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  1. TokyoMorose

    General AFV Thread

    The 2700hp MT-883 was the version developed for the EFV, this thing looks like the EFV but Korean. If they get it working, it'd be tempting to offer it to the USMC.
  2. TokyoMorose

    Britons are in trouble

    If they actually manage to get the 120mm Smoothbore, that'll be the most important advance in the whole Challenger family since the TOGS on the CR1 Mk 2...
  3. TokyoMorose

    Tank Myths

    I probably should have corrected myself - the later Sherman gun sights were highly influenced by the T-34 Sights. The M70 (and it's variants) took in lessons from the T-34 Gun Sights. I know there was some comparison documents on that site, but I can't find them ATM.
  4. TokyoMorose

    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    The Brits way the Brits modeled things, any non-kinetic parts of ammo that are hit are likely to kaboom and take out the machine, and so ignoring the fact that the ammo is separated in an armored compartment, ignoring that in frontal hits that the rear of the turret is the hardest thing to penetrate in a tank (as you have to punch through the *entire* turret) the Brits said that hull-bottom stowage for live ammo segments has the least chance of being hit. This is technically true comparing the amount of frontal area in which it is theoretically possible to hit the ammo, but this is ignoring the facts that the hull is less armored & that they can't separate off the ammo storage behind bulkheads with their stowage arrangement. Due to the ammo separation it's virtually impossible to K-kill an Abrams by hitting the ammo, while a Chally 2 was K-killed when a friendly HESH shell hit an open hatch... and the blast detonated the hull ammo stowage. TL;DR - The Brits judged purely by amount of frontal area ammo is stowed in, irrespective of how armored or safe that area is. By that logic, T-72s have the safest ammo stowage of any modern tank...
  5. TokyoMorose

    Tank Myths

    I'll have to tear through documentation, but from what I've read at Samsonov's site the Sherman optics were highly influenced by the T-34's optics, and many German sights were quite poor. (Not all, of course, the Germans had a vast array of different sights in production during the war)
  6. TokyoMorose

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    I was going to say, 455HB seems pretty incredible for a serial produced cast steel anything!
  7. TokyoMorose

    Turkish touch

    Hmm, L-3 still technically has the 1500hp version of the AVDS-1790 up for offer. They might pick that up. Could also get an Allison tank transmission to go with it.
  8. TokyoMorose

    NGCV/OMFV. Forwarding to... the past

    As much as I like to believe the army is finally going the route of "good enough" - they had that option with the modified Puma years ago and turned it down for the GCV wunderwaffe. I doubt the army's ability to resist feature creep as the program goes on.
  9. Oh, I know *a superstructure* is required for the crew working space, but that poorly thought out thin steel box with basically no sloping (which results in the step) is a sad excuse for the design. At the very least, they could have fitted large composite blocks on the front of the step to at least attempt to provide protection.
  10. I actually do like the turret of that, as far as BMPT-type turrets go, and the idea of having a large amount of small missiles for precision shots on targets that don't justify the big ATGMs also seems like a good idea. But that turret belongs on a VT-5 (maybe the older, heavier, but cheaper VT-2 if they really want to save money...) chassis, and needs to ditch that silly superstructure design.
  11. And people thought stepped hulls went out of fashion half a century ago! Hah! (Just... why does this exist in this form...)
  12. TokyoMorose

    Tank Myths

    While I don't recall anything regarding the loading system for MBT-70 and its handling of Missiles (there were two autoloader designs, one from GM, one from Rheinmetall - the GM one worked better...), but the MBT-70 APFSDS is overperforming by a good deal in WT. That said, other changes to the game lineup have made this largely a moot point. (It is amusing that the APFSDS penetrates so well, it makes the HEAT and Missiles basically redundant despite the APFSDS never being intended to be the main round issued and purely a short-range backup)
  13. It worked like any other T-64 pattern autoloader in operation, the 2A21 variant of the 115mm on T-64 had split ammo. As far as I am aware, you cannot manually load 115mm fixed-case ammo in case (pun intended) of emergency. Which is nice, because the 115mm cartridges are gigantic, and in the incredibly compact T-64 that'd be hilariously sad to try to manipulate.