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  1. VPZ

    Israeli AFVs

    By the way, in this video, there is the first good quality image of serial version of Eitan.
  2. VPZ

    The Body Armor Thread

    photo upload Are these belts for weight distribution?
  3. VPZ

    Israeli AFVs

    If it looks like HV... it's HV.
  4. VPZ

    Israeli AFVs

    But what about Namer (with turret)? We've already seen it - it has Trophy-HV.
  5. VPZ

    Israeli AFVs

    But we have already seen turret for Namer. Eitan has to have the same turret.
  6. VPZ

    Israeli AFVs

    Yes, just like Namer.
  7. VPZ

    Israeli AFVs

    This howtizer and Archer are completely different systems.
  8. VPZ

    General AFV Thread

    And long rubber side skirts...
  9. VPZ

    Israeli AFVs

    The APCs on photos that Lox posted have no Drakonit.