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  1. I love psychological projection; it’s such a fascinating disorder. Apparently it is most common in individuals who mentally operate on a more primitive level, like narcissistic and borderline personality disorders. Would also explain why so many Congress critters have so little personality and overreact to the smallest and most meaningless things. 

    I wonder... is this letter a conscious choice to try to maintain their illusions, or is this their defense mechanism reacting to a threat that dares oppose their ‘unquestionably perfect’ world view.

    Also, “legislative agenda to meet the needs of the American people” threw up so many red flags for me (in their first paragraph, no less :lol:), I could not even hope to remain unbiased reading the rest of the diatribe... 

  2. On 10/27/2019 at 12:10 PM, Sovngard said:

    Enhanced 105 mm gun with the longer XM24 gun tube (L/66) , this project was initiated in March 1983 and abandoned in the late 1980s.





    lol, this would imply M829 has had 4 generations of upgrades, while M900 has not been touched, since it was introduced. 

    We really needed that smoothbore 105 like 2 decades ago, at least... or the 75mm ARES. 

  3. 14 hours ago, Zadlo said:

    How DU works as an armor




    yeah, um, not really. For modern ammunition, and the velocities they impact at, DU (and tungsten and steel) all undergo adiabatic (constant mass) shearing; basically the forces are so great and happen so quickly, the material cannot plastically deform in any meaningful way, and simply disintegrates. This can be seen in still-frames of high velocity test KE penetrators impacting hard targets, and how both the ‘penetrator’ and ‘armor’ turn to a noticeable plume of dust at the impact point. It’s not so much penetration, or deformation, as it is atomization. 

  4. 14 hours ago, A. T. Mahan said:

    What if we did an airplane contest next?

    I would be interested in that, I have some ideas for a ground attack/ heavy fighter and a high altitude interceptor. But: 


    12 hours ago, Sturgeon said:

    Aircraft are more difficult to make convincing renders of though, and they can be more difficult to evaluate as well.

    this. Making an airfoil (convincingly) in some 3D CADs can be difficult and tedious, but I think choosing pre-defined airfoil shapes from something like NACA would make it easier as the contestants could just make a general wing shape, then specify which airfoil shape they’re using... maybe. However, the calculations involved would still be a pain, as aircraft can be very sensitive to minor force imbalances, and the body shape of the craft would still pose a problem. 


    11 hours ago, LostCosmonaut said:


    X-Plane is the best program I can think of off the top of my head to render/test aircraft, but:


    • Acquiring it legally costs money
    • There is a learning curve to using it. I haven't used in a while, and from what I remember it was fairly complex (it's been a few years since I used it).

    As with the tank design, I think if we did a plane contest 1930s-1940s would be best. Having to design radar systems, electronics, supersonic aerodynamics, and all that would rapidly get too complex. Like the last contest, but worse.

    That darn caveat: money. 

    Anyway, as interested as I would be to make a 1940s aircraft using modern knowledge, I think it would be a difficult contest to follow through with, either with the complexity of the aerodynamics involved with the aircraft, time investments into modeling said complex shapes, continually having to teach and mentor some competitors who know (comparably) little about aircraft, or extending the time of the competition. 


    on a tangential note: I do have some ideas that I can’t find data or theories to confirm my suspicions. Which forum topic could I ask those in? 

  5. On 10/2/2019 at 5:47 AM, Toxn said:


    I agree that this is definitely a fallacy on the part of whoever drew that comic (not the only one, mind), and that you've succinctly laid out the most relevant factors at play here.


    Expanding a bit on your thoughts; we know for a fact that shifts in taste regarding beauty standards happen with regularity in societies, and are often driven by shifts in lifestyle and a sort of cyclical 'follow the leader' phenomenon where elites set standards that are imitated by those below them until they lose currency as marks of exclusivity and are replaced by new standards.


    I have been noticed!!!



    On 10/2/2019 at 5:47 AM, Toxn said:


    Right now we have very limited capacity to re-engineer someone as an adult, so a lot of proposed genetic engineering is germ-line by default. But perhaps not forever: CAR-T therapies show that it's possible (if very risky) to completely rewire parts of your immune system. So here's my (Victorian-era guy speculating on aircraft) guess as to how it might go:


    - You'd get a bunch of tissue samples (possibly including gut and skin microflora) taken and then be put in sterile isolation.

