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  1. Jim Warford

    Documents for the Documents God

    I must have missed this post...was there supposed to be an attachment or some additional content?
  2. Jim Warford

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    Great pic...thanks for sharing!
  3. Jim Warford

    T-80 Megathread: Astronomical speed and price!

    BRIXMIS photo...GSFG T-80BV:
  4. Jim Warford

    Documents for the Documents God

    Walter; that's actually my Master's Thesis I wrote while attending the Command and General Staff College. It includes some of the same info I used in that ARMOR magazine article. Blacktail is the worst kind of critic; one with no background or experience on the topic at hand, simply lashing out to generate a response. His writings and level of expertise are only embarrassing and have been disproven by layer upon layer of reaction and response by the tank and AFV community. I finally stopped responding to his nonsense when I realized that I was most likely responding to some kid on a laptop in his parent's basement.
  5. You're mostly correct...one interesting piece of info regarding this transaction is that the US Army has only referred to these tanks as T-80UDs (that's why I put the "T-80UD" designation in quotation marks )...so the question here is, what are they exactly? If they're T-84s, why didn't everyone just say so? Perhaps it made more sense at the time to not call them T-84s...referring to them as the older and more well-known T-80UD. Maybe they're not truly T-84s...maybe they're a heavily modified T-80UD that was more agreeable to the politicians to be sold to the US? Time will tell...
  6. Jim Warford

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    StuG III Tankfest 2018...