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  1. https://www.idf.il/אתרים/אגף-הטכנולוגיה-והלוגיסטיקה/הנמר-החדש/
  2. Enough space to leave the vehicle easy.
  3. Actually, Namer has enough space
  4. The gun's recoil mechanism is composed of two hydraulic retarders and a hydropneumatic assembly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rheinmetall_Rh-120
  5. Loaders hatch was sealed by armor. But it was there:
  6. I think they all had the loader's hatch.
  7. There is no big difference between current Dome and the one on the picture - just a primitive radar installed.
  8. To anyone. The vehicle on the image is just a concept. It may never be released. Current version of Iron Dome can be used both as static and as mobile.
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