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  1. https://elbitsystems.com/pr-new/israeli-ministry-of-defense-selects-elbit-systems-iron-fist-light-decoupled-active-protection-system-for-the-eitan-afv/ Israeli Ministry of Defense Selects Elbit Systems’ Iron Fist Light Decoupled Active Protection System for the Eitan AFV
  2. From IMI website, Iron Fist brochure
  3. All Pumas have Merkava's suspension
  4. Of course it is true. For example, Soviet cars was copies of American and European. So, soviets could buy foreign technologies, if not from USA, than from Europe. IMO, this hypothetical helicopter is too small for having turbofan engines. Anyway, you may believe and wait for release of this chopper from the cartoon. SSJ
  5. Attack helicopters are smaller, aren't they? LOL, actually USSR wasn't so isolated. Russia is definitely not the first in aviation. Civil aircraft sucks, and still there is no even semi-stealth aircraft.
  6. There was a requirement to place all the ammo in the chassis.
  7. They put the engine at the front not for protection.
  8. But it doesn't mean that they can't aim forward. Merkava can, while some russian sources claim that it can't.
  9. Yes. And there are many vehicles with frontal engine. Do all of them have problems with aiming?
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