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  1. Brand new video on the Danish Leopard 2A7's:
  2. Ok, using those measurements I get 698 kg for a solid block, no holes, using a density of 8 g/mm3. With the holes 595 kg sounds about right, so RHA does make sense based on that. 420mm NERA + 240mm RHA should make for some pretty impressive protection. Using a 0.5 RHAe modifier for Tech B armour you get 210mm RHAe + 240mm RHA backing, so that's a 450mm RHAe mantlet.
  3. What is the weight calculation that suggests steel based on, a solid or hollow trunnion? Also what measurements are used besides the 240mm thickness? (incl. size & depth of all the holes)
  4. I don't think titanium actually shatters, it's fairly ductile eventhough its very hard.
  5. True, but using stainless steel wouldn't make much sense due to weight IMO. A solid titanium block with holes drilled into it is my best guess, as this would provide the best protection for its weight.
  6. Brand new video I'm sure you will all enjoy:
  7. It is indeed the drivers hatch, but not sure where you seeing the 30mm plate? If you're talking about the UFP, it's 45mm. The hatch itself though is 30mm on the 2A4, and over twice as thick on the 2A5 forward.
  8. Anyone wanna guess where on the tank this is:
  9. Recieved a notification from METKA to remove pictures of Leopard 2 manufacturing pictures for OPSEC reasons, just a heads up.
  10. It is very thick indeed, ~65mm as you can see, and the add on armour on the UFP is 45mm, which if I'm not mistaken is also the thickness of the base armour here (45mm), atleast that's what it was on the 2AV.
  11. Something I just came to think of, the drivers hatch on the 2A5 onwards looks a lot thicker than the 30mm of the 2A4's: 50-60mm maybe?
  12. Well to be fair he hasn't really been holding back on the rigorous statements himself has he?
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