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  1. Probably based on assumption that it is either made on base of what we had on hands in T-72B3, or that we are using Chinese export crap, both of which is a possibility. GurKhan had a comment on our thermal imagers, and he wasn't postivie in it about their capabilities. I thought it was French crap
  2. MRose

    Israeli AFVs

    Definitely a possibility, but I don't see the IDF using it in a dangerous role over let's say a Robattle. I'd figure it will be something along the lines of a smaller Griffon or M-ATV, given Plasan is Israeli.
  3. MRose

    Israeli AFVs

    That seems more possible, but the article is from 2015 so is it possible plans have changed? I guess if you have a 1/2 person capsule that would provide enough protection, but what role would this fill? Guarding the flank and preventing infiltration? I thought the Eitan buy was suppose to be huge.
  4. MRose

    Israeli AFVs

    You have some sources? That seems like a death trap
  5. MRose

    Israeli AFVs

    The IF-LD was developed with the IDF in mind?
  6. MRose

    Israeli AFVs

    https://www.janes.com/article/83690/idf-to-test-iron-fist-aps Extremely doubtful the Trophy-HV will be going on the Eitan, if the IDF is testing the Iron Fist-LC
  7. https://www.defensenews.com/digital-show-dailies/ausa/2018/10/09/the-armys-future-tank-may-not-be-a-tank/ Time for a new thread?
  8. MRose

    Israeli AFVs

    The US is very happy with the Israeli APSes, and Israel now has to locate production in the US. The Israelis didn't want to rush the Carmel and I guess decided to shift away from requirements based because of how many fuck-ups and they actually have to field something now.
  9. MRose

    Israeli AFVs

    Looks like the timetable for the NGCV would prevent whatever becomes of Carmel from competing. Maybe whatever is the follow-on.
  10. "Experimentation will begin “within the next couple of years,” he said, but he thinks hypersonic cannon shells could reach out to 100 km (63 miles). At that range, Maranian said, cannon can take on targets that today require more expensive rockets. So what do the rockets do? Well, they get longer-ranged too. That means, in turn, that means rockets take over missions from the most expensive missiles, so those have to gain range as well." They're looking at 1000nm now
  11. You know you can just turn them off, right? If that's the case, and you're preparing for a near peer war, the money is better spent elsewhere...
  12. Also APSs aren't the best in high intensity warfare because signal management actually matters vs AFG/Iraq/Gaza/etc.
  13. ?????? The T-14 will not be fielded in any meaningful numbers in the next 10 years.
  14. Putin's taken a certain ownership in the nuclear cruise missile? Didn't he order it tested, when the leaders of the project told him it wasn't ready. We're agreement here. I was talking about Zuk's fantasy of fielding the T-14s en masse, that's why I brought up the price of oil. Western reports had the missile failing.
  15. Maybe if oil goes $200, Putin's going with more let's say "unconventional" weapons that don't even work.