    - You'd then be more or less disinfected, put on high-dose antibiotics, antiviral drugs etc.

    - Your immune system would be knocked down or even out (possibly all the way to bone marrow ablation).

    - You'd be given a complete course of genetic engineering (possibly using advanced versions of CRISPR, as the T effector cell issue may be overcome with immunomodulation or versions of the cas 9 enzyme that don't set off a reaction) aimed at editing as many cells as possible.

    - If you're going for tissue/organ engineering, then this might be the point where they operate on you to give you chameleon skin or whatever.

    - At the same time, your immune system would be modified using something like CAR-T therapy to prevent rejection of edited cells.

    - Once the editing was done, your microflora etc would be reestablished and you'd be released for convalescence and follow-up treatment.


    Another option might be to avoid trying to edit anything out of germline all together, and just rely on non-immunogenic approaches and surgery. This may be something like novel organ printing using your own cultured cells, or xenografting. This approach is necessarily less radical and more limited in some ways (no chromatic scales for you, citizen), but still allows some really freaky possibilities (second sets of arms, crazy bio-machine hybrid organs, radical restructuring of the human form) while significantly lowering the chances of your immune system going nuts and killing you.


    This was another concern I had with gene manipulation: would such modifications effect the individuals’ ability to procreate? If some person who modified themselves to be a half human/ snake naga thing tries to have children with another who is modified to be a mer-person (and I think it’s reasonably safe to assume neither knows much of how the gene mods affect them), would it be possible for them to conceive? Would the child be human (at first, anyway) or some terrible amalgam? 


    Also, I’m almost certain that if a child were modified in utero to be something their parents decided for them, there will be major legal and moral issues if and when the child reaches adulthood and decides “I don’t like these changes I’ve had since birth, and were forced upon me by my parents.” 


    As thoroughly interesting and beneficial as this technology can be (I myself could benefit from a cure to my outrageous metabolism and Aspergers, as well as removing the familial cancer risk for women in my family), there are consequences and concerns that must be resolved before societies utilize it. 



    Since I’m more familiar with industry and machines, than biology and organisms, I think I’ll make a post on how that may effect the future; just need to gather my thoughts. 

  6. On 2/23/2016 at 3:32 AM, Toxn said:





    The bullshit populist version, sure, but also one of our possible futures.


    This thread is for musing on how things will go, with an an emphasis on accuracy.


    As all I can really speak to is biotech stuff, I will be posting a bit in that line here and there. For the rest, I invite our learned electronics engineers/internet pedants to provide their views on how things will go from here on out.


    Major Necro, but I have some questions: 


    1. Not 100% sure on this, but wouldn’t such radical genetic changes require the immune system to be heavily suppressed, if not completely deactivated? And wouldn’t such a procedure be expensive and time consuming, making it viable only for the rich (and those people who spend more money on their car or jewelry than their home)? 


    2. On the cultural/societal aspect of this: wouldn’t this cause a type of classism, where the rich and wannabe rich can alter themselves (seemingly) at whim while the plebeians below can only look on in envy? Would it also spawn types of xeno/ species/ racialism due to animosity, jealousy, and/or inferiority complexes? 


    3. In relation to society and culture, would individuals who chose certain modifications, let’s say high muscle and bone density, for high strength applications, be held in the same regards as someone who modified their brain to maximize surface area and neuron transmission speed? Would someone’s genes, and physical structure, limit their societal roles to the select areas attuned to them, as other areas are already saturated with ‘attuned’ people?


    These would seem to provide major challenges to the populist and communist dreams of many who yearn for this, as people often (and are programmed to) separate differences they observe into different categories. 



    Also, the first point that “everyone will be hot” is not only subjective (personally tastes like exoticism and fetishes) and objective (Fibonacci’s number and general cultural / societal beliefs of attraction), but also would be subject to availability curves, insofar as if the percentage of “hot people” in a population increases, the average or perceived level of ‘hotness’ within that population would stay constant, or decrease. (This would also cause animosity and exoticism / fetishization between the societies and cultures who have access such technology, and those who do not; think the exoticization of certain extra-cultural/ societal/ racial groups and/or sexes, like orientalism, and American idealism in the late 1800s and early 1900s.) 

