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  1. Adraste

    Israeli AFVs

    Namer IFV as seen today on the Golan during a visit by Defense minister Lieberman PS: You can see UN force members next the Namer. The video can be seen at : https://www.timesofisrael.com/liberman-warns-assad-planning-to-rebuild-large-syrian-army-after-civil-war/
  2. Adraste

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    The Phalanx CIWS of the entire Sa'ar fleet has been removed for good. Instead, the IN put a strange structure at its place on this particular Sa'ar 4.5.
  3. Adraste

    Israeli AFVs

    Thanks for your warm words, you are doing a good job keeping us informed about the latest israeli armor news in this thread. I keep checking your blog from time to time. Kudos!
  4. Adraste

    Israeli AFVs

    OK, after looking more carefully at the shadow, it looks like the retractable cover of the Merkava's trophy, maybe somewhat bigger, but without the shield plate. The emplacement obviously matches the one on the Merkava so it must be some kind of APS.
  5. Adraste

    Israeli AFVs

    Well I meant the IDF did not announce a replacement, is that correct? Of course there must be one since the IDF is still firing Tamuz missiles into Syria from time to time but it is not necessary based on a tank chassis. Rafael developed multiple wheeled-base missile carrier. It is anyone guess but it is my guess
  6. Adraste

    Israeli AFVs

    Maybe the shadow of the protuding sensor (?) is a data-link antenna, the kind of the one on the defunct M60-based Pereh missile carrier. I found its weird the IDF chose to retire the type without bringing a worthy replacement.