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  1. jesus christ, what a mental case. 145 mm smoothbore howitzer. Yeah, good luck hitting anything at all beyond 15 meters. Came across another mad cunt while searching. http://pogoarchives.org/labyrinth/11/12.pdf http://pogoarchives.org/labyrinth/09/07.pdf
  2. That Leopard, third to the right.. Which is it? Is it the same as the one displayed at Eurosatory 2018? this one:
  3. Link to the video? Haven't seen that one.
  4. Weird. I can not find any specific info on this, other than some general specs from news articles which states that it carries 8 dismounts.
  5. Is there some special version being offered or something? Because it does carry eight dismounts.
  6. So a tracked system is not being considered?
  7. He does not go into detail about the D-technology, I'm afraid. The only thing being mentioned about armour, is about the sixth/seventh batch. "From the 97th vehicle onwards, a modified version of the spaced multilayered armour(Beulblechpanzerung), externally not visible, was installed. (KMW)"
  8. This is what Frank Lobitz writes in Kampfpanzer Leopard : Entwicklung und Einsatz in der Bubdeswehr(Development and Service in the German Army): Talking about the 8th production batch: "In contrast to vehicles of the sixth and seventh production lots, those of the eighth production lot features light side skirts that incorporate D-technology. (KMW)" Further, he goes on about the prototypes for the 2A5: "....A maximum of 62.5 tonnes was set as the weight limit. Chief efforts were conducted in the field of armour protection. The add-on armour packages were designed with D-technology(similar to fourth-generation spaced composite armour) and,depending on their location on the vehicle, were either integrated(turret front/chassis) or mounted on the top(turret roof). For the first time add.on armour modules were mounted in front of the original armour of the turret front and chassis, and this changed the appearence of the vehicle significantly." Sorry for barging in to your conversation and if not understanding your question..
  9. Yeah, the velcro ismost likely for the SAAB Barracuda nets. But the mounts for the add-on armor doesn't really match with the Leopard 2A4M CAN though, as seen here: I really don't know anything about the turret in my original post. It could be something bought after the Leopard 2 contract, but the rest of the vehicles are from the Netherlands.
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