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  1. And just like that, things go from looking bad for the US, to looking bad for Iran, again.
  2. I like how the presumption of innocence is completely ignored, yet this is still expected to be a “fair trial”... obviously no one understands what fairness is anymore. But on a slightly different tangent: I was laying in bed, thinking “who would benefit if Trump were impeached”, and then I thought of “who are the Dem’s allies, and what are there motives”. Well, as I was dosing, I remembered that anarchists were big opponents to Trump... why would people who WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO FALL hate someone so “unpredictable and volatile” as its figure head? Isn’t that exactly what they want to happen, and would coincide with their beliefs? Wouldn’t someone who could be such a poor leader, and hated by the citizenry, be the hypothetical second coming for this group? Also, why do people who despise the government ally themselves with the part who is historically known for being the “Big Gov” party? It doesn’t pass the smell test, and I’m sure, if I actually put effort into this, I will find the expiration date is decades past fresh...
  3. I just read something about modeling the hull lines with equations? It’s not making too much sense to me; can anyone explain it?
  4. Not a picture or art, but still interesting: http://www.combinedfleet.com/okun_biz.htm TL;DR, Bismarck and Tirpitz are overrated, Richelieu, Sodak, and Vittorio V are surprisingly matched (in armor, at least), and Yamato has great deck armor, but only slightly above average main belt armor.
  5. I love psychological projection; it’s such a fascinating disorder. Apparently it is most common in individuals who mentally operate on a more primitive level, like narcissistic and borderline personality disorders. Would also explain why so many Congress critters have so little personality and overreact to the smallest and most meaningless things. I wonder... is this letter a conscious choice to try to maintain their illusions, or is this their defense mechanism reacting to a threat that dares oppose their ‘unquestionably perfect’ world view. Also, “legislative agenda to meet the needs of the American people” threw up so many red flags for me (in their first paragraph, no less ), I could not even hope to remain unbiased reading the rest of the diatribe...
  6. they’re still rioting over there? I’m actually impressed... hopefully the protesters will start sharpening their guillotines
  7. When you build your fort on a foundation of salt and sand, don’t be surprised when the (inevitable) rain knocks it all down... and rainy season is coming motherfuckers!
  8. http://navsource.org/ Lots of good photos of USN warships.
  9. lol, this would imply M829 has had 4 generations of upgrades, while M900 has not been touched, since it was introduced. We really needed that smoothbore 105 like 2 decades ago, at least... or the 75mm ARES.
  10. yeah, um, not really. For modern ammunition, and the velocities they impact at, DU (and tungsten and steel) all undergo adiabatic (constant mass) shearing; basically the forces are so great and happen so quickly, the material cannot plastically deform in any meaningful way, and simply disintegrates. This can be seen in still-frames of high velocity test KE penetrators impacting hard targets, and how both the ‘penetrator’ and ‘armor’ turn to a noticeable plume of dust at the impact point. It’s not so much penetration, or deformation, as it is atomization.
  11. I would be interested in that, I have some ideas for a ground attack/ heavy fighter and a high altitude interceptor. But: this. Making an airfoil (convincingly) in some 3D CADs can be difficult and tedious, but I think choosing pre-defined airfoil shapes from something like NACA would make it easier as the contestants could just make a general wing shape, then specify which airfoil shape they’re using... maybe. However, the calculations involved would still be a pain, as aircraft can be very sensitive to minor force imbalances, and the body shape of the craft would still pose a problem. That darn caveat: money. Anyway, as interested as I would be to make a 1940s aircraft using modern knowledge, I think it would be a difficult contest to follow through with, either with the complexity of the aerodynamics involved with the aircraft, time investments into modeling said complex shapes, continually having to teach and mentor some competitors who know (comparably) little about aircraft, or extending the time of the competition. on a tangential note: I do have some ideas that I can’t find data or theories to confirm my suspicions. Which forum topic could I ask those in?
  12. Bradley with a turret bustle (and Iron Fist light)? Actually doesn’t look bad.
  13. Glad I could make your brain work Not too surprised; though I was initially confused when you mentioned selective breeding and gene screening, but it is interesting nonetheless.
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