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  1. Yeah. The PM is sitting in a LANCE 1.0 on a BLOCK 1 RECON. We have seen LANCE 2.0 - its on LYNX. Major config difference being coax flipped with gunners sight. But I agree, not clear exactly what a BLOCK 2 LANCE looks like.
  2. I understood that LANCE 2.0 is the turret for Block 2?
  3. Agreed, the mission module has different lines from the MPV
  4. You don't get to choose like that. War is chaos and a constant struggle for advantage. Tanks have been used over and over again in "bad tank country" of every kind. Always will be. There is no substitute for a tank.
  5. and I suggest air burst is the wrong round against a MOVING UAV. Stationary, fine but not moving. If the UAV is moving toward or away, then range is changing dynamically. Air burst rounds are programmed to burst at the range set as they leave the muzzle - that range comes from lasing the target. The range is correct at the time of the LASER return. UAV speeds are far above vehicle speeds so the target will not be where the round explodes and far outside normal FCS lead.
  6. and no way in hell will there be AFVs in that terrain. And even if a commander was that stupid, the canopy would make effective air defence impossible
  7. The Rheinmetall gun has an air burst round which is about to be in service in Australia on BOXER... To be clear, BOXER in Australian service has 30mm air burst rounds in the mag.
  8. Pure sales bullshit. First of all, the APS is a short range system - as in very short range. It is designed to deal with high speed threats, close in - the threshold velocity for threat recognition is probably about 300m/s = about 1,000km/h =RPG7 flight speed. Just sub-sonic. The senor suite for Iron Fist is optimised fro that speed and above. Staged sensors IR then RADAR. The RADAR which is the tracking tool is not enabled unless a launch flare is detected. So, no launch, no RADAR = no tracking capability. Unless a drone has a velocity above 300 m/s and an enormous flare exhaust (we c
  9. What gun is near irrelevant - just a heavy stick that goes bang. A few parameters in the FCS and you can change guns as much as you like. Plus - I do not believe tight integration with Iron Fist and Iron Vision (and Iron Umbrella or whatever) unless Elbit is doing the FCS. That sort of tight integration requires sharing code at a depth that I cannot see Elbit allowing.
  10. Understood - I will see what I can find. It does feel like I can be pretty assertive when I see imagery of the turret being built in Israel followed up by it being operated proudly in Israel in an Elbit video It being a member of the MT30 family should strengthen its case - Hanwha can argue maturity of sub-systems at least. I am a bit twitchy about this stuff. I really hate fig leaf AIC which is what this looks like. Actually Elbit but the sales line is EOS who it apperas will be a thin sub-contractor - build to print if that.
  11. wow. Shot down a STATIONARY kiddie drone. Which you could do with a rifle. Like I said before - UAV shootdown tests with these type of turrets have to be contrived.
  12. LOL, check some history. Tanks have been used all over the Pacific by various players. But, most importantly, time and time again, people say "you can't use tanks in...." and always, somebody does! And if the other guy has armour, you need armour.
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