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  1. Newtonk

    Movie tanks and terrible Vismods

    Could be, as they are reversed....
  2. With an M109 in the background for good measure. Nice find!
  3. Thanks, LoooSeR, I’ll have a look through. I also saw a similar mount with a 57mm gun.
  4. Is that a WWII Russian anti-tank gun on the rear of the Toyota!?
  5. Newtonk

    Israeli AFVs

    Hi VPZ, You’re right, those are Katlanit ows, but I appreciate the effort. The top one, close up, is useful from a modelling perspective. Modelling IDF vehicles can be challenging due to the difficulty of finding good references. They do produce some of the most interesting vehicles, the Ofek being a good example.
  6. Newtonk

    Israeli AFVs

    Thank you VPZ, Lox; any idea where I may find drawings... Elbit is not replying to emails... pfft, modellers.
  7. Newtonk

    Israeli AFVs

    Does anyone here have photos of the Drakonit on an Achzarit that they can share, please? I’m interested in scratch building one in 1/35 (schematics would be helpful). I’ve searched and found a few images from this year in the Golan, but nothing hi-res. thanks, kylie
  8. Newtonk

    Israeli AFVs

    Thanks for that, Lox; it was wishful thinking. And it would look at bit odd...
  9. Newtonk

    Israeli AFVs

    Thank you, Lox, most intriguing. From a strictly modelling perspective, what does the roof look like, please? Thank you.
  10. Newtonk

    Israeli AFVs

    That is, I believe, an “Ofek” APC / C3I vehicle; but I stand to be corrected on that. There are only a few images of this vehicle out there showing the superstructure with slat armour, something unusual for IDF armour. They are from repurposed Merk 2 hulls.
  11. I’ve a question about rommelkiste on a Marder IID, sdkfz 132, in that was the top hinged, or did it consist of two sliding panels,? The reason I ask is I want to model a rommelkiste at the rear of a Marder IID and believe the top was two sliding panels inset as I’ve not seen a hinged top on any of the numerous photos out there. Any help appreciated. Thank you, kylie
  12. Newtonk

    Israeli AFVs

    i'm amazed at how high the turret of the Namer sits above the hull; thanks for posting.
  13. Newtonk

    The Merkava, Israel's Chieftain?

    Sorry Zuk, it may be dead, but while we're talking.... is this the same as used on the Achzarit with "droid" mast?
  14. Newtonk

    Israeli AFVs

    Cheers for that, makes sense to destroy a dud round than leave it to be used against you later.
  15. Newtonk

    Israeli AFVs

    On the Merkava IV above, what is the tube parallel with the ground, behind the Trophy APS, please?