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  1. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    something nearby true from latest swedish tank tender's report. but I think you saw it. It is necessary to clarify which M1 model
  2. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Hello. Can somebody help me with finding information about Challenger 2 bottom frontal armor panel? I find more info where it is said that Challenger 2 has very small thickness of armor - smthk nearby 100mm with out Chobham. is it true? I will very glad to see any documents, pictures or layouts sorry for my English. I can make mistakes, because this is not my native language
  3. Israeli AFVs

    This is what i have. These photos were taken at the Latrun Armored Corps Museum in Israel(not by me). The tank shown in this walk around is a prototype. It does not represent accurately the fielded units.