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  1. No surprise. As I said in September, " Pretty hard to do a cheap PUMA, it is a very integrated beastie. " CV90 will probably win.
  2. Jeebers! That had better be cheap. Only one (very small) step up from a Technical.
  3. Good article: https://breakingdefense.com/2019/10/bradley-replacement-army-risks-third-failure-in-a-row/ Note that by 2023 both LYNX and Redback will have completed RMA for L400 Phase 3 and one will have been selected.
  4. How do we know this? It was not a condition. If true, then GD are well and truly in the box seat
  5. Yes they were working on it and I imagine their commercial guys were preping people like Textron in parallel. The person who provided the info works out of Tuscon where the bid team wee so is a pretty good source.
  6. Correct. As I hear it, the failure to provide a sample came about as Raytheon decided not to bid (some time ago). The decision was based on non-compliance with requirements. About 10 days out from the closing date, that decision was reversed, no idea why, seems unlikely that compliance could have changed much so I assume politics. Problem, Rheinmetall, knowing the bid was off, began turret off deep maintenance on the proto. The rest writes itself. So non-compliance with requirements lead to non-compliance with conditions
  7. It does happen, no way to tell at this stage. This is interesting: But a larger issue, multiple sources conveyed, was the clear differences between what the Army acquisition community and what Army Futures Command wanted to do. Sources confirmed that the acquisition side of the house was willing to agree to extensions, for instance, but AFC, who is in charge of rapid requirements development and prototyping efforts ahead of programs of record, insisted the Army must adhere to the schedule. Industry also expressed concern to the Army over the roughly 100 mandatory requirements, with just six tradeable ones, expected to be met over 15 months using non-developmental vehicles From: https://www.defensenews.com/land/2019/10/04/lynx-41-disqualified-from-bradley-replacement-competition/ Noting that nobody has published any data on any vehicle presently in existence (non-developmental) that meets the spec or even near it.
  8. Have a good read of the requirements. The fundamental conflict is the usual weight/protection problem. The driver is the requirement to put two units in a C17 and have very, very high protection and 20% growth margin. BAE assessed that as not doable. Rheinmetall/Ratheon bid Kf41 which from my reading of mas and protection claims against L400 Phase 3, cannot meet the OMFV spec and would have been rejected regardless of not providing a bid sample. GD have bid and good luck to them
  9. Don't know - but having only a single valid bid sure as hell compromises credibility. Given BAE no bid, Rheinmetall non-compliant bid. Pretty clear that the requirement set does not work.
  10. Yeah, but to some extent, Rheinmetall is a victim of its own success, The Kf41 was developed specifically for the Australian L400 Phase 3 Requirement. The very strong interest from half a dozen other nations probably exceeded even the wildest marketing team claims. All the air miles and repaints on the show car will have hacked into its availability too. They probably never expected to be the prettiest girl at the ball.
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