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  1. What is the likelyhood of singapore bionix ifv apc entry?
  2. The australian hard rock underground mined are an abusive vehicle environment, rockier than Golan or Afghanistan. And generally full of sulphide ores that rapidly corrode alumunium etc. The miners get paid bonus by production, and drive the vehicles rough and hard. Sure the componentry is designed for serviceability (not arms resistence) but the general construction of bisalloy high strength and high hardnesd steels, along with diesel and hydraulic expertise, equates to a solid foundation for manufacturing competency. I doubt that Canberra cares but 67% Australian content implies superior uptime and training results for the users. Train hard, drive hard, perform well.
  3. The sentinal ii was a more realistic solution than procurement could comprehend. Elphinestone tasmania had made about 5,000 underground vehicled over the past few decades. I used to drive a 2900 loader. The bucket and other components would probably be bissaloy armour plate, the body more general steel. Vehicle weight empty 50 tonnes Vehicle weight loaded 67 tonnes Elphinstone Tasmania may not know how to design weapons, but their ability to manufacture off road machines that are tank weight, and used in highly abusive environments was excellent.
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