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  1. The pantsir -S1 shot down 23/25 missiles it engaged according to the RuMOD and i would not be surprised , It is fairly modern , and it has optical backup so i wouldn't think creating false radar targets will completely empede it. As for the older systems , perhaps they received data from the russians. It is a mystery.
  2. we are speaking of some things we know little information about , tomahawk is subsonic but it is tiny and has a rather small rcs , besides , JASSM and SCALP have LO features. the damage made most definitly does not look like it was done by 76 missiles , thats one big plot hole.
  3. i've seen a bunch of theories about the missiles not being intercepted , but seriously , there are videos showing those missiles being intercepted , how are we going to skip that???
  4. hello everyone! so i read that the T-90 shares the T-72B turret , thus BDD armor , however this documentary (?) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKGv5JQBTI8 says "aluminums and plastics". is this any legit? did they like , keep the t72b cavity design and change the fill? also , did the combination on new welded towers change?
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