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  1. Well that was fast. How long it lasted in the competition? Oh and "The disqualification of the team means that General Dynamics Land Systems’ offering is the only vehicle remaining in the competition. " I understand everything now
  2. So in the end they are not proposing the Griffin the´ve been showing in the last years?
  3. The only reason these projects are not outright cancelled its because they got too big to fail. No one, the government or the industrial complex, can afford to pay the price either economical or political and now they are just trying to save face. What we should be asking ourselves is why to launch such a pharaonic project which is proving to be unachievable. My opinion is that ten years ago the government was much more optimistic (or delusional?) about the economic development of Russia, but then Ukraine and Syria happened, and sanctions on top of a worsening world economic situation. Could have they have forseen the worsening of the economic situation? Well, they should have but facing that reality meant recognizing they´re own failings.
  4. Now that i think about it, the narrative about the program failing to meet its goals because of a failure on the part of the industrial-military complex is preferable, from the POV of the Government interests, instead of admitting that the whole economic policy is failing which leads to a lack of funding and resources.
  5. I wonder, what it actually means "simplified"... Another engine, sighting systems, absent APS?
  6. The front plates on the turret front and sides seem thin and bolted on. Whats the reason for that?
  7. Interesting indeed the side picture shows just how much volume is available for side armor (not counting externally mounted ERA), perhaps they are aiming for total protection (except for the back) against ATGMs with tandem warheads? On the other hand, in this model the crew sits just below the turret, being able to access it to solve malfunctions. Seeing the side skirts and the wheels i imagine that the vehicle is not well suited for off-road maneuvers. Also this might be the worst thought place to store drones:
  8. For some reason i cant post a better quality version, which is published in Rafael´s official youtube channel.
  9. Video on Elibit´s prototype showing the internal module, quite different from Rafael´s proposal.
  10. However "Malachit" works, it doesnt need the same kind of "stand-off space" as relikt does, at least not in the less angled (in comparison to T-90) UFP as in T-15 and possibly T-14.
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