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  1. Wheeled alternative for the MTLB chassis. Although I do not really see the point, since the MTLB is dirt cheap, extremely reliable, and has low running costs... But maybe it was designed for some customers who are suffering in "track-phobia", and prefer a wheeled chassis...
  2. heretic88

    Tank Myths

    Just my personal experiences I've driven T-55 many times, and I didnt feel any discomfort at all. OK, maybe the difficulty of switching to 3rd gear sometimes, but that depends on the condition of the machine. Also check Nick Moran's video about T-55, and while the commander's place is indeed bad, the other places are much better, especially the gunners'. I sat in T-72 too, although only in an exhibition. It wasnt bad at all. Little bit cramped, but nothing horrible.
  3. heretic88

    Tank Myths

    My favourite myth: "cold war soviet tanks were ergonomical nightmares"
  4. No. I think the only sane option was to finish the 477, with somewhat simplified FCS. Objekt-187 didnt have enough improvements over existing tanks, especially the T-80U.
  5. heretic88

    StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)

    I fully understand the ideas behind the design of the Leopard-1 , but Im still on the opinion that in a war this immensely thin armor would have led to massive casualties... But thankfully, it remains a question if the designers were right or wrong with this concept. Still, it was definitely far better than M-47 or M48A2 which had problems with penetrating the armor of soviet tanks.
  6. heretic88

    Transmissions and final drives

    On hydrostatic driven wheel loader you have 2 methods of braking. First, is simply let your foot off from the accelerator pedal. The pressure in the system acts on the pump, slowing down the machine. Most of the time you use this method. But sometimes, this is not enough, for example emergency braking, or simply holding the machine when pushing up material to the pile. This is why you have a conventional brake too, on my machine it is located on the drive shaft that powers the front axle, it is a simple disc brake. It is also used as a parking brake.
  7. heretic88

    Transmissions and final drives

    Well, you dont really want to power a car with hydromotors. They do not really like continuous high speed operation, you will face overheating problems. Im a heavy equipment operator, so I have some experience with it.There was a job where the work site was about 6-7 kilometers away from where we parked the machines, its a lot for something that has a max top speed of 20km/h. No trailers were available, so we had to drive to the site every day. When we arrived, the hydromotors were searing hot, and had to let them cool down. Hydraulic oil change was also necessary much earlier than the specified time interval. But lets say you build a car with hydrostatic drive train. First, you do not need torque converter at all. Just connect the main pump directly to the engine. Then, you do not need two separate hydromotors. Just one, and connect it to the axles with a differential. As far as I know, all hydrostatic-driven, non skid-steer wheel loaders are constructed like this.
  8. Interesting design. But I dont really understand that 4 track arrangement. Sure, if the tank loses one track, it remains able to move. But on the other hand, it makes the vehicle needlessly complicated. 2 engines, geared together driving 2 tracks would be better I think for this concept.
  9. heretic88

    Tank neutral steer capability

    A ton of information here: http://otvaga2004.ru/na-zemle/na-zemle-1/bm-1945-1965_20/
  10. heretic88


    T-90M is very nice I think, and not inferior at all to any Leopard-2 variant, Challenger-2, or M1A2 SEPv2. The most recent Abrams upgrade is better though.
  11. Can it take any turns without slowing down below 10km/h?
  12. heretic88

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Nice photos! Thanks! How many BRM-1Ks are in service? Are there any plans to modernize them? With some upgrades (thermal sight, digital signal processing for radar), it would be a decent recon vehicle.
  13. heretic88

    Tank neutral steer capability