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  1. ... ... Do they... are they... is this really... ... ... This is just as retarded as having sex with a virgin curing STDs (looking at you, SE Asia). You know what, let these people who buy this obvious scam be idiots, and waste their money, and hopefully after several years of “therapy” realize that there’s nothing in their miserable lives that makes their life worth saving anyway. Inbred mongrels, probably the same people who are anti-vaxx or believe the earth is flat and our governments are just a bunch of Illuminati puppets. ... ... I’ve had a stressful day, so let’s start over: god these people are stupid; can’t wait for trump to actually make his death camps and put these people in first...
  2. And this is where the new HE comes in, what the sabot won’t mangle, will most likely have thin enough armor that HE will fuck it up pretty bad. The M2 on top of the turret can mess up light vehicles, too. Basically, if the armor is too thin for the sabot to produce enough fragments, the HE will probably be able to get through it no problem.
  3. Hmmmm. This might be stupid, but if the blast radius is an issue, couldn’t they make smaller TBEs? I mean, the reason we have several different bomb sizes is because 500lbs might be too much for situations (or not enough).
  4. Well, that looks like a ramp past that block (I’m guessing that block might be an APU? Cause of the fan), and the block is attached to the levers that open the ramp. So does that block move down into the ground with the ramp when it opens, or up onto the roof?
  5. How do the dismounts enter and exit? It doesn’t look like it has front, side, or rear doors.
  6. ‘In Ukrainian accent’ what’s that you say? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of mighty Bulat killing Armata tanks!
  7. This protest looks about par for the course. You have: A. Young, female, obese, “progressive” far left winger with colored hair. B. Old, female, probably man hating, far left spinster. C. Your pasty beta male trying to look “progressive” in the hopes he will get laid. D. And finally, a random minority so the rest of the shithead protesters can say their protest is “diverse”, or something equally retarded. Anyway, that mining operation sounds pretty normal: you gotta put the waste product somewhere, no matter what you’re mining, and since copper is in pretty high demand, I think this would be a good operation, so long as the toxic stuff stays where it’s suppose to.
  8. Sorta off topic, but the “reports of the US naval technical mission to Japan” in the “Naval technology links” is not working for me (URL not found).
  9. If you’ve been lurking for any appreciable amount of time, you would have probably seen anti-animoo stuff by now, also anti-hippie and anti-wehrboo; these are all high heresy, and punishable by 100 floggings. Anyway, welcome to the forum!
  10. What would be the advantage of the fuel-air ordinance over the line charges (as seen on the M1150)?
  11. Could you have done away with the ACR stock and used a slimmer design? Or was the ACR stock mandatory?
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