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    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    Commonality is required on several key items. These include the gun and Spike. These are stated in the RFT
  2. For clarity - I am talking about contemporary state of the art systems. These are best described as semi-active and yes, they do offer significantly better VDV that any torsion system. Nothing wrong with torsion bars - other than that they are purely mechanical and as I stated, they impose particular packaging constraints.
  3. Torsion bars impose packaging constraints, They are long and need very stiff mounts. Hydrodynamic suspensions can distribute components which helps with packaging. Real value with these in my view is the considerable extra speed on poor terrain that is possible. By possible I mean accessible. In other words, crew effectiveness is maintained for longer at higher speeds.

    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    There are issues with Puma and Lynx that will impact what is offered. KMW and Rheinmetall have stakes in Puma. Lynx is pure Rheinmetall. KMW and Rheinmetall were partners but KMW got into bed with the French and begat KNDS. Lynx is the first of a complete new product range from Rheinmetall designed to free the company from commercial/strategic shackles inherent in legacy products.