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  1. AssaultPlazma

    The terrible movies and reviews thread

    Anyone else watch "Hunter Killer" lol? I was a pretty terrible movie, with a paper thin plot as usual. Pretty good acting though, plus I'm a sucker for military movies like that.
  2. AssaultPlazma

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    But seriously why do Warships seem to keep crashing into one another? I guess it's probably the same principle of air traffic control and the collisions that would result without it.....
  3. AssaultPlazma

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    Holy @%# the ship is a total loss? Dang I know water can cause alot of damage but to that extent? Well I guess a couple million taxpayer dollars went down with that ship.
  4. AssaultPlazma

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    They couldn't stop the ship from sinking? Obviously I'm no sailor so I don't know anything about this kind of stuff. Also how the #%!@ do warships or ships in general collide with one another?
  5. Do you believe that it would have been a good idea for the Russian military at the time to adopt Object 187?
  6. AssaultPlazma


    You tried to say Ptuin, communist, garbage tractor made for illiterates is superior to the Trump, liberating Freedom making Murica Tank!
  7. 100% positive call me cynical lol....
  8. I don't trust the US Army to make a good decision on trying to "replace" the Bradley. I say they just invest in the M2A4/M2A5 and replace the turret.
  9. You don't just turn the turret to face the threat you turn the whole tank to face the threat. Worst case scenario most TC's would just have the driver orient thank tank so he has an angle on the target. Also Taking on threats from multiple angles is why you have wing men. Remember tanks always fight in a section as part of a Platoon (4 tanks). Each tank has a sector of fire to cover which in turn covers roughly from 10-2 on the clock. If you're getting shot by anything under that you're kinda fucked. Trying to base things off getting shot in the ass which is already bad business to begin is kinda silly. edit: Main reason why the CROWS on top of the dog house is so the TC can reach it with his hands from the TC's hatch and can load, unload and perform immediate action if necessary.
  10. You can very much manually traverse the CROWS manually. You don't fire off the side of the tank that's a no-no for any given weapon system unless it's a emergency. If you're having to shoot off your six of clock you're probably screwed anyway.....
  11. The A4 cutoff doesn't surprise me (already guessed it yesterday on AW forums) But even the AMPV? Jesus as if things couldn't get any worse. But hey I'll just repeat what I said on AW forums. Big Army is gonna cuttoff/Cancel all these developed and basically ready vehicles in favor of sinking billions into some fancy new projects. That is said projects will get canned without a single serial vehicle being made flushing those billions of $$$$ down the toilet. Remember the GCV anyone?
  12. Depends on the circumstances. In this instance our tank got the new engine of a sister platoons tank since said tank didn't have functioning internal coms anyway. That being said once the problem was over a replacement engine was ordered. in reality if a engine blows they just order a replacement and it's always expedited anyway so it usually just takes a few days to up to like a week and a half. During my first problem (coincidentally the same kind of field problem) my tanks engine blew up (no air filters while driving around in a desert on a turbine engine will do that) and we had a replacement engine within 1 week of getting back from the field.
  13. Depends on how you define difficulties. In general yes the tanks are always difficult. This is a result of never being to do actual services on the tanks due to time constraints. As far as engine/transmission it all just depends man. Our engine actually blew during this field problem, alot of it just comes down to engine age and luck. I think the Brigade as whole blew at least 10 packs during that rotation as a whole.