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  1. http://defencetechnologyreview.realviewdigital.com/#folio=1 Ajax IFV - New 2-man turret by GD themselves
  2. Lance 2.0 on the Lynx is manned.
  3. UK MOD will be at a demonstration of the SAMSON Mk.II. I don't know if it's related.
  4. GD UK & Aus beginning their marketing campaign:
  5. Recently an Ares with a driver's hatch that opens at an angle has been photo'd: Switching to this new hatch might be the hold up. Otherwise it is hard to think of an issue that could be GD/Ajax related and not simply the MOD being dumb. Matthew has also mentioned:
  6. Interesting that the KF-31 uses the Allison/Roll-Royce/Perkins/Caterpillar X-300.
  7. http://samanews.ps/ar/post/331637/صور-انطلاق-مناورات-القسام-وتشمل-دبابات-وصواريخ-وطائرات-استطلاع ???
  8. http://defencetechnologyreview.realviewdigital.com/#folio=8 K21 bid confirmed. GD-UK to offer Ajax IFV, DTR believe. http://defencetechnologyreview.realviewdigital.com/#folio=22 BAE quiet over a CV90 bid. Might offer a new-generation Mk.V.
  9. Naked: Base Armour (Spaced Steel?): Expanded Armour (Composite?) & Blocks Barracuda camo: Testing Ballast Weights:
  10. The limitations of 8x8s, issusess that come from mixing tracks and wheels are well known about and discussed within the Army. However Gen. Carter, former Chief of the General Staff and current Chief of the Defence Staff is obsessed with acquiring an 8x8. Believing it necessary for any expeditionary force and inspired by the French intervention in Mali (despite most of the vehicles being VABs). He is the architect of the much maligned "Army 2020", a scheme so bad that practically everything has either been changed, cancelled or reversed multiple times. The original plan saw the main war-fighting division made up of 3 Armoured Brigades consisting of: 1 x Recce (CVRT > Ajax) 1 x MBT (CR2 mk.1 > mk.2) 2 x IFV (Warrior > WCSP) 1 x Heavy Protected Mobility (Mastiff > 8x8/Boxer) To justify an 8x8 purchase and a budget cut looming this was changed to 2 Armoured Brigades of: 1 x MBT (CR2 mk.1 > mk.2) 2 x IFV (Warrior > WCSP) 2 x Light Infantry and 2 "Strike Brigades": 1 x Recce (Ajax) 1 x Direct Fire (Ajax acting as a "Medium Tank) 2 x Mechanised Infantry (Boxer APC) Simply a mess. Early feedback is not good: Recently, the acknowledgement of Russia rearming and politicising of military cuts has resulted in the cancelling of any further cuts and a pledge for more funding from the Government. However the UK Gov. is an even bigger disaster so no one really knows what's going on.
  11. Boxer is supposed to replace most specialist vehicles in the fleet and be the basis for new ones. I would assume the total price would include some development funding of these. A version armed with Rheinmetalls RCH-155 has been talked about. Variants proposed 2006:
  12. Another possible option. GD have offered an Ajax-based IFV to the MOD before but price was the main issue. Army has only continued with WCSP because they fear losing the funding if it were to be cancelled. Currently GD and the MOD don't have a great relationship. Higher cost of a tracked IFV still persists.
  13. https://ted.europa.eu/TED/notice/udl?uri=TED:NOTICE:314073-2018:TEXT:EN:HTML&src=0 400-600 Boxers procured through OCCAR. +900 option. Possible total 1500. 4 variants plus driver training vehicles. Rumours: Initial variants are Command, APC, Ambulance and Mortar. 120mm mortars being evaluated. Repair & Recovery planned but could be dropped to save money. This could also happen to Ajax (Atlas + Apollo). If WCSP is cancelled then Boxer IFV is option. LMUK's 40mm turret has been fitted to Boxer and test fired, both cannon and Javelin.
  14. UK still has a strong engineering base, various companies work on other nation's AFVs and produce componenets. New development in Titanium. It depends how indigenous it needs to be. High carbon Steel, transmission and gun would need to be imported. The UK government just has to be fully committed to the project. Which is the number 1 reason why it will never happen. Were suggested by officers along with Challenger 1 being armed with a L44. It seems many of the bad choices in UK AFV design can be traced back to Army leadership and Government rather than industry.
  15. Where would these second-hand Leopard 2s come from? I thought all the cold war stock had been sold?
  16. Horstman InArm: https://horstmangroup.com/horstman-products/horstman-inarm/ Used on Puma and many in-development/prototype AFVs. Related? http://www.horstmaninc.com/news/horstman-acquires-l-3-communications-electronic-systems-suspension-unit
  17. Not sure that's true. Rheinmetall recently signed Curtiss Wright for work: https://t.co/y3P5U6Wfzj and the BAE bid is rumoured to also offer a 120mm smoothbore. Army procurement has been a disaster for at least 20 years. Cuts have played a part but it's mostly down to the Army's poor decision making.
  18. https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/landwarfareintl/axe-hangs-over-uk-warrior-upgrade/
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