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  1. I think you may be. I think that is a LANCE 1.0/ BLOCK 1 BOXER config. That means no APS.
  2. SupaSHOCK not SupaCAT Constant problem getting these name typos. Both involved with L400. Key difference is that SupaSHOCk is 49% owned by Rheinmetall. Per 2085662 - yep, tree strike is a thing. Moving through Australian scrub involves constant contact with trees and branches of various sizes. One of the reasons why the SAAB Barracuda stuff is a waste of money here. It just gets ripped off and randomly scattered all over the bush. Last I heard (Feb 2020), LANCE 2.0 does not have mission pods - its configured more like a conventional crewed turret. The SPIKE launcher is inside the outer armoured shell of the complete turret.
  3. probably impossible - both contenders are developmental and the RMA vehicles are in build. Plus things like lethality trials and driver training are scheduled to happen in the source countries. as to wisdom and perception.... well about now is a good time for Russia to kick off a European war
  4. So how long before we see a delay for Phase 3 announced? Both South Korea and Germany struggling with COVID-19 and Australia is just ramping into the problem too. Delay will need to be 12 months due to scheduling against the wet season etc.
  5. LOL. They always get graphic designers to do these faux DPP schemes and they are always laughably lazy. If they spent a little time with a thing called the internet, they could easily see what an Australian DPP looks like.
  6. careful with ageist slights. A twenty year old engineer working on Leopard 2 in 1970 would be 70 years old now. Leopard 2 and Abrams etc are bloody old = the guys that designed them are bloody old and or dead...
  7. LOL, to far too many of us, this stuff is religion. Points to you for remaining calm under fire. In my view the discussion is hypothetical at best. The truth lies in the factory drawings and in the formal requirements and the forma test reports. Without those, all is speculation, interesting tho!
  8. Very interesting where the video ends..... Just at the easy part of the 60% slope. Does not show the hard part - turn off engine, wait, restart engine, drive up remaining slope.
  9. So what was the actual requirement? Not "what do you think it was?" or what I think it was or whatever. What was actually contractually specified? The actual words, in German. Without that, there is no point discussing pass or fail. against monolithic armour, not spaced = not relevant.
  10. Yes the new approach is very good, seems properly collaborative yet competitive. I think the risk is time and discipline. By discipline I mean that Army needs to keep its eyes on the prize and not be distracted by promises of shiny new features. Poor discipline will eat up time and money and then we get cancellation. But, hell, we have to try!
  11. Exactly. If you have to add mass for the sake of mass, then adding it in the form or armour is obvious.
  12. Phase 3 specified as must have per Phase 2 RWS, main gun ammunition, SPIKE and IRON FIST Light. Hanwaha or Rheinmetall regardless and GFE.
  13. I am talking "in service" not just delivered. PUMA is a long way from fit for service hence MARDER upgrades
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