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  1. Voodoo

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    It is located in Norway.
  2. Voodoo

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Yeah, the velcro ismost likely for the SAAB Barracuda nets. But the mounts for the add-on armor doesn't really match with the Leopard 2A4M CAN though, as seen here: I really don't know anything about the turret in my original post. It could be something bought after the Leopard 2 contract, but the rest of the vehicles are from the Netherlands.
  3. Voodoo

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Hello, I have been lurking this quality forum for a few months now, and finally got to sign up now. Can anyone give me any information on this turret? The one on the left has some attachment things and tape(?), while the normal A4 turret on the right doesnt. I can't really make any sense of it. Thanks!