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  1. Sad
    Krieger22 got a reaction from That_Baka in General AFV Thread   
    A while back I was tweeted an article claiming that you could dodge a modern AAM without a ton of asterisks involved. Which says a lot about the quality of said article. Little did I know that that was merely the tip of the iceberg.

    I am displeased to present you the defenseissues.net light tank proposal. That is a 120mm mortar and a 40mm CT autocannon side by side in the same mount, because... why not. The problems associated with direct fire mortars are apparently rectifiable using more propellant.
    Yes, these people are real.
    Surely the hull design is a bit more sensible, right? Surely they can't mess it up?

    Um. I'm not seeing how the driver is going to fit inside either without a semi-recumbent arrangement.
    What you see is what you get - no suggestion of materials, thickness, composition or vintage of AP ammunition it's supposed to resist.
    Engine choice seems reasonable, but I'm not sure what the ban on external fuel tanks around friendly infantry is supposed to avoid.
    ...no wonder this outfit is claiming you can just barrel roll your way out of having a Meteor locked on you.
  2. Tank You
    Krieger22 got a reaction from Belesarius in Bash the Pak-Fa thread   
    The Su-57 has potential to be upgraded into a sixth generation fighter.
    Does it really count as an upgrade when there aren't production airframes to upgrade?
    (also, new poster. Hi.)
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