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  1. it's only basic structure armour, without any addons i will make version with addons later, if will have more info about it, don't have thickness of LAV25 and Stryker cermamic
  2. not sure about LAV25 having 36 deg(only about angle) this is basic armour structure, without any addons
  3. Mk1-2 turrets Mk3 without frontal part ? mk3 hull
  4. it's a BS, thats why nodoby post full report 100mm APDS and 125mm HEAT 125mm APFSDS with core and 115mm APFSDS with core
  5. Namer assembly, pic with guy welding is view at hull side from a top, at driver "doghouse" area
  6. did they try same test's with D-20 HE on Leo2 whic was tested on T-72 ?:)
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