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  1. What are the differences between 2A7V and 2A7?
  2. You right. Russia could not afford a new tank 10 years ago. It can’t even now. T-90M have some troubles with his subcaliber shells. But this isn't much troubles and can be solved. At the moment, we have a long project that does not fit into any time frame. It just touched the future. A more realistic layout of past developments (I mean Object 195). Personally, I regret that the Ministry of Defense followed the path of new tanks and large expenses. And not along the path of further modernization of the T-90
  3. Are there anyone who knows what this means? Exact weight or weight group designation? UPD: It seems like it's really an indication of weight.
  4. Does anyone have more photos of this DONAR howitzer? Or is it Photoshop?
  5. Why is there always T-80 at the opening, but at T-72 competitions?
  6. Much in the Russian army is archaic. Including among new developments. Comrade Looser correctly said that it would be cheaper to use a rangefinder. But at one time, Russian tank crewmans removed the DVE-BS wind sensors from the tanks. Because they did not know how to use them. Maybe with the rangefinders in the 21st century the same situation?
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