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  1. Tatra has nothing to do with OT-64 and most of its components (with the exception of its engine), OT-64 was designed by Praga-Avia using parts from their Praga-Avia S360 truck (btw, OT-64 was also designated as Avia A105 and Praga S260)(one may simply look at OT-64's double wishbone suspension, such thing was never used for any 111/12x/138/148/813/815-series Tatra AFAIK) which was developed as replacement for well-known Praga V3S, but was never put into production.
  2. ...yet another article which has no memory of FIFV part of HFM/ASM program from late 80s
  3. https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2ven/2jLvAJs3H in folder "IFV Task Force Study results (1978-04)", as bunch of JPEGs
  4. article on AS90 SPH from InternationalDefenseReview 1988-12 contains some pictures of possible family of modular armored vehicles using same automotive components, with weigth around 42-50t separately photographed pics
  5. photo of pic from Wehrtechnik 1988-03 p.30
  6. article on AUSA 1987 exhibition, published in International Defense Review 1987-12 separately photographed pics article (in german) on AUSA 1987 exhibition, published in Wehrtechnik 1988-01 separately photographed pics article on AUSA 1988 exhibition, published in International Defense Review 1988-12 separately photographed pics article (in german) on AUSA 1988 exhibition, published in Wehrtechnik 1989-01 article (in german) on AUSA 1988 exhibition, published in Wehrtechnik 1989-02 separately photographed pics from both articles
  7. article from International Defense Review 1982-09 on Tank Breaker, DARPA's program from late 70s-early 80s to develop fire-and-forget ATGM to replace Dragoon, which eventually led to Javelin separately photographed pics ...including two possible designs of Tank-Breaker-carrying vehicles, each transporting dozens of missiles:
  8. https://upnorthlive.com/news/local/us-army-tests-combat-vehicles-for-next-generation-at-camp-grayling article with video on MET-D demonstrator and RCVs which shows MET-D's new interior with several monitors and couple of joysticks for people-other-than-commander-and-gunner and also another video on RCVs
  9. International Defense Review magazine have pubished a review of Victor Suvorov (Rezun)'s book "Inside the Soviet Army" in 1983-02 issue. Back in June during my visit at RSL library I decided to skip it, but Suvorov's illustrated two-page reply to that review caught my attention, so I've made photos of it instead: separately photographed illustrations:
  10. from https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6567119520996048896/ - 4 photos of slides from recent presentation on NGCV's RCVs and another one from https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6567111444783996928/
  11. from International Defemse Revire 1983-09 - pages from article on that and some other SPH proposals fro US Army from 1980s separately photographhed pics and their captions (don't pay attention to arrows) and also FMC's advert from Army magazine, 1983-05
  12. Hunter AFV was demonstrated again - at Singapore's National Day Parade (from this video https://youtu.be/19SXqeRPB9Q?t=41 starting at 00:41) and also there was another video, with 360 deg coverage, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RzhwLH5TsEI&feature=youtu.be&t=26 which shows its engine hatch as they opens it (starting around 00:25-00:26)
  13. for reference, photos of interior (of some version of Ladoga) from when it was in better shape - 1 in color and 2 b/w
  14. including Army 1996-10: and also GettyImages has a 3Mp pic of mockup from some exhibition upscaled fragment which shows APS launchers inside left turret cheek:
  15. article on AUSA 1985 exhibition, published in International Defense Review 1985-12 some pics photographed separately article (in german) on AUSA 1985 exhibition, published in Wehrtechnik 1986-01 larger pic of Mowag 8x8 w/Ares 75mm cannon larger pic of scalemodel of what would eventually become known as M109A5 btw, on this photo of M109A5 model one can spot at the background an red-and-black artist's drawing of some tank - also published b/w in Hunnicutt's book on Abrams, but it appeared earlier (and with caption which says it artist drawing of M1 replacement from General Electric) in IDR 1982-02 article on AUSA 1986 exhibition, published in International Defense Review 1986-12 some pics photographed separately article (in german) on AUSA 1986 exhibition, published in Wehrtechnik 1987-01 larger pic of scalemodel of M1 Abrams-based tank w/ some new turret similar vehicle is well-known from artist's drawing
  16. article on AUSA 1983 exhibition, published in International Defense Review 1983-12 additional photos of pics of scalemodel of 155mm liquid propellant SPH proposal from General Electric, which promised substantial increase in number of rounds carried by each vehicle article on AUSA 1984 exhibition, published in International Defense Review 1984-12 additional photos of different pics from this article
  17. Satory I (1967) exhibition catalogue, English version, volume 2 https://cloud.mail.ru/public/5bTB/3RVqfBy1w https://imgur.com/a/yq2TwjX
  18. screenshots from this video IAI RAFAEL Elbit ... https://www.idf.il/מאמרים/2019/רכב-הקרב-העתידי-של-צהל-נחשף/ this article (in Hebrew) is accompanied by another video on Carmel program demonstrators some screenshots
  19. This one is (or might be) indeed new - in a sense that it (probably) was created recently - although it seems to be composed using two screenshots from TVC channel's news program Sobytiya (Events) special report Zheleznaya Logika (Iron Logic), aired back in February of 2016
  20. No idea. I had no other thing to rely on except SuT's caption for this photo: Google Translate GER->ENG ... can't add another pic to previous post, for some reason, so this one goes here - photo of what is described as XM291, from IDR 1990-12
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