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  1. Any upgrades planned for T-80U? The tank in its current state is horribly obsolete, but a BVM-like modernization would be easy I think.
  2. I hope SAA and SDF will reach an agreement. FSA jihadists are vicious, no better than islamic state. Kurds should realize by now that they will not have their independent country in Syria. They must cooperate with the government. Assad is not a monster, he can be talked with.
  3. According to this, SAA units already arrived, and began talks with SDF to take over thecity in order to deter turkish/jihadist attacks. https://orientalista.hu/a-sziriai-hadsereg-egysegei-megerkeztek-az-eszaki-manbedzsbe/
  4. One word: agony. Seriously. Why not dump the whole project? Just a waste of money, for nothing to gain. A few barely functional tanks used for propaganda? Worth it? I think buying more T-90M with added APS would be far better and logical decision. Most of these new projects (Armata, Kurganets, Bumerang) doomed it looks like. The 2S35 is probably the only one worth saving, probably mature enough to start serial production.
  5. Just guessing, maybe because 1350hp is the max performance possible without reliability and engine life degradation?
  6. Yes, but wouldnt it come with shortened engine life, as happened with the V92 diesels? There is a point after which if you incrase performance, you pay with sharply falling reliability and life. Also, CAT engines are extremely durable and very modern, even if a bit heavy. They run thousands of hours in construction/mining equipment.
  7. Yes, it makes sense then. Do you know how thick the armor array, including the air gap?
  8. Thats the only logical explanation. Anyway, here is a video with the loader in use. This isnt a real autoloader, since it still requires two guys to load the shell and charge trays, (one loads the shell on the left side, another loads the charge on the rigth side) but their job is probably far easier, no need to lift the heavy shell, just slide it from the conveyor to the tray.
  9. BTW, why dont they use the (semi)autoloader? Much better, safer and faster than lifting those 46kg shells manually. Almost all videos featuring the Giatsint, they load the gun by hand...
  10. Not true: https://www.volvoce.com/great-britain/en-gb/smt/products/articulated-haulers/#/all But choosing the MAN sadly comes with the drawback of significantly reduced offroad mobility. Just a little rain, and those trucks are like grounded whales. The Volvo on the other hand, is fine with almost any terrain, only tracked vehicles are better.
  11. Why not stick to the original Volvo articulated truck? That has excellent offroad mobility, unlike the HX77. Also seems to be a little bit more compact too.
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