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  1. Jesus Christ, the tank museum did it again... They are quite pathetic... This time, they are worse... Some highlights: - Red army, red army, red army, during the whole video... Arent they aware that after 1946, it was called Soviet army? - 2A20 gun was designed from the start to fire missiles... lol... - T-62 czech production... on a different planet maybe - OPVT system assembly time, 8 hours... - characteristic soviet track noise , coming from track pin ramps... illustrated by a T-34 sound sample... lol - The dome next to shell ejection port is the radiati
  2. You are right, but nobody said that we need these things against small drones. Actually, there arent any weapon systems currently in the world that are really effective against small drones, or loitering munitions. Possible solutions: lasers, large caliber (40mm+) autocannons with guided munition, or mini missiles.
  3. Actually, not shelled. Bombed. By turkish F-16s. This was found in the ruins:
  4. Unfortunately, the Stryker is the platform in consideration. Would be a VERY bad idea... Not just the chassis. I think the whole IM-SHORAD is a mess. Jack of all trades, master of none. Almost if the designers would have no idea about the real purpose of the system, just different weapons cobbled together. Well, this is one of the disadvantages of NATO membership. Russia has the exact AA system we need, the Pantsir, and we arent allowed to buy it.
  5. This is the M1 version, with new radar, new optic systems with thermal channel. Also has new missiles. You can see the difference here, original 2S6M on the right, 2S6M1 on left.
  6. So this means that the Tunguska received the modernized radar and optics package after all? This is the first time I see this being in service in the army. Previously this was only displayed at MAKS, Army, etc.
  7. Looks nice. Judging from the sound, I think it has new engine too, but not V46 derivative. May be something western, although it has quite sick sound. I like how they replaced the ancient TKN-3 with a new optic system.
  8. According to the Armenian ambassandor in Russia, the sultan already deployed about 4000 jihadists from Syria. Just like in Lybia... Turkey is actively supporting terrorism, I think they should be kicked out of NATO immediately. Source: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/turkish-backed-syrian-militants-are-fighting-in-karabakh-armenian-envoy/
  9. That would be definitely interesting! Sadly, we have no tanks to spare for that now!
  10. Hungarian Leopard-2 training began. Video is in hungarian, but basically what they say, is that first impression is Leopard-2 is far superior to T-72A in every imaginable way.
  11. Sometimes, not even that. Once I tried to create a 3d model of a T-55, based on technical drawings by UVZ, and they are not even close to the real thing when I compared the model to actual photos.
  12. We also agreed upon the place of the factory, near Zalaegerszeg (western part of the country). Additionally, it will include an R&D department too. The whole complex will create about 500 jobs, total cost will be around 168,000,000 EUR. Source (hungarian gibberish, but I'll include it anyway) https://honvedelem.hu/hirek/lynx-magyar-gyartas-magyar-fejlesztes.html
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