  7. 49 minutes ago, Jackvony said:

    I can try to take more pictures today, especially to compare with photos of M829A3. I mentioned the hypothesis stated earlier in this thread that the datalink is used to program some kind of precursor to fly infront of the round to defeat heavy ERA to the Master Sergeant in charge of the display. He asked me if my parents worked for the military and when I said no, shook his head, smiled, and told me I knew too much. I know this is "heresay" but to me, it's pretty good confirmation you guys are on the right track.


    Lol, never let your superiors know you’re smart unless they ask you if you’re smart. Learned that in ROTC before I was unable to continue. 

  8. 46 minutes ago, Jackvony said:

    Yes thank you! The side skirts on the M1A2 SEPv2 here at USMA intrigued me as the serial number begins with a U, wondering if this means anything. I though if older sideskirts lacked this U it might shown an update in the composite maybe, similar to turret serial number.


    IIRC, (Damian stated) that the U in a vehicles serial number indicated that it uses first or second generation DU inserts, or something along those lines. The source is questionable (I mean, Damian is fucking crazy), but seems logical. My memory is also a little hazy on the subject. 

  9. 15 hours ago, Jackvony said:

    New here, but I've followed this thread (and Mech Warfare) for a good while.


    I attend the United States Military Academy and it is branch week here. Armor brought an M1A2 SEPv2 which, while awesome and cool to get inside of, was nothing new. However, they had a cutaway of a M829A4 round, which was on public display so it's not breaking OPSEC. Thought it would interest you guys.





    Edit: I have no official measurements but I've looked at some photos of M829A3 and the penetrator definitely seems longer based on the sabot petals seeming to be longer at the top.


    Welcome to Sturgeon’s House :) great first post! 

  10. 10 hours ago, DogDodger said:

    Lord_James, the M4A1 was the cast-hull variant, so it wouldn't have the sharp edges on the upper hull. :)


    Oh, yeah, sorry, brain must have stopped working for a couple seconds. 


    11 hours ago, Jeeps_Guns_Tanks said:

    I think that beautiful Sherman started out life as an M4A4, look at the wheel spacing at .42. 


    Oh, ok. I wasn’t looking at the suspension, but the hull and turret. 

  11. 23 hours ago, Collimatrix said:

    Judges' remarks:


    Unfinished Designs:


      Hide contents


    Lord_James:  Interesting, asymmetric hull design.  The idea of using spaced armor as a radiator ventilator was very interesting, and showed attention to details of armoring a front-engine design that often go overlooked, even in real-world designs.  I am curious what the reinforcement thickening at the back of the hull was for.  It sounds like he was intending to arm the tank with an absolutely gargantuan gun, and this was forcing some interesting design considerations.



    Yeah, the 6” naval gun was causing me some problems, especially when trying to comfortably fit crew in the turret (I actually had no problems with ammo storage, with my hull being so tall; like 56 such shells in 2 ammo racks, at last calculation); would probably make the turret unmanned / low profile if I were to redo this. 


    I was in the middle of making a 140mm gun, with a breach and trunnion similar to the M256, and basic ammo when my Calculus 2 summer class started; I planned on having all the major design work and arrangements set up, so I could just refine it with my spare time, but life seems to have had other plans. 


    I agree, air intakes and exhausts are a big deal on front mounted engines, and the first thing I thought of to protect them was to use a slatted, spaced armor array at a high angle. I also calculated that any hits along the frontal arc, up to 10* elevation, would also have to pass through one of the special armor blocks around the intake to penetrate. The hardest part was actually exhaust because I refused to have it close to the intake, and was unsatisfied with having to run it through the floor. 


    Thanks for the feedback, will try to do better next time :) 




    I definitely like Xoon’s design, too (and it would have gotten my vote, if I were a judge). I have a strange allure towards exotic / unique vehicle designs, like the ELKE and it’s elevating gun, or Object 490. 

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