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  1. Official literature lists only one. In a H-Drive system I believe that a differential-like component for an individual wheel would be classified as a (limiter/reducer?) gearbox.
  2. oh god how did these get here im bad with computer
  3. @Stimpy75 Use the "Insert image from URL" button in the bottom right of the post panel.
  4. Nexter Group and John Cockerill unveil new VBCI 8x8 armored vehicle fitted with 30mm weapon station https://www.armyrecognition.com/defense_news_september_2020_global_security_army_industry/nexter_group_and_john_cockerill_unveils_new_vbci_8x8_armored_fitted_with_a_30mm_weapon_station.html
  5. WFEL's New Boxer Facility --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UK Boxer Variants
  6. Assertive Machine Gun https://twitter.com/JonHawkes275/status/1309083416747532289/photo/1
  7. It is known that the British Army waved Australia away from down-selecting Ajax IFV for Land 400 Ph 3. "Don't do it" was the message.
  8. Hungarian Government confirms Lynx KF41 numbers: 218 vehicles, 172 built locally
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