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  1. Yea they should really let their inf and ifvs carry 120mm smoothbore guns around.
  2. does that mean the airgap for the main charge is the distance from the first plate triggering the spaced rule to the first plate the main charge encounters?
  3. Yea youre right. though with this change ill redesign the nera elements anyways since its no longer necessary to have 2 different ones for the precursor and main charge.
  4. You just calculated 10° from vertical. So K2 is about 155mm Basic concept looks like this (picture obviously not to scale). So in short the above los is taken care of by the roofprotection.
  5. If you want to optimize for weight a single NERA light at 10°from horizontal followed by a single NERA heavy at 10° from horizontal will easily stopp all threats and for 1m^2 it weighs around 3 tons. you will need a build depth of a meter to reach good coverage though.
  6. not saying you did but the array i posted isnt primarily weight optimized
  7. its not that hard really. if i just take my array and remove the first and last RHA plates and switch my first NERA layer to ERA ill save quite some weight. i could also space my HHA plates more for better effect against KE But it would reduce the uparmouring potential and increase the armours bulk by quite a bit
  8. The armour sceme i came up with: 10mm RHA, 150mm cavity with NERA-light at 14° from horizontal, 30mm RHA, 205mm cavity with NERA-light at 10° from horizontal, 30mm RHA, 25mm HHA (5mm airgap for mounting), 25mmHHA (5mm airgap for mounting), 25mm HHA (5mm airgap for mounting), 30mmRHA Against ATGM 360mm precurser and 960mm main charge First RHA layer Pres = 360 -10 =350 First NERA light layer Pres = 350/2.5 - 1.5*74 = 29 Second RHA Pres = 29 -30 = -1 precurser defeated Second NERA light Pres = 960/3.3 -1.5*103 = 137 Third RHA Pres = 137 - 30 = 107 First HHA Pres = 107 -50 = 57 Second HHA Pres 57 - 50 = 7 Third HHA Pres = 7 -50 = -43 Main charge stopped Fourth RHA not even scratched Against 500mm KE First RHA layer Pres = 500 -10 = 490 First NERA light layer Pres = 490/1.07 - 1.5*74 = 347 Second RHA Pres = 347 - 30 = 317 Second NERA light Pres = 317/1.11 -1.5*103 = 162 Third RHA Pres = 162 - 30 = 132 First HHA Pres = 132 -50 = 82 Second HHA Pres 82 - 50 = 32 Third HHA Pres = 23 -50 = -27 KE penetrator stopped Fourth RHA not even scratched Im getting about 4.2 tons to cover 1m^2 Everything is inert so no problems with that. all special armour is in cavities and can be replaced easily. Armour array is only 445mm deep. Can easily be upgraded with additional armour.
  9. Just stack several HHA plates and encase them in RHA. You get whatever thickness you want.
  10. Which concepts are those and why would it prevent anyone from buying pumas?
  11. This is a terrible way of distinguishing generations.
  12. So either your radar detecting the rounds stays vulnerable or it cant tell when it has to reopen. To me this seems like its working perfectly fine since either the APS stays open, then the autocannon rounds destroy it, or it stays closed in which case the APS cant defeat the KEP.
  13. Yet 99% of combat troops dont carry pistols. seriously though this analogy really starts breaking down and the is a pistol usefull is an entirely different debate to be had. The problem i have with your argument is that youre arguing under the premise that the APS has to be destroyed to be rendered ineffective. With that premise i doubt anyone drastically disagrees with the idea of autocannons as APS killer. But noone accepts the premise that APS are infallable and there are a lot of easier ways of defeating non perfect (read: real) APS than adding an autocannon to an MBT.
  14. the argument is more the soldier already has a rifle why give him a pistol.
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