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  1. old question to old thread OFL120F1 - DM43 copy - DM43 is 680-685mm long(from tip to fins)-> no way core is anything close to "751" and "we found only small part", well... whole round just bounce off(like on any other Heavy ERA) and? this makrs could be from "mighty knives"... + maybe onle real big cut on right side
  2. it's very old report from DTIC "Review of Soviet Ordnance Metallurgy"
  3. i understand what it is i talking about this
  4. btw is this a turret backplate(welded over casted base) stiсking out from "cosmetic armour" damage ? or just weld seams of cosmetic armour itself ?
  5. geometry is such a b&tch lol...
  6. Sherman is not one model A2 right ? and T-34 is not only early war period 76mm version, so it's comparsion of all what is out there, as for M4A2 lifespan for it was 300 hours by factory IIRC, during trials M4A2 76mm in USSR right engine dead after 949km due to hard road conditions, second engine 2126 km and needed light repairs, suspension start to break after 1339 km, as for average lifespan of M4A2 from early 75mm version to late war 76mm never saw any good reports, maybe you have some ?
  7. Centurion with some addon plates(spaced steel, not very thick) could stop L23A1 point blank for example, it's not about "wow that's can penetrate over 9000mm at distance over 9km", but about specific round design, alloy, weaknesses etc. but again - strange articles and holes on real tank - no any details on distances etc - the presence of indirect confirmation of the problem with penetration by the Austrian docs
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