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  1. New Music for the DLC; nice heavy base Also, the old Dusk post is broken, so repost:
  2. https://www.axishistory.com/books/138-equipment/equipment/4260-captured-a-converted-french-vehicles-in-german-service# A big list of French equipment used by the Heer, might help with the brainstorming
  3. are these the only weapons available, or can we choose other, similar weapons if we’re convincing enough?
  4. "I see you could not live with your own failure; and where did that bring you? Back to me."
  5. https://warthunder.com/en/news/6863-development-shimakaze-fast-as-the-wind-en tl;dr, Shima has only 2x 12.7cm turrets in the style of a late war Kagero, as well as some other issues...
  6. Do you have any recommendations or authors?
  7. What turret is this? It looks a little too square to be a ZSU-57, but the size is about right.
  8. Looks like the projectile came in at an angle, considering the gouging on one side. Could the projectile have been a 14.5mm or maybe a 20mm SLAP?
  9. Ah shit, I totally forgot to tell you all how my JPA armor from the previous competition was made: basically it is a pseudo lamination of a FHA plate (hardened as deep as possible) with an additional RHA plate, as thick as the backing layer of the FHA, placed onto the hardened side. The process involves taking the FHA, and then hydraulically pressing it into a fresh, red hot RHA "box" (that is slightly convex) and holding it there until the RHA is able to weld (if not using hot welding). The hardened face being pressed into is suppose to be rough, to give more surface area
  10. https://warthunder.com/en/news/6830-development-new-t-72-modifications-here-come-the-top-of-the-line-russians-en More T-72s FTW, also the comments are great, glad i left that train wreck before it actually fell apart
  11. Hmmm, “The tanks ammo is extremely large and heavy... and would probably break an autoloader” 1. And the proposed ammunition wouldn’t also break the backs of the poor SoaB(s) having to load this gun? 2. I’m just going to refer you to any ship with large caliber guns, which almost exclusively used loading assistance*, but most importantly, the 8 inch Mark 16 used on the Des Moines class, and the 6 inch Mark 16 on the Worcester. *Warships also have a couple other problems that required machines like ammunition elevators and rammers, that the small scale of tanks don’t have
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