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  1. For patrol mission in medium and high-risk area, the Oshkosh M-ATV (already armored by Plasan) coupled with IMI Iron Fist LC would be a perfect fitted for the IDF. The M-ATV would advantageously replaced the up-armored HMMWV in IDF service which are not deemed safe enough to patrol the Lebanese border anymore or any dangerous place for that matter and force the IDF to use NAMER instead. There is already a clear expectation that the IDF would procure the JLTV (Oshkosh L-ATV) and since the M-ATV is an up-armored variant, it would be a natural process. No need to reinvent the wheel and waste ressources on R&D while it is better need elsewhere. And it would still leave a space for a custom IDF-tailored MRAP APC.
  2. The following news should warm the hearts of every IDF armor's enthusiasts: According to the latest bulletin of the DSGA Agency, the US has approved Namer engine sale to Israel, 270 "APC-MT883" without transmission for $238 million. https://www.dsca.mil/major-arms-sales/israel-namer-armored-personnel-carrier-apc-mt883-power-packs-less-transmissions If the DSCA is correct (and I bet they are) , that would mean the Namer will benefit from the same powerpack as the Merkava MK4. The smaller and more powerful MTU engine will allow the Namer to keep the pace with the Merkava mk4 and could possibly lengthen the crew compartment to allow more available seats for the dismounted infantrymen from 9 to 10-12? PS: Jane's is also reporting the news
  3. The ATK 50mm gun as shown in the Griffin demonstrator would be a more promising fit for the Carmel even if it means slightly lenghting the turret to accomodate the bigger ammos. The Carmel deserves a next-gen gun.
  4. Now we have a better idea as to why the IDF was reluctant to select IMI Iron Fist and paid for more R&D and improvements themself . Trophy was and still is more mature and efficient. The good news is that the US army kept her faith in the Iron Fist and asked IMI to improve several shortcomings thus benefiting all the other futur operators of this APS
  5. I thought the IDF wasn't going to invest any shekel on M113. Interesting.
  6. I am surprised we don't see any Merkava mk3 of the 188th Brigade upgraded with the Trophy APS yet. The whole brigade should have been equipped with it by now, I wonder why it is taking so long? Sounds worrying.
  7. Some Spike ER2 Porn. You can see the range in the middle at the bottom of the screen. It crossed the 10km range mark on multiple occasion
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but one aspect that the IDF is somewhat lagging behind is in the medium/heavy wheeled MRAP sector. The Israeli military industry have come up with many prototype and commercial design over the years with the Rafael Golan, IMI Wildcat, Plasan Sandcat and more recently Gaia Thunder and Amir. While the Sandcat (in a lightweight configuration) has been bought by the Israeli border police, the IDF doesn't seem to be interested by MRAP vehicle. Is there any reason of this disaffection by the IDF? Here is the Gaia Amir MRAP which I never heard of until the latest Eurosatory:
  9. Namer got a trailer. Looks like the Urdan Backtrail.
  10. Namer IFV as seen today on the Golan during a visit by Defense minister Lieberman PS: You can see UN force members next the Namer. The video can be seen at : https://www.timesofisrael.com/liberman-warns-assad-planning-to-rebuild-large-syrian-army-after-civil-war/
  11. The Phalanx CIWS of the entire Sa'ar fleet has been removed for good. Instead, the IN put a strange structure at its place on this particular Sa'ar 4.5.
  12. Thanks for your warm words, you are doing a good job keeping us informed about the latest israeli armor news in this thread. I keep checking your blog from time to time. Kudos!
  13. OK, after looking more carefully at the shadow, it looks like the retractable cover of the Merkava's trophy, maybe somewhat bigger, but without the shield plate. The emplacement obviously matches the one on the Merkava so it must be some kind of APS.
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