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  1. Depends on the circumstances. In this instance our tank got the new engine of a sister platoons tank since said tank didn't have functioning internal coms anyway. That being said once the problem was over a replacement engine was ordered. in reality if a engine blows they just order a replacement and it's always expedited anyway so it usually just takes a few days to up to like a week and a half. During my first problem (coincidentally the same kind of field problem) my tanks engine blew up (no air filters while driving around in a desert on a turbine engine will do that) and we had a replacement engine within 1 week of getting back from the field.
  2. Depends on how you define difficulties. In general yes the tanks are always difficult. This is a result of never being to do actual services on the tanks due to time constraints. As far as engine/transmission it all just depends man. Our engine actually blew during this field problem, alot of it just comes down to engine age and luck. I think the Brigade as whole blew at least 10 packs during that rotation as a whole.
  3. Funny because the common belief amongst many even to this day is that the T-64 was a revolutionary design n all. So revolutionary and expensive that they had to build the T-72 instead lol.
  4. Was a gunner at the time. Was showing a soldier how to bang out the air filters. Guess you could say I got a little to hands on.
  5. AssaultPlazma

    T-80 Megathread: Astronomical speed and price!

    Wait hold the phone........ I thought Russia was like "**** T-80s and **** Gas Turbines" after the whole Chechnya thing? So now they about that life again? Also do they still operate any T-80UDs since according them turbine use too much fuel?
  6. AssaultPlazma

    T-80 Megathread: Astronomical speed and price!

    Russia has female Tank crews? Or are they just there strictly for this event?
  7. Guess im out of the loop here. Why did the USMC buy the AAV SU again? Did't they literally just approve a replacement for it?
  8. Just as you said Utility tracked vehicles.
  9. I still feel they should keep the M113 around (obviously after some modernization of course)