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  1. AFV Engines

    While only tangentially related, I find it interesting that the M1 apparently has issues with the terrain of the Golan Heights, not because that terrain is easy (it is very nasty terrain) - but rather because the US extensively has tested the Abrams on the Yakima Training Center grounds which has lots of similar basalt. I wonder if the YTC gives the Abrams headaches.
  2. General AFV Thread

    What I find most interesting is this seems to confirm that the Type 90, at least for the hull, doesn't have a 60 degree frontal arc of protection. Odd decision, really.
  3. General AFV Thread

    Now, I am pretty sure this is the right thread - but @Waffentrager has managed to put this diagram of the various material sections of the Type 90 together. The blanked-out APFSDS in the RED description is JM-33, which (as I am sure most everyone here knows) is their variant of the DM-33.

    It's a HRG. Hemispherical Resonator Gyroscope - it would be a major accomplishment of Russian industry if they have actually put these into mass production. Only two firms on the planet so far make them. (Also, first actual post of a longtime lurker!)