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  1. FWIW. A modern 50 tonne, 6 wheeled offroad mining vehicle can have a payload of between 80-96 tonne. So a wheeled vehicle with bolt on armour fraction of over 50% - 60% is not a difficult challenge using steel. How this applies to tracked vehicles? I dont know. But having a 1.5 tonne payload for every tonne of offroad truck seems like a COTS benchmark. https://elphinstone.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Elphinstone-3900-Series-Specalog.pdf
  2. Hmmmm No Burnie Tasmania. (Elphinestone factory, Sential 2 - land 400 phase 2 contestant)
  3. Considering the local pollution, i sure hope the foam is mostly harmless, because if it cant handle the foam, it cant handle holland
  4. Another MBT APS, not suitable for use near infantry, so not suitable for IFV etc
  5. If they can get it work. 2xxx series has about 50% improvement over 5083 for ballistic resistance.
  6. Kal

    Boeing T-7A

    This is a big win for SAAB. The T38 was operational for 60years, so the T-7 could also be in operation until the end of manned fighters! Marketing wise, there are also interesting possibilities, Saab marketing to euro centric states, Boeing marketing for rest of globe. Perhaps a lot of porting from gripen/super hornet to T7A cab also occur for other operators.
  7. Kal

    Boeing T-7A

    https://www.boeing.com/defense/t-7a/ I know its not Northrop, but it reminds me of a scaled down YF-17 with only 1 engine. A spiritual successor to the T-38. Ie T38-F5-YF17-FA18-FA18F-T7A
  8. back of napkin cals a 100g cartridge of explodium is about 25mm dia and 185mm long, at 2.30 MJ/kg is about 230KJ An APFSDS might also be 25mm, if we very very crudely approximate the energy at 200mm offset, we get 1/66th of the energy available to induce some yaw, so thats about 3.5KJ. lets drop it down to 2.5kJ. This is approximately 5 baseball bat hits. but time left for momentum of yaw to take effect is perhaps 8m distance divided by 1600 m/s, so 1/200th of a second. so, yeah, thats enough to introduce some yaw, not much, but probably enough for 2-4 degrees of yaw.
  9. I don't think that represents how tanks would use DU as an armour. Thats more academic level study.
  10. dunno about that, if a computer can intercept a nasty at 800m/s, it can intercept a nasty at 1,600m/s question is, does the intercept reduce said nasty's penetration. Obviously an ATGM is far more fragile to attack than a solid rod of tungsten/DU etc.
  11. the best tank and being the benchmark tank often are quite different. Leopard 2 is a "better" tank than the T90/T72. doesn't mean that the T90/T72 isn't the global benchmark tank. Abrams is probably a "better" tank than a Leopard 2, doesn't mean that the Leopard 2 isn't the western benchmark tank. Egypt is supposedly buying some T90, despite getting near free Abrams, whatever the politics, I suppose ongoing costs are also large. just how much training can a non oil state afford with an Abrams.
  12. yeah, you are right. I'll just have to be patient, and wait for a photo to come up. Australia and UAE both seem to have M230LF, UAE's are thought to be mounted on an THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle. https://johnmenadue.com/mike-scrafton-facilitating-repression-abandoning-values/ but this is off-topic, although M230LF is an USA (Californian) product?
  13. Whatever is accessible in the front. Is design with hinges for easy accessibilty.
  14. EOS has sold RWS that support 30x113 to UAE, but those RWS are somewhat separate from the guns they carry. The australian ABC would lead us to believe that they have, personally I would expect that payment for the gun goes to a separate entity than payment for the RWS.
  15. comparing the AS21 to K21 they seem quite different, possibly the rear half is similar, but the front half appears really quite different. Do the lifting hooks reveal the weight distribution ? If so the weight is biased to the aft.. I can't see the equivalent on the Lynx.
  16. another russian patent wedge shape ERA https://worldwide.espacenet.com/publicationDetails/biblio?II=0&ND=3&adjacent=true&locale=en_EP&FT=D&date=20010620&CC=RU&NR=2169334C2&KC=C2#
  17. maybe its an illusion, but this turret looks wide, that Iron Fist look like it overhangs on base configuration, so is that 3.4m width?
  18. perhaps that is why the boxer won, the underbelly blast seemed such a critical factor for its success. But even so, its far cheaper to option in scope change before contract sign-off rather than as a variation later. Particulary if the vendor considers the vehicle a cow to milked even after sales.
  19. Australian government procurment is generally very skeptical of Australian manufacturing. Particularly federal bureaucrats are skeptical. EOS being located in Queanbeyan and Mt Stromlo is going to be very mentally discordant for them. (Queanbeyan is seen as the backward bogan town adjacent to enlightened Canberra) (Mt Stomlo is inhabited by elvish CSIRO magi who spend all day playing sudoku with interstellar quasar maps)
  20. Its largely to do with ownership. European companies really nickel and dime you if you want to make any modifications, American companies would be just as bad except the Pentagon gives us, hand me downs at mates rates. (Often the depreciated USA hand me downs are equivalent to EU latest and greatest). (Ie fighter radars) Case in point Poland has some excellent ceramic ERA, but Germany wont allow installation of polish ERA on polish leopard 2 tanks. Despite the need for those to have it. Australia likes to optimise their equipment for local requirements, that will get really painful (expensive) if we go the German route. Boxer is unique, there is a clear partition between hull and mission module, so as long as we dont touch hull, its much better. More thoughts later.
  21. That will depend on the precise wording of the contracts. But if phase 3 goes to Hanwha/EOS, then a clean swap of additional boxer hulls in lieu of the 133 lance turrets would be a pragmatic option. (And one that Rheinmetall would resist). Just how much $$$ did Rheinmetall consider those Lance 1 turrets to be worth?
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