready for VJTF in 2023. Following a report from Reuters the Bundeswehr expects that it will cost 500 million € to get 40 Pumas VJTF ready and supplied. While the more mainstream nt-v newssite talks simply about 500kk €for upgrading 40 Vehicles, hartpunkt.de goes a bit deeper and explains that 1/3 of the sum consists of logistic costs for the mission, 1/3 for the development of new equipment especially an up to date digital radio system which enables the Puma to exchange sufficent data with other vehicles, drones, up to two dozent infantrymen and probably aircrafts to perform on the modern networked battlefield. The last third is then for the actual updates. While this sound stupididly expensive for 40 vehicles it includes the R&D costs so the ugrade of the remaining 300 Vehicles should (hopefully ) be significant cheaper. The story in german: http://augengeradeaus.net/2018/01/neues-vom-puma-millionen-nachruestung-fuer-die-vjtf/ https://www.hartpunkt.de/modernisierung-von-40-pumas-kostet-500-mio-eur/
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    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Probably. Or some other jihad design armor.
  19. Jägerlein

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    After Erdogan purge in the Leo 2 units following the coup, I wouldn`t be suprised if they would borrow such ideas from the syrian ragtag...and it wouldn`t be suprising if they "uparmored" only the crew compartement. Btw: Talking about german APS on turkish tanks right now...well the german public is right now not very amused by pictures of Leo2s fighting Kurds in the syrian border ( it seems like an MBT is obvious enough for the public contrary to G3s and MG3s being used against the Kurds since decades) region and the acting government is already in the midst of a small scale shitstorm for not ruling out outstanding armsdeals with turkey. Renk, MTU or Rheinmetall exports to Turkey are not very likely in the nearer future. Edit: Quod erad demonstrandum in two ways: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/germany-says-it-has-frozen-tanks-upgrade-for-turkey-126318 (As far as I know the mentioned upgrade is more or less the Leo2 NG version which includes the ADS)
  20. Jägerlein

    Bar / Cage armour + LASSO + RPGnet

    I don`t know why the question did not come to my head early since the cage/net-armor thing isn`t exactly new an can be seen everywhere at least since the Strykers: What about PG-7VR, RPG29 etc. Precharge slipping through but the main charge is destroyed or is the "sting" long enough to make contact with the main armor ( or for ex. a Pzf3-IT 600 seems to have an exorbitant long one) ? Would new generations of PG-7 rockets with a "hardend" front render the whole idea useless?
  21. Jägerlein

    General AFV Thread

    Turkish Leos standing around on hills...where have I seen that before
  22. Jägerlein

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    And what kind of tank philosophy you are following out of which reasons. Reducing the profile of a tank is for shure a desireable feature, but at what costs? And having a T-series like gun depression might be no problem in wide, open and especially flat areas but if you are a country in central europe, then you really want that -9 or -10° depression. A "large" turret with enough gundepression is still smaller than the tank which must show it`s hull to get it`s tube on the target. And untill a clever solution is found, a tank design must make compromises in these points...unless HK would build Tanks - because no compromise! If such a buldge like on the french turret is a good solution might be another topic, but simply calculating the reduction of the surfaces without counting the drawbacks is a little bit iffy in my eyes.
  23. Jägerlein

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Leo 2 in 2060 is rather optimistic. Optimistic like trusting official readyness reports for the german parliament ^^
  24. The first post in this threat which cought the right idea. Actually I wrote my final Thesis about the German "Rüstungswunder" that never was. And the really impressing points weren`t the mythological wonderweapons or what ever you would consider a wheraboos wet dreams. What was impressing for me where the maybe not so perfect things wihch were accomplished despite the complete fuck up of an Economy dominated by cartel`s and oligopols and a severe lack of ressources which were especially important in the metallurgy. Finding flaws in German wartime designs and especially the produced vehicles apart from their paper design ( well there is a difference between what can be invented and drawn and what can be produced under these circumstances) is like hitting a barn door with birdshot from 10 feet (damn you Imperiealmeasuremnts). The interesting story isn`t about how superior german equipment was, because it wasn`t, the interesting story is what was accomplished despite the situation. Take the already mentioned Jumo 04 as an example. That thing was faaaaar from perfect but still better or comparable to other Turbojet Engines of it`s time (talking of `40-`43 ). And even past 1943 the german jet engine development didn`t fall behind but they failed in realizing these projects because of the slightly different conditions in germany compared to the US or UK. And even if they could have been build the could not have been powered by good wishes an nazi faith. Personally I started to distinguish between judging the fielded material and the design itself a long time ago and besides that, comparissions between late war equipment from germany and equipment especially from the US is...a case for captain obvious !?! well, now I`m curious if i get called out a wheraboo because not blowing the horn in the contrary way...