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  1. Thats a little bit of exaggeration... In the case of Volvo A60H: Unloaded weight is 43750kg, payload 55000kg, total weight is 98750kg. Straight from the brochure. Mining trucks are vastly different than military vehicles, with completely different distribution of weight. Apples to oranges I think.
  2. They should also replace that peashooter 20mm too.
  3. I think 2s35 will be used parallel with Msta-S, not as its replacement. The old Gvozdika, Akatsia, Giatsint will be replaced by them.
  4. Syrian girl's video about the iranian retaliation. She is completely right. Plus some footage about the missile impacts.
  5. Both USA and Israel want war with Iran. Probably saudis too. All these are attempts to provoke Iran to do something that can be used against them to justify a full scale conflict, of course to destroy the "evil iranian dictatorship", and export "democracy" to them.
  6. Do not make the mistake of comparing the T-55 to modern tanks. It was fine in its time. The ammo wasnt stored all over inside the turret. The loader had 2 rounds next to him, and another 5 behind the gun, this was all that he had in the turret. These rounds were easy to reach no matter where the turret was rotated, and allowed fast reload speed (as low as 6 seconds). In the hull ammo was stored everywhere, advantage is that loader always had access to easily reachable rounds, disadvantage is that these were easy to hit. But lets see other tanks: M-48/60: The loader had 8 rounds in the bustle, and ~10-12 next to him. The rest was in the hull, on both sides of the driver. M-60A1/3: 21 rounds in the bustle, 16 in the ready rack, the rest on both sides of the driver. Huge amounts of ammo in the turret, advantage is very fast reload speed (~4-5 seconds), disadvantage is that the tank was very prone to ammo detonation, its not a good idea to store large amounts in the turret, unless there is safe ammo storage, like in the Abrams or Leo-2. Leopard-1: 18 in the ready rack, next to the loader, rest next to the driver in a huge rack. Fast reload speed, but the tank had virtually no armor, and was cramped inside, old fashioned 100mm full caliber AP hits from T-55 would almost always result in penetration (from any range), and catastrophic kill. Centurion: 4-8 rounds in the ready rack, rest in the hull next to the driver and some below the turret in a not very accessible position.
  7. Fits in the picture. There are rumors that jihadists may surrender Maarat an Numan without fight. What are they thinking? Maybe a bloody last stand in Idlib city? Are they so desperate? Or maybe the Sultan recognized that Idlib is lost, and redeploys the jihadists to Lybia? https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/early-reports-of-ongoing-talks-to-have-the-jihadists-surrender-key-city-in-idlib/
  8. Meanwhile Russia sent another ship, with Kalibr missiles https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/russian-warship-armed-with-cruise-missiles-heads-to-syrian-waters-photos/ EDIT: sorry, wrong picture
  9. Looks like main target of this offensive is Maarrat Al Numan. There were lots of airstrikes around the area in the past few days according to this: https://syriancivilwarmap.com I hope SAA liberate the city quickly. Terrorists deserve some serious ass kicking!
  10. Quite sad. It was extensively covered here too in the news. It was also mentioned that the guy shot with incredible accuracy, most were headshots... Where did he train for that?
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