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  1. That’s a Type-85 APC we bought from China in the 80s to compliment our M113 fleet, some of them are undergoing modernization as of current. This is an every year occurrence in Thailand, every children’s day, all branches of the Royal Thai Armed Forces throw open their gates and show the unit’s best hardware. In Bangkok, you can watch F-16s and Gripens in airshow at Don Muang, see VT-4, Oplot, BTR-3E1 and other military hardware at the 1st Cavalry in Sanam Pao and meet the veterans in Victory Monument in just a single day. I still remember me as a boy climbing up and down hatches on an M41A3.
  2. Sadly it being children’s day, a lot of pictures have children all over them and I took these photos with a phone camera so the quality isn’t exactly top notch but here we go on the Oplot-T
  3. Pictures of Royal Thai Army’s VT-4 MBT during its demonstration earlier this year. I have some close up pictures of the Oplot-T and VT-4 from the Children’s Day this year working as a service member of the Thai Army so tell me if you want to see them.
  4. North Korean MiG-29SE during Wonsan International Airshow 2016
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