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  1. Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) https://rbsl.com https://twitter.com/TotherChris/status/1145636029531086853 https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/rheinmetall-and-bae-launch-joint-vehicle-design-venture/
  2. Warrior hulls are too worn-out for upgrade so now the plan is to make entirely new ones.
  3. https://www.arquus-defense.com/arquus-makes-quality-cornerstone-its-activity
  4. Rheinmetall-BAE Systems joint-venture approved: https://rheinmetall-defence.com/en/rheinmetall_defence/public_relations/news/latest_news/index_20480.php
  5. Soucy Composite Rubber Track: 4:05 - Current 45-47t. metric limit 6:35 - In the next 5 years, 55t. Although it is a continuous band track.
  6. Most likely illustrative. I haven't seen anything to suggest otherwise.
  7. Ajax turret citadel: https://andrei-bt.livejournal.com/1339650.html British MBT autoloaders: https://andrei-bt.livejournal.com/1336586.html
  8. http://www.infodefensa.com/es/2019/05/24/noticia-santa-barbara-presentara-pizarro-zapadores-ejercito-feindef.html# http://www.infodefensa.com/es/2019/05/22/noticia-ejercito-futuro-leopard-pizarro-dragon.html
  9. Apparently a Rheinmetal rep told him the new turret is a CR2/Leopard 2 hybrid but all the ammunition is separated and has blow-out panels.
  10. Drummond but he's usually accurate on the behind-the-scenes of the British Army.
  11. 2019 Production Line: 2019 Press: Videos: 2019 Roadshow: 2015 Prototype Testing: Photos from: https://www.armadninoviny.cz
  12. https://adbr.com.au/hanwha-asserts-prime-credentials-for-resurrected-sph-project/
  13. British MoD to acquire an Iron Fist Light Decoupled APS for evaluation: https://ted.europa.eu/udl?uri=TED:NOTICE:220932-2019:TEXT:EN:HTML&src=0
  14. Lynx KF41 in Czech compatible configuration: https://esut.de/2019/05/fachbeitraege/ruestung/12771/lynx-vom-reissbrett-in-den-wettbewerb/ Google translated:
  15. https://defence-blog.com/army/jltv-deemed-not-operationally-suitable-in-a-gao-report.html
  16. https://www.africanmilitaryblog.com/2019/05/algeria-to-produce-the-boxer-infantry-fighting-vehicle-ifv-locally
  17. This. There's no evidence of the "Challenger 3" moniker being real. All documents from the MoD list the official upgrade name as Challenger 2 Mk 2.
  18. Czech army magazine: http://www.mocr.army.cz/assets/multimedia-a-knihovna/casopisy/a-report/ar5_2019.pdf Page 28 has article on IFVs. Decision and Contract by August.
  19. Challenger 2's are currently receiving new thermal imagers and displays. This is not related to LEP. There were plans for an interim TI until LEP was completed but that appeared to have been shelved. From the remark "similar to the one in Ajax" this suggests the TI is Catherine MP based. They were previously used in the Thales Battlegroup Thermal Imager (BGTI) upgrade for Warriors and Scimitars. I'm guessing that these TI and display's aren't new-new but taken from Scimitars being replaced by Ajax. Also a 2015 slide of changes planned in LEP:
  20. Norwegian CV90 Mk III interior: https://www.tu.no/artikler/her-sprenges-en-norsk-panservogn/222993
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