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  1. Korean Next Generation Main Battle Tank: PL-01 Returns
  2. Are single-bidder competitions allowed in the US? I know in UK and Canada they have to be restarted/cancelled.
  3. Seems like a minor issue. An extension will almost certainly be granted.
  4. Driving ban for Dutch Boxer 8x8 https://www.snafu-solomon.com/2019/10/driving-ban-for-boxer-8x8-infantry.html
  5. To trick the Czechs into buying KF31s thinking they would get KF41s. Honestly, with the Czech competition I've only been keeping up on the ASCOD and Puma bids. They seem the most interesting and likely to be selected.
  6. Rheinmetall offering KF41 instead of KF31 for Czechs now?
  7. Yes. It's length reduced with 6-pair road wheels. The Griffin II hull is also not as tall with a lower-profile.
  8. RBSL CR2 demonstrator shown to Prime Minister and Defence Secretary. Second time it's been shown to high ranking government officials. Previously it was at a UK-Germany defence meeting.
  9. There's also this photo which shows the turret may have a lightening cut at the front:
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